Graduating students 2013/2014

Information for 2013 Queensland medical
graduates applying for provisional registration
Who is the Medical Board of Australia?
• The Medical Board of Australia (MBA) exists to
protect the public.
• The MBA protects the public by:
- ensuring applicants are suitably qualified and
competent to hold registration
- developing/approving standards, codes and
guidelines for practitioners to follow and abide by, and
- overseeing the assessment and investigation of
notifications about health practitioners or students
who may be practising in an unsafe manner.
Who is the Australian Health Practitioner
Regulation Agency
• The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation
Agency (AHPRA) provides administrative support
and assistance to the MBA with regards to
registration and investigation matters.
Do I need registration?
• Yes, to work as a medical practitioner in Australia,
registration is mandatory.
• Graduating medical students must hold provisional
registration to complete an internship.
What is an internship?
• An internship consists of a minimum of 47 weeks
supervised practice including core rotations of
medicine, surgery and emergency medicine.
• Interns must only complete rotations at hospitals
that have been approved for intern training – you
can ask your intern hospital for more information
about this.
• After successfully completing your internship, you
will then be eligible to apply for general registration
to practise anywhere in Australia.
How do I apply?
• Students who are seeking provisional registration
as a health professional for the first time are
encouraged to apply online –
• Students who have been registered as a health
professional before (e.g nurse, pharmacist,
physiotherapist) cannot apply online. They must
submit application form APRA-30. This is available
on the MBA’s website.
• Students should apply from October 2013.
• Students with health conditions, criminal history
matters or other disclosures must disclose when
applying for provisional registration.
• Students who have disclosures are encouraged to
apply early; from September 2013.
What do I need to supply?
• Contact details, including a residential address.
• Your principal place of practice (PPP) address. This is
the hospital where you will commence your internship.
• Payment of registration fee $348.
• Identification (more information on this later).
What do I need to supply cont.
• Some applicants may also need to supply:
- details of any criminal history matters
- details of any health conditions/impairments that
may affect their practice, and/or
- evidence of meeting the MBA’s English language
skills registration standard.
• For more information on applying for provisional
registration go here
Proof of identity (ID)
• You must supply ID to meet AHPRA’s Proof of
identification policy.
• Please ensure that you supply sufficient ID to meet
the four categories.
Category A (e.g. birth certificate/passport)
Category B (e.g. drivers licence/student card)
Category C (e.g. bank card/Medicare card)
Category D (e.g. utility bill/bank statement)
• To access the policy please click on the following link
proof of identity policy
Important ID points
• Your ID must be current
• One form of ID must confirm your residential
address listed in your application
• Copies provided must be certified in accordance
with AHPRA’s certification policy i.e. Justice of the
Peace (JP) certified – certification policy
• If known by a previous name, you must provide
evidence of name change i.e. Marriage certificate,
deed poll.
Important ID points cont.
• Please ensure that you supply the correct ID,
otherwise your registration may be delayed.
• Note:
- You will be registered in your legal name (as per
passport, birth certificate or driver’s licence).
- Your name on the graduate list must match your
identification. You may need to check how your
university has your name recorded.
• Your application cannot be approved until
confirmation is received that you have successfully
completed all course requirements of the Bachelor
of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS).
• Your university will send this information directly to
AHPRA in late December. Your university can tell
you when this information has been sent to
Suitability statements
The following information is very important!
• The MBA needs to be sure applicants are suitable to
hold registration as a medical practitioner.
• It is essential that you are honest and forthright with the
following information.
Criminal history matters
• AHPRA will undertake a mandatory criminal history
check on all applications for provisional
• Any criminal history must be disclosed including
matters from Australia and overseas.
• Criminal history includes:
- every conviction of a person for an offence
- every plea if guilty, or finding of guilt by a court of the
person for the offence, whether a conviction was
recorded or not, and
- every charge made against the person.
Criminal history matters cont.
• Spent convictions need to be disclosed even if the
criminal matter occurred a long time ago.
• There can be serious penalties for not disclosing
criminal history matters.
• The criminal history results available to the MBA
are detailed and will include information not
available to employers or on personal criminal
history requests.
Criminal history cont.
