LEAP! Building the future together by promoting social


Relationship between social protection spending (excluding pensions, relative to GDP) and relative reduction in the share of population (aged 0-64) at risk of poverty (as a percentage) (2010)

Source: The case for investing in disadvantaged young children, James J. Heckman.

Applying the Social Investment Package

1 - Policy Framework improve efficiency of social policies; Private and third sector resources to complement public efforts;Addressing the gender dimension; to invest in people throughout life)

2 – Recommendation on „Investing in Children: breaking the cycle of disadvantage “ (Family Resource Centers)

3 – SWD following the Active Inclusion Recommendation (adequate income, inclusive labour market and accessible quality services)

4 – SWD on ESF contribution to the SIP

Reform of Social Policy

1 - Bring services to the Community

1- To prevent poverty by promoting social competencies

1- Raise professional planning and management in NGOs

2 - Adjust services to

„clients“ needs

3- Make clients learn self-help

2- Bring NGOs to collaborate in a common target

2- improve skills and competencies of social area professionals

4- Synergies through partnership

3- To raise income of benefit receivers

Peer Learning and Evaluation

3- Promote services partnerships between

NGOs and the State



- The setting up of 6 regional social networks (LAUs) and FRCs

- Public social partnerships to support the social (re)habilitation of 200 people in vulnerable situation

Ex: complement of income – adequate income social mentoring programme aiming to facilitate integration in further personal development schemes (i.e. training, education, work) – quality services

- A report about the impact of the social investment package in

Malta will be produced as a result of the International conference, in which this thematic will be the core of it.



Ministry for Family and Social Solidarity – promoter

Ministry for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties

(including MEUSAC, MCVS, and MCESD)

Ministry for Gozo

Ministry for Tourism (including DLG)

Ministry for Education and Employment (including MCAST, ETC, FES,

FTS, AZ, UoM and NCHE)

Malta Business Foundation




Institute of Social Security of Portugal (public institute of Ministry of

Labour and Social Solidarity)

Employers Association of Viana do Castelo

Municipality of Viana do Castelo (public local administration )

ISCTE (University of Lisbon)

CRPG – Vocational Rehabilitation Centre of Gaia (Quality of Life – a strategy for Portugal)

Germany: MainArbeit – Job Centre Offenbach




Maria Joao Filgueiras-Rauch maria.rauch@gov.mt