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Housing Sign-Up Instructions:
Interterm Housing:
Dates and Eligibility
Start Date: Interterm Reopening: Saturday-Sunday, January 1 or 2, 2011 (at Housing Office 1:00pm-7:00pm)
End Date: Wednesday, January 19, 2011-Friday, January 21, 2011*
*Students living on campus from Interterm through Spring may remain in their room and do not need to check-out by
the Interterm End Date listed above.
– NOTE: Check-in for Spring begins Tuesday, January 25, 2011, 8:00am-4:30pm.
Occupancy during Interterm is limited to students enrolled for Interterm classes, pre-approved Biola
athletes, international students and students with local employment continuing through Interterm.
 All Continuing Students planning to live in University housing during Interterm must be pre-registered for the
Spring 2011 semester.
If you are not eligible for Christmas Housing (or do not sign-up for Christmas Housing), you will be expected to
check-out by Friday, December 17, 2010 at 5:00pm.
Graduating Seniors may check-out on Saturday, December 18, 2010.
Students who will not be living in a Biola Undergraduate Housing Assignment for Spring 2011:
• Must Check-out and Vacate your room by the Christmas Closing Date, Friday, December 17, 2010 at 5:00pm.
• If you wish to apply for an exception to remain in University Housing for an Interterm class, e-mail the Housing
Office to learn whether your room will be available.
• Only those granted exceptions to stay after December 17, 2010 will pay the Interterm daily rate of $17.86.
Interterm Housing:
Terms and Conditions
Note: These terms and conditions are described in the Housing Handbook and you already agreed to them
when you signed your 2010-2011 Housing Contract (on file in the Housing Office).
Semester housing fees do not apply to Interterm. Residence hall housing for Interterm and summer as
well as apartment housing for Christmas, Interterm and summer must be arranged for separately and is
subject to the relevant fee structures (see details below).
All students planning to live in University housing during any portion of Interterm must apply for
Interterm housing by completing the Interterm Application on MyHousing.
No residents are to arrive/check in prior to Opening Day except by permission from the Housing Office.
There is no specific room change period offered during the academic year. All requests for a room
change must be approved by the relevant Residence Life staff member and by the Housing Manager. The
needs of each resident and the particulars of each situation will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Approval is not guaranteed. If you make an unauthorized change, you will be charged a minimum of
$100.00 and may be required to return to your original Housing Assignment.
Each year, in the event the University deems it necessary to accommodate new incoming students, rooms
will be designated as three-to-a-room occupancy. The Housing Office reserves the right to assign any
third person to any designated triple room in the event one or more of the original roommates leaves the
room assignment.
A discounted triple occupancy room rate will apply to all rooms with three occupants at the time of
semester billing February 15 and is valid through the end of that semester. Residents of rooms with fewer
than three occupants at the time of semester billing February 15 will be billed the double-occupancy
room rate for the semester, even though the rooms are designated as triple rooms.
All furnishings in triple rooms must remain in the rooms. Should the room revert to double occupancy,
the third set of furniture will be removed by Auxiliary Services personnel at the request of the remaining
Interterm Housing: How to Sign-Up
• Make sure you are eligible (see previous pages!)
• Login to “My.Biola” ( to access MyHousing.
Sign-Up: Get to“MyHousing”
• Go to the Student Tab, and log-in to “My Housing”. Be sure to place a zero
in front of your I.D. number to make sure it is 8 digits long (ex.09000002).
*The Interterm Application/Sign-up will only be available Dec.1-10!
Sign-Up: Application
Select the “Interterm
2011” Application then
click on “next” to
continue to the Terms
and Conditions page of
the application.
(If you qualify and
want to apply for
Christmas as well,
please complete both
Sign-Up: Application (cont’d)
•Read through the Terms and Conditions and select “I Agree” to
continue to the Personal Information portion of the application.
Sign-Up: Application (cont’d)
• Complete the questions on the page.
• Do not leave any field as “N/A”.
• When finished, select “Complete Application” to continue to
the next page of the application.
Sign-Up: Application (cont’d)
You have officially signed up for Interterm Housing.
Note: If you are not eligible but have completed this application, you may not be permitted to remain
in your housing assignment during Interterm.
Now What?
• Prepare to check-in on the date you indicated on the Interterm Housing Application.
• If interested, sign up on “MyHousing” for a voluntary meal plan.
• Once you have completed the application you are signed up for
Interterm Housing (unless you are ineligible).
• Should you have any questions, call the Housing Office at (562) 9036000 ext. 5838.
Happy New Year
Best Wishes
during Interterm !
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