The Caribbean Heist Press Kit

Taking Dreams to Reels!
Generation Next Web Series
ECSMG Media Press Kit
ECSMG Media’s Mission:
ECSMG Media’s mission is to produce
quality movie, reality shows and other
media projects cost effectively and drive
sales leveraging our on-line marketing
expertise and past experience in the
entertainment industry. The strategic
relationships we’ve developed allows us to
accomplish the goals and objectives set by
the firm.
ECSMG Services:
•Movie Production
•Reality TV Production
•Animation Production
•Post Production Editing
•DVD Distribution
•Viral Marketing of Projects via Social
•Foreign Film & DVD Distribution
•Development of New Talent
ECSMG Media Press Kit
The Caribbean Heist Movie
ECSMG Media is the production arm of the
multimedia division of The
division produced its first feature film titled
The Caribbean Heist available now at Max Sainvil is
the director of the film. Ernest Ruffin, Jr. is
the executive producer and writer. The
movie was shot in various locations in south
Florida and St. Kitts. The movie is about five
sexy ladies who move to Miami in search of
a better life, fall on hard times and meet one
another doing odd jobs. One of the ladies is
involved with this millionaire business guy
who treats her bad, so the ladies decide to
rob him and his friends to get even for their
The movie is available to stream at the
following websites click to view trailer.
ECSMG Media Press Kit
The Caribbean Heist Movie
The Caribbean Heist Miami & NYC Premiere
photos, movie is being talked about in blogs &
media globally.
ECSMG Media Press Kit
The Caribbean Heist Movie Articles -
details-inside/ – Sioux Cityan Garners Role in Independent Film
ECSMG Media Kit
Generation Next Web Series
ECSMG Media produced a new web based
reality show titled Generation Next. The first
two episodes can be viewed at This is the first of four
planned reality tv shows that will be shown
The show is about teenage boys and their
relationships with their dads and or mentors.
This 8-10 episode series will focus on issues
teenage boys face in their quest to become
young men.
ECSMG Media Press Kit
Animated Cartoon Series
ECSMG Media is currently writing scripts for
animated web-series the first taking The
Caribbean Heist ladies and turning them into
crime fighting superhero’s. The next will be a
series about young entrepreneurs and
inventions. is the company’s
web portal for entrepreneurs. Membership is
growing yearly and a very good rate. is a non-profit
that teaches middle and high school kids the
basic skills of entrepreneurship and
economic development highlighting how
they can become producers of goods and
services not just consumers.
ECSMG Media Press Kit Strategic Alliances
•E-Channel’s Chealsea Lately
•Bungalo Interactive / Records
•Top Radio Shows in major markets
•Rutgers University
•Seton Hall University
•Spirit & Beer Companies
•Key relationships with music
industry executives and artists
ECSMG Media Press Kit
Product Placement
ECSMG Media’s strategic alliances with
BET, DishNetwork, hit shows like The EChannel’s Chelsea Lately, Fox’s Wendy
Williams Show and Vh1’s Basketball Wives
gives us the opportunity to market our
productions to millions of fans via television
Product Placement / Sponsorship
Our client / partners logo and company
information is highlighted in each media
the company is associated with. Step &
Repeat for premieres, global websites,
web-series, movies, etc. Macy’s has
experienced a 50% growth in sales directly
related to their aggressive product
placement marketing.
Max Sainvil VP Film Production ECSMG Media
Max Sainvil has been told since he was a young teen "You have a good eye" when he
directed his first short as a junior in Linden High School. Since then, Max has been
working on various types of projects ranging from music videos to feature films.
Max fell in love with film after winning the New Jersey Young Film & Videomakers
Festival in 2000. After doing so, he attended college at The University of the Arts in
Philadelphia, PA to pursue his career in filmmaking. After winning the Best senior film
(Annie E. Sinnott Film Award) at his University, Max decided to use his talent by
directing a few shorts and music videos. In 2008, his most successful direction was a
music video called "Be Alright'' which hit over two thousand views on YouTube alone.
Max has worked with legendary hip-hop entertainers such as DJ Premier, Blaq Poet,
and Gillie Da Kid. He completed a reality show for Wu-Tang Clan member “Raekwon”
in 2010 and then went on to shoot Naughty By Nature’s upcoming reality show. Max is
one of five film directors to work under contract with Conquer Entertainment
(powered by Market America) to direct music videos for their current artists. Early last
year, he was approached by a producer to write a short screenplay dealing with a
raising Nigerian model, which he successfully completed a few weeks later. He's
currently working on a feature screenplay, which he plans to be in production mid
2010. “I was introduced to Max in early 2010 says Ernest Ruffin after a couple of
conversations I knew he was the guy to lead ECSMG Media’s production team. His
goal is to create winning projects with the highest of quality and we are excited that
Max is the engine that drives the multi-media division”
Ernest Ruffin, Jr. CEO ECSMG
Business development and marketing propelled Ernest
to the top of the business world. Ernest started his
career in business development as a computer salesman
for NCR Corporation where he sold Sea-Land Services,
Inc. $20M in hardware, software and professional
services in over 14 countries in a three year span.
Ernest started EAST Coast Sports Management Group
(ECSMG) a marketing and management firm providing
services to NBA and WNBA basketball players. He
secured the number 1 (Joe Smith), 10 (Kurt Thomas) and
14th (Eric Williams) picks of the 1995 NBA Draft as
clients and the number 1 pick (Yolanda Griffith) of the
1999 WNBA Draft and quickly became recognized as the
marketing professional to the stars for securing
commercials, endorsements and sponsorship for his
clients and their marketing programs.
Ernest has been written about in books, technology,
sports publications and other documentation globally.
He’s featured in two chapters of the book titled “Inside
The New NBA Money Players”. Ernest most recently is
the CEO of ECSMG The creator of
the social network Hood Economix for entrepreneurs an online place where business
owners can gain valuable information and network
globally. Ernest is also an award winning adjunct
professor teaching entrepreneurship at Rutgers and
Seton Hall Universities. Ernest has an undergraduate
degree in Accounting from Bloomfield College in New
Jersey and an MBA from Queens University of Charlotte
in North Carolina. He has three children Victoria, Ghylian
and Ernest III.
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