What it means to be in the Top 100

• Program within the IUPUI Office of Alumni Relations
• Sponsored by the Student Organization for Alumni Relations and
the IUPUI Alumni Council
• Annually selects the top 100 undergraduate upperclassmen at
• Top 100 recipients are invited to a formal recognition dinner in
• The Top 10 Males & the Top 10 Females for IUPUI are revealed at
the dinner
• The IUPUI Outstanding Male student & the IUPUI Outstanding
Female student are revealed at the dinner
• There are approximately 22,100 undergraduate
students at IUPUI.
• The Top 100 represent less than 1 half of 1% of
the total undergraduate population.
• The Top 10 Males & Females represent less than
1 tenth of 1% of the total undergraduate
• Must be seeking 1st IUPUI undergraduate degree
• Must be currently enrolled & in good standing with the university
• Must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
• Must have a minimum 56 credit hours towards degree program
• At least 25 of those credit hours must be earned at IUPUI as of Fall
2013 semester
• Cannot be a December 2013 graduate
• Cannot be designated a Top 100 student more than twice – typically
once as a junior & once as a senior
• Both part-time & full-time students are eligible
• Outstanding Male & Female students are not eligible for a 2nd attempt.
• You will be e-mailed a link to the Top 100 System.
Click on the link and you will see this:
The application form is made up of 9 separate components:
1. College Scholastic Honors & Awards
2. Leadership training workshop or seminar attended &/or
certificate attained
4. Participation in student organizations or activities
5. Participation in volunteer civic, community, &/or service
organization or activity
6. Personal statement
7. Professional achievement (research, publications, etc.)
8. Work experience that relates to major field of study, including
9. Letter of recommendation
• All application entries must have occurred after
enrollment at IUPUI.
• No activity entries can be from high school.
• No activity entries can be from another
institution of higher education.
• All application entries must have taken place in
the last 5 calendar school years.
• Personal statement inclusion is mandated.
• Applicants need to input their date of enrollment at IUPUI on the
nomination acceptance.
• Each activity entry has a start date and an end date.
• For organizations – Name the group, then simply say whether
applicant was/is a member or officer, for how long, list/date
projects/functions personally contributed to and if necessary a
“brief” description of the group purpose.
• There is a drop down menu for students to choose organization
member, organization officer, committee member, committee chair
or other.
• The scholarship entry section is a drop down menu that requires:
name of scholarship, description, total amount received and how
many years it was received.
• Competitive grant is an activity option with the same drop down
items as scholarship.
• Focus more on quality than on quantity.
• Do not utilize a bullet point style when filling out the application.
• Be precise! Include points that reinforce your impact; hours
served, results achieved, etc.
• Focus on connecting entries to your IUPUI experience – work
experience & community involvement.
• Organizing an event and volunteering for an event are different
activities. Make sure you clarify which one you did on the
• IUPUI related community service is more heavily weighted than
service that does not tie back to IUPUI.
• Make sure to include formulas for calculating number of hours
listed for campus and community activities.
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Norman Brown Diversity Scholar
Up to $3000 per academic year for merit or financial need
Up to $6,000 per academic year for both merit and financial need
The Norman Brown Diversity & Leadership Program is designed to recruit, retain and prepare serious,
academically gifted students who have demonstrated a commitment and/or desire to develop leadership skills
for today’s multicultural world. Program participants are encouraged to attain academic success, engage in
leadership and civic activities, and prepare for work force entry. All scholars are required to enroll full time;
maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA; participate in specific program functions; and meet on a regular basis with an
assigned IUPUI faculty/staff mentor. Continuing and transfer student applicants must be Indiana residents and
have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Students are only considered for the fall semester. Preference is
given to transfer student and continuing students who have completed 12 credit hours (but no more than 60 up
to junior status). This program is an integral part of IUPUI’s efforts to foster the benefits of educational diversity,
in part by assuring the obtainment of a critical mass of students from underrepresented minority backgrounds
with a history of discrimination. As such, during the application process positive considerations are given to
students from underrepresented minority backgrounds and whose presence will enhance the learning
environment through increased diversity at IUPUI. Additional consideration is also given to students with
significant financial need as defined by the FAFSA. Recipients must maintain fulltime enrollment, a minimum
cumulative 3.0 GPA and complete all program requirements.
Applications are judged based off of 3 primary
• Scholastic achievement
• Collegiate & co-curricular activities
• Civic/community service
You should view each of these categories as being
“equal” on your application & strive to be as well
rounded as possible.
• Keep track of what you do – everything counts!
• You can self-nominate – don’t wait!
• Fill out the form completely – do not omit simple
Complete & submit a personal statement.
Solicit for a letter of recommendation.
• Review your personal statement for possible
additional entries to your application
• GPA should be viewed only as:
 Barrier to entry in the Top 100 if < 3.0
 Tie breaker
• Take extra time explaining activities that have a
significant campus-wide impact; athletics,
research, Regatta leadership, etc.
• Explain yourself!
Example: Presidential Scholar
“Adam W. Herbert Presidential Scholar – Nominated
by IUPUI as 1 of 13 incoming freshmen in 2010 to
receive this 4 year scholarship for $9,000 per year.
Also includes a laptop & a $2,500 study abroad
stipend. Selected based on SAT/ACT scores,
performance in a college-preparatory curriculum,
leadership experience, & an interview.”
• Break out your experiences!!
Example: “Nic” with the Student Organization for
Alumni Relations (SOAR)
Not as complete as possible response:
“Student Organization for Alumni Relations (SOAR) –
Vice-President of Alumni Events – 2010-2011 –
Coordinated professional development &
networking programs to connect students &
More accurately “broken out” response:
“Student Organization for Alumni Relations (SOAR) –
Vice-President of Alumni Events – 2010-2011 –
Coordinated professional development &
networking programs to connect students &
“Student Organization for Alumni Relations (SOAR) –
member – 2009-2010”
More accurately “broken out” response cont.:
“Volunteer – 2010 Top 100 Dinner – As a member of
“Volunteer – 2010 Commencement ceremony – As a
member of SOAR.”
“Volunteer – 2010 IUPUI Regatta – As a member of
• January 29th – Last day for a student to be
• February 5th – Application and letter of
recommendation due
• March 6th – Top 100 announced
• April 9th – Chancellor’s Reception for the Top 100
• April 11th – 2014 Top 100 Dinner at the
Indianapolis Marriott