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Communiqué 5 (CQ5)
WCM Author Training
Course Topics
 Logging into CQ5
 Introduction to CQ5
 Comparing Collage to CQ5
 Basic Navigation
 Digital Asset Management (DAM)
 Site Administration (Site Admin)
 Help and Contacts
Logging into CQ5
Logging into CQ5
CQ5 is located on the Web at:
Virtual Private Network (VPN) access is
required for off-campus connectivity.
Logging into CQ5
Step 1: Point your
browser to
Logging into CQ5
Step 2: Enter your Central Login
Service Username and Password
credentials, click GO.
Introduction to CQ5
Who is Involved?
Developers, web communications, and
information technology collaborate to
launch and sustain CQ5.
Business Core Systems provides
training, documentation, and support to
content authors.
Content authors maintain sites.
What is the system?
Communiqué 5 (CQ5) Web Content
Management (WCM) system.
Produced by Day Software Inc.
Enables authors to add and maintain web
Replaces Collage
When are sites launched?
Sites are converted over from Collage
on a site by site basis.
Site owners are notified well in advance
prior to their site conversion.
New sites will be launched in CQ5 which
were not in Collage as time progresses.
Where is CQ5 located?
 CQ5 WCM is located on the World
Wide Web.
Web address: CMS.UC.EDU
Firefox is the preferred browser, although CQ5
does support all operating systems and
Why is a new system being
Collage CMS reached the end of its life
cycle and support.
CQ5 WCM provides additional
functionality to content authors.
Provides a system to continue the
university’s dynamic Web presence.
Comparing Collage to CQ5
Collage CMS
Assets are uploaded into the
All assets are uploaded into the digital
folder structure. Media files must asset manager (DAM).
be sent via an FTP.
Users must save page content.
Content is automatically saved as it is
being entered into the page. There is no
save button.
Only plain text content can be
Text can be copy and pasted from any
copied and pasted into a content source into a content area.
Comparing Collage to CQ5
Collage CMS
Approved content is deployed
based upon a deployment
Saved content automatically
creates a version.
Assets must be uploaded one at
a time.
Activated content is published
Versions must be manually created.
Asset files can be uploaded into the DAM
one at a time or as a group.
Comparing Collage to CQ5
Collage CMS
Pages can only be approved
one at a time.
Pages can be activated one at a time or in
a group.
Editing mode permits only one
user in a page at any single
Active X controls and Java are
Multiple users can enter into editing mode
at the same time.
Entirely browser based.
Comparing Collage to CQ5
Collage CMS
Images cannot be modified in
Images can be resized and cropped after
being inserted into a page.
Content referencing is not
Only supports a PC with IE 6.
Content is easily referenced.
All browsers and operating systems can be
used. Firefox is the preferred browser.
Basic Navigation
Basic Navigation
Click on the Websites icon to
navigate to the site administration
area. Click on the Digital Assets
icon to navigate to the digital
asset manager (DAM).
Basic Navigation
Complete tree
listing of
Digital Assets
contained in
Basic Navigation
Provides a listing of all pages based on what
is selected from the left tree listing.
Basic Navigation
The green icon (
) in the
Published column denotes that
a page has been activated and
lists the date of activation
Basic Navigation
The blue icon (
) in the
Modified column denotes that a
page has been modified since the
last activation and lists the date of
modification. The page must be
activated again for the changes to
be published to the web.
Basic Navigation
The orange icon (
) in the Published column
denotes that a page is pending an activation or deactivation.
Basic Navigation
The red icon (
) in the Published column
denotes that a page has been deactivated.
Basic Navigation
The login in management
enables the sign out, preferences, and
impersonation functions.
Basic Navigation
Click the
or icon to
toggle between the Websites
manager and the Digital
Asset manager (DAM).
Basic Navigation
The top tool bar provides the specified functions
in both the Websites management and the DAM.
Basic Navigation
Utilize the search box to
perform queries within both the
Websites management and the DAM.
Basic Navigation
Multiple instances can be opened for
smoother function. For instance,
eliminate toggling back and forth
between the DAM and the site admin
by having both open at the same
Site Admin
Digital Asset Manager
Digital Asset Manager Topics
Upload a replacement asset
Open, activate and delete
The DAM provides integrated asset:
Assets can be uploaded one by one or
in a group.
Ensure names adhere to the asset
naming conventions.
Asset can be moved or renamed after
being uploaded.
Assets should be deleted if no longer
Only upload images that are less than
1028 pixels in dimension (height or
Images should be scaled down to 72
Large files or multiple files should be
uploaded after business hours (5pm or
Help and Contacts
 Future questions and inquires can be
directed to the following:
UCIT by phone at (513) 556-4357 or via email at
[email protected]
CQ5 Support via email at [email protected]
CQ5 help web site located at
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