Best Practices…What works for us

CMI District Coordinators’
Meeting 2009
Best Practices
Campus Ministry
(What has worked for
us over the years at
Before we Begin…
• We are not experts…only one ministry
among thousands of college campuses
• The experience we have is limited to our
work on our campus…there are many other
valid methods and strategies…some you
may be able to share from your experience..
• We do know WE are all called to
minister…and the campuses are ready…
Best Practices…What works
God’s Will For You
• Your core group/leader must have a burden/desire
to reach the student group
• You/they must pray & fast for:
The burden (God gives, develops, intensifies)
Wisdom (to make right decisions)
Direction (where to start, how to accomplish)
Faith (be convinced that this is worth your time, efforts,
energy, tears, frustrations, joys, sorrows…)
• Perseverance – talk more about that later
Best Practices…What works
• The group must be led by and filled with the
Spirit of God
• Not the only focus of the ministry but the
driving force (God’s will) behind everything
– Individual prayer
– Group prayer
Best Practices…What works
The Leader (leadership)
• Second most important Key to effective and
sustainable campus ministry
• Will ultimately determine the longevity and
success of the ministry
• Everything rises and falls on leadership
Best Practices…What works for us
Leadership (continued)
• Encourage your ministry leaders to develop
others in their ministry into leaders…
– Even though they may not have arrived as a
leader yet
• Be subtle, gentle & encouraging
– Understanding that there is no guarantee they
will always remain in your ministry
• Wherever they go they will be a blessing to others
• God will bless your efforts even if they do move on
Best Practices…What works for us
Research your campus
• Basic questions…
How many students enrolled?
How big is the campus itself?
What are the busiest months of the school year?
What are best days/hours/times to conduct
outreach on campus?
– Are students commuters or residents?
– Is the campus scattered or clustered?
Best Practices…What works for us
Research your campus
• The answers to these and other questions will
How many people you need to minister
On campus or off campus approach
Outreach methods available to you
Where on campus you can meet
Best days for meetings
• Other factors in the local church may also impact
the above list.
Best Practices…What works for us
• Invest time and effort to foster a sense of
ownership within the members of the
ministry for the ministry
– Way to do this…
Casting the vision (more later)
Delegating responsibilities for events, etc…
Developing leadership skills in others
Getting as many as possible involved, not just
Best Practices…What works for us
Ownership continued…
• When that sense of “ownership” begins…
Delegation becomes easier
More can be accomplished
Members begin to realize their potential
Leaders are developed
The members are more likely to stay beyond
schooling, making the ministry more
Best Practices…What works for us
• Key to accomplishing/fulfilling the will of
God for each ministry
• Keys to unity
– Focus on God…focus on others
– Casting the vision again and again
– Make the ministry family (closeness)
• Lifting up one another (being there for each other)
Best Practices…What works for us
The Vision
• Built upon the purpose statement…why we
are here
• Your vision for this ministry when it is
mature (goals for the group)
• Your vision for the members of the ministry
(goals for the individual members)
Best Practices…What works for us
The Vision (continued)
• The purpose (vision) for the ministry can be
multifaceted (but keep it simple)
– Reaching out…with the message of Jesus
Christ (Getting people saved)
– Reaching in (keeping people saved)
• As a support network for students/young adults
• Developing members into saints (maturity)
• Developing leaders for the present & future
Best Practices…What works for us
The Vision (continued)
• Cast it again and again
– To keep everyone focused
• Balanced vision
– Outreach
– Reaching in
Best Practices…What works for us
Sustainability and Stability
• Reach within the local assembly for
leadership and membership
– Makes ministry less transitional
– Students are by nature less stable
– Established saints can provide leadership and a
stabilizing force for the students and ministry
– Creates ownership for local assembly
– (UW Madison Campus Ministry established
Best Practices…What works for us
• Never give in to discouragement
– As David did…encourage yourself in the Lord
• Numbers may be small at times
– Members may cycle in and out
– Treasure the relationships (past & present)
• There will be struggles
– lean times, hard times
– Remember you’re in this for the long haul
– It’s not about you but about Him (others)
Best Practices…What works for us
• Success is not measured in numbers alone
– Lives impacted (over time numbers add up)
– Seed sown (someone else may harvest)
– Relationships
Example of a Campus Ministry Purpose Statement
CMI Badger Chapter - Madison
• Reaching out to students at UW
Madison and surrounding area
campuses with the Apostolic
• Serving as a support network to
students to strengthen members
spiritually and socially
• Assisting high school students
in making career decisions/life
decisions as they transition into
Possible methods of ministry
Small group outreach
Surveying Student Body
Possible methods of ministry
Through prayer
Changing lives through conversion
Group events - caroling
Possible methods of ministry
Keys to Effective Campus Ministry...
Key: God’s will for you
Key: Prayer
Key: The Leader (leadership)
Key: Research your campus
Key: Ownership
Key: Sustainability and Stability
Key: Unity
Key: The Vision
Key: Perseverance
Best Practices...moving campus ministry
forward nationwide and in your region..
Questions for you…
• How can we become more visible to the
UPC youth as they leave the youth and head
to college?
– CMI presentations/info/sessions at Winter
Youth and Senior Camp events
– CMI presentation at National Youth Congress –
should get equal time as Bible Colleges
Best Practices...moving campus ministry
forward nationwide and in your region..
Questions for you…
• How would you characterize today’s college
students and how does that impact how we
reach out to them…or motivate them to
reach out to others?
Best Practices...moving campus ministry
forward nationwide and in your region..
Questions for you…
• Any of YOUR best practices that have
worked well for you and would like to
Questions from YOU???
Thank You!
Thank You!
Thank You!
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