VT PowerPoint Template - College of Engineering

Interdisciplinary program at the intersection of science, engineering and law
 Undergraduate Research
 Interdisciplinary Minors
 Fellowship money
 Money to attend research conferences
 Small and close-knit community
 Rising Sophomores and Juniors
 In a Science or Engineering discipline
Apply in Spring
“Tackle real interdisciplinary problems and change the world!”
College of Engineering
College of Engineering
Transfer Student Orientation
Christi L. Boone, Director of Academic Support Services
Engineering Transfer Class of 2012
317 accepted enrolled students
789 applied
471 were offered admission (60% offer rate)
total schools represented (as primary college):
16 VCCS schools
10 other in-state 2 & 4-year colleges
62 out-of-state 2-year & 4-year colleges
% 11 female
College of Engineering
Academic Affairs
212 Hancock Hall
Exam changes
Course overload requests
Adding majors and minors
Independent /special study/undergraduate research approval
Transfer Credit Evaluation
• Sarah Deisher – VCCS schools
• Vicki Langford – non VCCS schools
• And much, much more
• www.eng.vt.edu/forms
College of Engineering
Tips for surviving your 1st semester
Attend every class
Stay on top of homework
Stay aware of deadlines
last day to drop
final exam changes
Course withdrawal
Meet with your advisor
Don’t fall behind
College of Engineering
Missing class
• Once
• See syllabus for course policy and/or speak
with instructor
• Health Related
• Schiffert Health Center
• Non-Health Related Emergencies
• Dean of Students
College of Engineering
Requirements to Enter Majors
All majors below:
Chemical Engineering
ENGE 1024 + ENGE 1104 or 1114*(all with grade
of C- or better), MATH 1205, 1206, 1114 & 1224,
ENGL 1105 & 1106, CHEM 1035 & 1045, & PHYS
2305, plus department-specific requirements
as listed below:
CHEM 1036/1046
Computer Science
CS 1114 or 1124 with a grade of C or better
Construction Engineering & Management
Departmental application & interview required.
*CPE & EE require ENGE 1104. AE, ME & OE require ENGE 1114. All other majors will accept either class.
College of Engineering
GE  “real” major
• http://www.enge.vt.edu/Undergraduate/change_of_major.html
• Major changes processed 3 times/annually:
• End of fall
• End of spring
• End of summer
• If not in major by 8/29/12, MUST complete 12
hours @ VT before applying
• Can only move into degree-granting major
once ALL requirements are met
College of Engineering
Registering for classes
• WHEN can I register?
• Fall class registration is open:
• June 18 – 22 (the week of transfer orientation)
• July 9 – 27 (during freshmen orientation)
• August 4 - last day to add fall 2012 classes (August 29)
• WHAT should I do before I register?
• “Talk” (in person today/via email or phone after today) to your advisor
about what classes are the best choices for you this fall.
• HOW do I register?
• Hokie Spa, add/drop (see next slide)
College of Engineering
Hokie Spa
College of Engineering
Registration and Schedule
Update: Your
Sign Up for
VT Alerts,
Confirm, &
Respond to
Summer Session I 2011
Summer Session II 2011
Fall Semester 2011
College of Engineering
Timetable of Classes
Use the
drop- down
boxes to
search for
courses by
term, department name,
number, etc.
College of Engineering
Get CRN# from Timetable
Click on the CRN# for a
description of the course,
pre-req’s, co-req’s,
comments, etc.
College of Engineering
Add CRN# & Submit Changes
Fall Semester 2011
College of Engineering
Grade Options
A-F = Normal grade scale
P/F = Pass/Fail (grade of “D” or better considered passing)
Aud = Audit
• Courses taken P/F or Aud cannot be repeated for A-F credit
• P/F courses typically WILL NOT COUNT towards engineering
degree requirements
• Curriculum for Liberal Education (CLE) – general education -courses will not count if taken P/F (unless they are only offered P/F)
• NEVER take a course P/F without checking with your advisor first!
College of Engineering
What if seats aren’t open?
• KEEP CHECKING. Add/drop is a live system, so as
one person drops, a seat opens. There will be lots of
activity during July & when add-drop re-opens in
• Consider registering for any Curriculum for Liberal
Education Area courses that you need (see next
• Request Force Adds (through the department that
teaches the course) as last option.
College of Engineering
Curriculum for Liberal Education (CLE)
CLE: http://www.cle.prov.vt.edu/guides/
Area 1
Writing and Discourse
6 credits
ENGL 1105-1106/1204H
Area 2
Ideas, Cultural Traditions, and Values
6 Credits
Area 3
Society and Human Behavior
6 Credits
AE & OE: requires ECON 2005
CEM: requires ECON 2005 and 2006
Area 4
Scientific Reasoning and Discovery
8 Credits
CHEM 1035/1045-PHYS 2305
Area 5
Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning
6 Credits
MATH 1205-1206
Area 6
Creativity and Aesthetic Experience
1 Credit
Area 7
Critical Issues in a Global Context
3 Credit
CE, CEM, ISE, BSE (LWRE option only): is
satisfied by a major course
Some Area 7 courses may simultaneously fulfill the requirements of another area in addition to Area 7.
Area 7 is the only exception to this rule.
College of Engineering
Curriculum for Liberal Education
• CLE courses are required for all students.
