The Village

Orientation Presentation 2009
Why Live On Campus?
“The greatest benefit is the GCSU community… a
natural system of close encounters between young
men and women which stimulate, challenge and
influence each other as they share life lessons.”
-John B. Fox, Rome, GA
Why Live On Campus?
Students who live on campus
statistically achieve higher academic
success, are more engaged with
faculty, more connected with campus,
more likely to return for a second year,
and go on to graduate.
Why Live On Campus?
• Develop time
management skills
• Living with peers and
forming new
Why Live On Campus?
• Students are in the
classroom only 16 of the
168 hours in a week
• Getting involved outside the
classroom is important
Service and Convenience
• One bill that includes:
– All utilities (no caps)
– Local telephone services
– High-speed Internet
– Expanded cable
Service and Convenience
• Prompt
• No need to hunt
for parking
Service and Convenience
Food services
Pay with your Bobcat card
Web-based view
E-mail/text alerts
$1.25 to wash, $0.50 per
cycle to dry
• High-efficiency washers
Safety and Security
• Card access to enter
all resident halls
• Emergency
notification buttons
• Blue light emergency
• Cameras
• Public Safety
• Parent Support - parents cannot take the test for
the student in the classroom, we ask they allow
students to “pass the test” outside the classroom
as well.
• We have the staff to help!
Living With a Roommate
• Make plans over the
summer, determine what
to bring to avoid
• Communicate with each
Living With a Roommate
• Be careful judging a roommate based upon
Facebook or MySpace
• Treasure diversity and learn from it
Living With a Roommate
• Utilize the
(available online)
• The building staff is
there to a assist if
Getting Involved
• Join the hall Facebook
• Help select movies for
• Look for opportunities to
get involved in RSA
Leadership Opportunities
• Hall Council
• The Resident Student
Association (RSA)
• Resident/Community
Move In 2009
• Thursday, August 13
• Move in time is based on your
last name
– L-P
8 a.m. to 10 a.m.
– Q-Z
10 a.m. to Noon
– A-D
Noon to 2 p.m.
– E-K
2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Thursday, August 13th
Move In 2009
• Just bring the basics
• Plastic tarps in case of rain
•20 minutes to unload, be
kind and move your car
Thursday, August 13th
Move In 2009
• Two wheel carts
• Cat Crew
• Full details will be
mailed July 15th
and are available
Thursday, August 13th
Summer Communication
Linen program
Renters insurance
Move-in packet
Check your MyCats e-mail
2010-2011 Contract Renewals
• Be on the lookout for information beginning in
late fall semester
• Renewal begins in January
• Returning students have first priority
The Village
• The privacy of
apartments with
the convenience
and benefits of
living in on-campus
Advantages of The Village
• Private bedrooms, full
kitchens, free laundry,
convenient shuttle service
Advantages of The Village
• West Campus Center
– Meeting space
– Sandella’s Restaurant
• Intramural fields
• Tennis courts
• Baseball/softball fields
Tours of University Housing
• Adams Hall and The Village will
have tour rooms available
• Noon to 3:30 p.m.
• Thank you for not seeking out
your actual assignment
We’ll See You August 13th!
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