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Jasmine Flores
Aaron Douglas was born in 1899 to mother Elizabeth
Douglas and father Aaron Douglas in Topeka Kansas. Early
on Douglas developed a passion for art and painting and
later became known as the father of African art he played
a big part in the circle of talents including singers ,
writers and artists known as the Harlem renaissance.
Education and career
Aaron Douglas graduated from Topeka high school in 1917
and went to Nebraska university were he earned a B.A he
later moved to Harlem New York in 1925 were he began
to illustrate for great magazines such as the Crisis and The
Opportunity magazines that were very prominent to the
Harlem renaissance, he was known to use geometric
shapes and proud figures in his paintings.
Aaron Douglas made a big impact on history and future
generations so much so that he was a topic on the hidden
heritage a movie about showcasing new African
American artists. he was said to be the leader of the
Harlem renaissance artists, the name leader added to his
already huge title the father of African American art, but
Douglas didn’t really like the name the father of African
American art he once said " Do not call me the Father of
African American Arts, for I am just a son of Africa, and
paint for what inspires me."
Later in Life
After several years of a successful career Douglas moved
to Nashville , Tennessee and founded the art department
at Fisk University were he once created one of his most
notable pieces of work. He taught art for twenty-seven
more years as he continued his professional art career
with work in illustrations and some more subtle pieces
like portraits and landscapes Douglas died on February 3 rd
of 1979 at the age of seventy-nine, but he will always live
on as the father of African American art.
Five Works of Art