• A native* associates degree from a Virginia Community College
satisfies CLE requirements (upon receipt of final transcript with
degree awarded).
• Click on the CRN# to view area a course falls
under (if any), or search by area from timetable
*all credits for degree are VCCS credits only
College of Engineering
• Change your EngE 1024, 1104 or 1114 course
(unless you know you already have credit for the
course in which you’re registered).
• Drop “Free Time” if registered in ENGE 1024, 1104
or 1114 (that’s when you take your tests for this
• FREAK OUT.  It will take you many attempts to
get all the classes you need, but with patience and
persistence, you will get a full schedule (remember:
you will still be able to add through the 1st week of fall
College of Engineering
Computer Requirement
Tablets (or a laptop + Windows slate product with pen) are
required. (Benefits: Allows students to use digital ink for taking
notes, drawing diagrams, writing mathematical equations and
doing homework)
The computer you start with will get you through entire degree
Software bundles required:
Engineering software bundle: will pick up in fall
University Undergraduate Bundle
College of Engineering
Academic Eligibility
• Good Standing ≥ 2.0 overall GPA
• Probation = < 2.0 overall GPA
• Notified of probation end of fall/spring semesters only.
• Must bring overall to ≥ 2.0 by next semester’s enrollment to
avoid suspension.
• Suspension = 2 consecutive semesters below 2.0
overall GPA
• Three suspension system: Third suspension is FINAL.
College of Engineering
Course Performance
• Questions about Course Material
• Professor or teaching assistant (TA/GTA) during
office hours
• Lost in a Course? Need Tutoring?
• Student Success Center
• Problems in multiple courses? Exam taking?
Time Management?
• Study Skills Clinics at Cook Counseling Center
• EngE Resources and Help Website
College of Engineering
Important Deadlines
• Last day to add courses
• One week into term (August 31)
• Last day to drop course
• Six weeks into term (October 5)
• Resignation deadline
• Eight weeks into term (October 22)
• Course withdrawal deadline
You can find these
and ALL academic
deadlines in the
academic calendar
for each semester,
which is always on
the left side of the
• Friday before the last day of classes
(December 7)
College of Engineering
VT Email
• Check and read your VT email on a daily basis—you will be
sent notifications from university officials, advisors, and
professors regarding upcoming events, deadlines, and etc.
• “I didn’t get that e-mail” or “I didn’t read that e-mail” is not an
acceptable excuse for missing a deadline.
• Always email university officials from your VT email account.
• Please include a greeting and full name in the email body.
College of Engineering
• You will be added to at least two listservs maintained
by the Academic Affairs office (you may choose to be
• Undergraduate listserv
• Classification level (sophomore, junior, senior) listserv
• You may choose to subscribe to the “Opportunities”
• We will send deadline reminders, or information
pertinent to you. If you choose to filter to trash, not
read, or delete, you are still responsible for
information covered in listserv messages
College of Engineering
Foreign Language Requirement*
• 2 years of high school foreign language
• 6 s.h. @ VT (or as transfer credit)
• Non-native English speaker or bi-lingual
• you need to visit the Foreign Language
Department (331 Major Williams) to have your
language equivalency approval statement issued
to the college of Engineering
• Hokie Spa will not be updated until late fall
*graduation requirement; not entrance requirement
College of Engineering
Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS)
• You can request a DARS report any time, for
any major
• DARS shows you
• all courses required for degree
• how your classes “fit” into the requirements
• what you’re still lacking to complete degree
• ALWAYS re-run & check your DARS after
any change
College of Engineering
Graduation Requirements
• Overall
• A minimum 2.0 overall GPA
• Completion of the language requirement
• In-major
• A minimum 2.0 in-major GPA
• Satisfactory completion of courses for major(s) and
College of Engineering
Non-degree courses
• VT Engineering degrees are accredited by ABET
(Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology)
• Part of the accreditation sets restrictions on what can and cannot be
counted towards an accredited degree, thus
• Not every course offered at Virginia Tech counts towards an
engineering degree
• Current listing of non-degree courses can be found
on engineering forms page (www.eng.vt.edu/forms)
College of Engineering
Transfer Credit Evaluations
• Note the date on top right. Your transfer
credits may have been updated since this
date, so don’t panic if you don’t see
something checked
• Check your transfer credit in Hokie Spa. If you
show credit for a class there, you can consider it
checked off on this evaluation
• If credit is not showing in Hokie Spa, you may
need to re-send transcript (or AP scores)
College of Engineering
College of Engineering Advisors
Your major is currently GE (General Engineering), but we want you to
meet with advisors in your desired degree-granting major.
• Use handout of advisors to know where to meet your advisor
• Your advisor has a copy of your transfer evaluation; use this to
help find fall classes (i.e. any course still needed to enter
department, or any CLE area not met)
• Work with your advisor to schedule fall classes
College of Engineering
What’s next?
1. MEET WITH YOUR ADVISOR to plan fall
classes. (location on the sheet you’ve received)
2. Meet with any other offices on campus you
have questions for (most offices close at 5pm)
3. Begin registering for fall classes (follow
instructions in earlier slides if you get stuck)
4. If requested in your transfer evaluation, forward
syllabi or test scores to our office ASAP
College of Engineering
PowerPoint Presentations
• Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
can be located at:
• http://www.eng.vt.edu/transfer-orientation
College of Engineering
How you might feel after
academic presentation at
College of Engineering