Safeguarding: Learning the Lessons

Learning the Lessons
Local Learning Seminar
Learning the Lessons
Caroline Tote
Head of Service
Children’s Safeguarding
Today’s session
• Setting the context – Leicester’s story
• Response to serious incidents – Serious
Incident Learning Process (SILP)
• Serious Case Reviews
• Links to the criminal and coronial processes
Setting the context
• Disaggregation of the LLR Board and the
management of SCRs and serious incidents
• Information sharing and criminal
• Contact with family members
• Support for Individual Management Review
• Support for staff involved in the process
Serious Incident Learning Process
None mandatory SCR consideration
Panel and Overview Report Writer
Agency reports
Front line staff and managers input
Learning days
Action Plan
Interface with criminal and coronial processes
Serious Case Reviews
• Implementation of the CPS and ACPO guide –
contact with families
• Support for IMR authors – briefings –
template – sample reports – mentoring
• Action Plans
• Links to other work strands – Stay Safe – CDOP
- Training
Links to the criminal and coronial
• Implementation of the CPS and ACPO guide –
information sharing
• Links with the criminal process
• Links with the coronial process
• Nominated link with the SILP or SCR
• Communications Management