Developing and Implementing a Workforce Development Plan

Mary Kushion, MSA
Public Health Consultant
Retired Health Officer, Central MI District
Health Dept.
Staff Development and
Domain 8
Self-assessment revealed gaps
Staff prioritized “Maintain a
Competent Public Health
Workforce” as #1 in Strategic Plan
Objectives in Strategic Plan
 CMDHD will have a staff development plan that will
enable organizational and individual training and
development opportunities by 2012
 CMDHD will increase employee job satisfaction by
8% (Baseline 82%) by 2012
Staff Development Plan
 Created a multi-disciplinary team – led by Human
Resources Director
 Assessed what we already had in place:
Orientation Plan
Exit Interviews
List of Mandated Trainings
Limited Training Logs
Staff assessments on identified needs - limited
Plan Development
 Assessed what we needed to meet the PHAB
A formal written plan
Assessment of staff training needs
Addition of Core Competences to job descriptions
Comprehensive training logs for all staff
Training Calendar
Staff Development Plan
PHAB Domain 8 –Measure 8.2.1A
 Address Core Competencies
 Assessed staff competencies
 Curricula and training schedules
 Identification of barriers/inhibitors and strategies to
address them
Additional Elements to
 Workforce Profile
 CE requirements by discipline
 Identified and Mandated Training Needs
 Training Goals, Schedules
 Tracking/monitoring
 Conclusions/Other Considerations
 Center for Public Health Practice OSU College of Public Health
 All training elements are in one place for all staff to
 Training schedule on-line in central location for staff
 Training logs useful for reporting and PHAB
 Staff involvement in development of plan
 Increased staff satisfaction
Evidence that our efforts
Evidence that our efforts
Next Steps
 Continue to monitor and implement the plan
 Include the Core Competencies in performance
 Staff training on Core Competencies
 Identifying and including new training opportunities
as they become available on the training schedule
 Continue to monitor employee satisfaction
 Include as component of strategic plan and
performance management system
Mary L. Kushion, MSA
[email protected]
Domain 8: Workforce
Development and Accreditation
Joyce Marshall, MPH
Director, Office of Performance Management
Oklahoma State Department of Health
November 20, 2013
Agency Overview
 2100 employees at 89 sites
 Serves 68 counties through the Oklahoma State
Department of Health system with two larger
metropolitan areas of Oklahoma City and Tulsa served
autonomously through independent city-county health
 Medicaid, mental health, and environmental quality are
administered by separate agencies.
 Oklahoma has numerous partners including 70 grassroots
Turning Point coalitions and 38 federally recognized
Native American Tribes.
Human Resources Overview
 1,490 classified (merit system) positions, 476 unclassified (non-merit
system) positions, and 137 temporary employees and student
 Human Resources has 27 positions
 Human Resources is responsible for administration of a
comprehensive human resources management system that includes:
Administrative Procedures
Alternative Dispute Mediation Program
Employee Assistance Program
Grievance Management
Human Resources Administration
Occupational Health and Employee Wellness
Risk Management
Training and Employee Development
Workforce Planning, Recruitment, and Retention
The Oklahoma State Department of Health
participated in a Public Health Accreditation
Board (PHAB) Beta Test in June 2010
Overall, Human Resources received the lowest
score among all the domains
Numerous areas were identified as needing
PHAB Standards were modified following the
Beta test for Version 1.0
Standard 8.1
 8.1 Encourage the development of a sufficient
number of qualified public health workers
 Measure 8.1.1. Establish relationships and/or
collaborate with the schools of public health and/or
other related academic programs that promote the
development of future public health workers
 Documentation Utilized:
– Student Internship Program Participation
Standard 8.2
 8.2 Assess staff competencies and address gaps by
enabling organizational and individual training
development opportunities
 Measure 8.2.1 Maintain, implement, and assess the health
department workforce development plan that addresses
the training needs of the staff and the development of core
 Documentation Utilized:
 Agency-Wide Competency Based Training Needs
 Workforce Development Plan
 Training opportunities related to findings of needs
 Training announcements, copies of curricula, and
training participant rosters
Needs Assessment
Agency-Wide Competency Based Training Needs Assessment
Leadership Effectiveness Framework Competencies
Workforce Development Plan
 Utilize a competency-based needs assessment
 Ensure all levels of the organization are represented
 Link delivery of training to gaps identified by the needs
 Ensure training curricula identify competencies
 Include goals that link to agency strategic plan with
action steps for completion
 Fully identify definition, strategies, resources,
performance measures, and evaluation method for
each plan goal
Workforce Development Model
Plan Goals
 Develop comprehensive workforce development plan for
all groups of employees to include routine administration
of the needs assessment and expansion of the assessment
to include the Public Health Core Competencies
 Expand quantity and quality of offerings available to
OSDH employees based on training needs assessment
 Deliver training to geographically separated workforce
using existing technology
 Integrate training information systems into one functional
tracking and reporting system
 Implement a comprehensive program to provide tuition
assistance and reimbursement of student loans to current
and prospective employees
Workforce Development Plan
Incorporate competency development into
existing processes (hiring and selection,
performance management, etc.)
Address succession planning/career pathing
Incorporate a process for continuous
improvement going forward
Demonstrate how the plan has been
implemented and operationalized
Standard 8.2
 8.2 Assess staff competencies and address gaps by
enabling organizational and individual training
development opportunities.
 Measure 8.2.2 Provide leadership and management
development activities.
 Documentation Utilized:
 Governor’s Executive Development Program for State
 Learning and Education Assistance Program
Administrative Procedure
 Reimbursement Agreement
 Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma Regional Leadership
 Oklahoma Public Health Leadership Institute
Standard 8.2
 8.2 Assess staff competencies and address gaps by
enabling organizational and individual training
development opportunities.
 Measure 8.2.3 Provide consultation and/or technical
assistance to Tribal and local health departments
regarding evidence-based and/or promising practices
in the development of workforce capacity, training,
and continuing education.
 Documentation Utilized:
 “Preparing for the 7th Generation: Preventing and
Treating Commercial Tobacco Dependence”
 “Communicable Disease Nurse Video Conference”
Lessons Learned
 Don’t be afraid to share information about innovative
workforce development initiatives if the opportunity presents
itself to do so
 Be able to “connect the dots” beginning with a needs
assessment, gap identification, and delivery of courses to
address gaps identified at all levels of the organization
 Build accreditation requirements into agency policies,
procedures, and practices whenever possible
 Ensure documentation clearly demonstrates the standard
 Assure process for continuous quality improvement is in place
 Change is difficult but rewarding
Process in place for continuous quality
Accreditation requirements are built into
agency policies, procedures, and practices
whenever possible
A workforce development plan describing
objectives to be accomplished over next 5
years that specifically addresses managerial
and core public health competencies, along
with yearly action plans to demonstrate steps
needed and progress made towards these
Written policies, procedures, and processes
document workforce development phases-from hiring process, to new employee
orientation, through onboarding, to technical
assistance and guidance throughout tenure
Success is defined and measurable
Domain 8 measures were fully demonstrated
Process now in place that is easily adaptable
for our centralized counties to use for
documentation evidence in their pursuit of local
health department accreditation
Joyce Marshall, MPH
Director, Office of Performance Management
Oklahoma State Department of Health
1000 N.E. 10th Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
405-271-9444, extension 56379
[email protected]
Debbie Boyer, SPHR
Director of Human Resources
Oklahoma State Department of Health
1000 N.E. 10th Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
405-271-9444 extension 56190
[email protected]
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