Spokane Community College Where do I Start?

Spokane Community College
Where do I Start?
Follow these ten easy steps!
Step One A
Complete the application for
online at www.scc.spokane.edu.
Step One B
Apply for financial aid by completing
your Free Application for Student
Aid (FAFSA) at www.scc.spokane.edu
 Running Start students do not apply
because their tuition is paid by the
state of Washington through the
public school system.
Step Two A
Schedule your COMPASS placement
test in the Testing Center Bldg 16127 or phone 509.533.7074. At the
time of your test, bring your picture
ID and receipt of payment.
Step Two B
Request official college transcripts
from all previous colleges be sent to
SCC (this would include SFCC
 Meet with your academic program
counselor if you have questions about
how credits transfer
Step Three
Pay your $25 application fee and $30
testing fee
Online at www.scc.spokane.edu
At the Cashier in Bldg. 50-118.
Step Four
After completing your placement
test, sign up for New Student
Orientation (NSO)
 This is when you will register for the
classes you will take in your first
Step Five
For Running Start Students Only
Meet with your high school
counselor to obtain your Running
Start Course Enrollment Verification
Form (you must meet with your high
school counselor every quarter prior
to registering for your classes).
Step Six
For Running Start Students Only
Running Start Enrollment
Verification Form
Letter of Eligibility for Free and
Reduced Lunch (if you qualify)
By mail or in person to the registration
office Bldg 15.
Step Seven
Check e-mail regularly for important
information regarding registration
and Running Start deadlines
Step Nine
Attend NSO (New Student
 Go to the Bldg 16-166 for your
student ID card. Bring picture ID,
student number and class schedule.
Step Ten
Traditional students will pay attention to
tuition deadlines to insure that their
tuition is paid
Running Start Students pay:
mandatory fees if not covered by Letter of
Eligibility for Free-Reduced Lunch
tuition for courses numbered below 100
and any credits over those allowed on your
Running Start Enrollment Verification
You are now a college student!
Welcome to
Spokane Community
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