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Interviewing for Medical
Office of Career Services, Harvard
Why do medical schools interview?
Advice from a Dean
Stanford Dean of Admissions’ instructions to interviewers:
 Does your interaction with the candidate conform to the expectations you
derived from reading the application?
 If not; what are the discrepancies?
 What is missing?
 Do you detect any characteristics that cause you to question the
candidate’s suitability for a career in medicine or the ability to think
logically and critically?
 Does the candidate have a realistic expectation of life as a physician?
Advice from a Peer
The interview was the least
stressful and most enjoyable part
of the application experience.
Preparation: Travel arrangements
Lodging—student hosts
What to Wear—Business Attire
What to Wear—Business Attire
What to Wear—Business Attire
Beyond Your Clothes
Silence your phone
Bring breath mints
Remove facial piercings, tongue
studs if possible
Cover large tattoos
Preparation: Specific School Info
Review the school website
Know what makes them
Preparation—OCS and your house
House mock interviews
Workshop materials
Interview stream
Alumni evaluations
Preparation: Preparing yourself
 Know your own application
Take a copy of your application with you
Practice in front of a mirror
Prepare answers
Interview day: tips
Be yourself
Be nice to everyone
Be prompt
Be confident
Be prepared but do not over rehearse. Be
Interview day: tips
6. During the interview: Non-content areas
Smile. Shake hands. Eye contact.
Actively engage. Be positive and upbeat.
Posture and body language
Expect the unexpected
Give direct, thorough answers. Do not ramble.
Take your student interviewer seriously
Do not over analyze or second guess the
Interview day: tips
Problems in your record? BE ready
Anything else you want me to know?
Do you have any questions for me?
(Sadly, yes, there are stupid questions!!)
Interview Format
Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)
Open vs. Closed File
Who are the interviewers? Google is a
wonderful thing.
Interview Format
How can I learn more about each school’s interview
 School websites
 OCS website
 Studentdr.net—Approach with Caution!!
the MD-PhD Interview
Come see us!
House mock interview
Elevator Speech
Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)
6-10 stations, 2 minutes to read, 6-8 minutes
to answer/execute (120 min.)
Scenario based questions
What you are being evaluated on may not
always be obvious
Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)-formats
Some MMI mixed with traditional
Partner work
Rest stations
What does the MMI look like?
• http://youtu.be/SYZc-rItyRw
Sample MMI
• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOVbDD9
• What do you think?
Practicing a Group Activity
• Volunteers???
Post-interview Follow-Up
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