• Examples of what you must disclose:
– Shoplifting at 17 years of age – no conviction
recorded, fined $200.
– Public Nuisance – pleaded guilty, fined $250.
– Motor vehicle accident causing bodily harm, 10
years ago – pleaded guilty, good behaviour bond for
two years.
– Possession of prohibited drugs – no conviction,
attend drug counselling course, fined $500.
Criminal history cont.
• Examples of what you do not need to disclose:
– Speeding fine – fined $100, lost three demerit points.
– Minor traffic offences.
• If in doubt – disclose it!
• Please read the MBA’s Criminal History registration
standard for more information. To access the
standard click here
English language
• To meet the requirement in the MBA’s English
language skills registration standard applicants are
required to complete both secondary and tertiary
education in English in an approved English speaking
• It is possible that some students will not have
completed their secondary education in Australia or
another approved country listed in this standard.
English language cont.
• Students who completed their secondary education
in international schools may have to pass an
approved English language skills test prior to being
granted registration
• Refer to the English language skills registration
standard to see if you need to complete an
approved English language skills test. To access
the standard click here
Professional indemnity insurance (PII)
• All medical practitioners who undertake any form of
practice must have PII for all aspects of their medical
• Often arranged by employer, however you may wish
to investigate whether you require your own PII
during your internship.
PII cont.
• You do not need to supply evidence of PII with your
provisional application, just confirmation that you
commit to having appropriate PII for all practice
carried out during your internship.
• For more information on the MBA’s Professional
indemnity insurance registration standard click here
Other disclosures
• Any impairment (physical or mental, disability,
condition or disorder, including substance abuse or
dependence) that may detrimentally affect or is likely
to affect your capacity to practise the profession must
be disclosed.
• If you need to disclose a health condition, please
contact AHPRA for more information about what to
supply with your application
• All disclosures will be kept strictly confidential
Other disclosures cont.
• Applicants who have previously been registered in
another health profession (eg. nurse, dentist,
physiotherapist etc) must also disclose:
- suspensions, cancellations, refusals, conditions,
undertakings or limitations as a health practitioner in
Australia or overseas
- if disqualified under the National Law or a
corresponding act from applying for registration or
being registered, and
Other disclosures cont.
- if they were subject to conduct, performance or health
proceedings while registered in Australia or overseas
where the proceedings were not finalised.
Your obligations
• Ensure all information provided is true and correct.
• Serious penalties may apply if an applicant is found
to have provided false and/or misleading information,
including their application being refused.
• Up date any changes on your principal place of
practice, postal address, name changes during the
application process.
• Contact AHPRA if you have any queries.
Registration process
• Applications are assessed by registration officers
within four to six weeks
• Up dates on your application will be provided by
• Where necessary AHPRA may need to submit
applications to the Queensland Registration
Committee for further consideration (applicants will
be advised if this happens).
Registration process cont.
• You will be advised via email when your application
has been approved and the date registration will
commence. You will also be contacted if there are
any issues in approving your application.
• Your registration details will be available for
viewing on the public register, available on
AHPRA’s website, once your registration is active.
Submitting applications
• Applications can be submitted by either:
- Applying online (for those registering as a health
professional for the first time).
- Post: GPO Box 9958, Brisbane QLD 4001.
- In person: Level 18, 179 Turbot Street, Brisbane.
Submitting applications cont.
• Paper applications must be submitted to the
AHPRA Queensland Office.
• Applications and all supporting documentation
must be received no later than 13 December 2013
to guarantee application to be assessed before the
start of hospital year.
• Apply early!
Contacting AHPRA
• Any questions or queries? Please call AHPRA on
1300 419 495 or lodge a web enquiry on AHPRA’s
website at
• Go to the MBA’s website for further information
Useful information
• Registration standards and policies worth reading:
- Continuous professional development registration
- Criminal history registration standard
- English language skills registration standard
- professional indemnity insurance registration standard
- proof of identity requirements, and
- certifying documents.
• The information contained in these slides are the
property of AHPRA and cannot be re-produced in
any other format without first contacting
[email protected]
• This information is current for 2013 and is subject
to change.
• Please visit for more information.