Contract Request Process - City Colleges of Chicago

Procurement to Contracts
Presentation 2013
Overview of Procurement Processes
Overview of Board Report Processes
Overview of Contract Request Process
Overview of Accounts Payable/Travel
What Procurement Services Does
Vendor Budget/Commitment Control
Vendor Setup and Maintenance
Requisitions and Purchase Orders
Selectively review PO’s less than $5,000 for compliance
Final review and approval of all PO’s greater than $5,000
Competitive Bidding and Request for Proposals
Establish District Wide Contracts
Procurement Policy Training
Purchases must follow Illinois law and
Board policies
• The Chair of the Board, Chancellor and Presidents are the only
individuals authorized to sign and execute agreements on
behalf of City Colleges of Chicago regardless of value.
• No District officer or employee, without express
authorization, shall make any purchases or enter into a verbal
or written purchase contract on behalf of the Board
• Any contract made in violation of State law, or Board rules,
policies and procedures is VOID as to the Board
District Wide Spending
Authority, Requirements & Conditions
The following purchasing dollar thresholds provide the requirements that are approved by the Board of
Purchases of less than $2,500: Competitive bidding is not required. Such items may be purchased from
any vendor offering the required goods or services at a reasonable price. Price comparison is highly
Purchases of $2,500 and up to $25,000 require three price quotations in writing. The quotations must be
summarized on the bid recapitulation sheet and attached to the requisition form. At least one of the three
vendors must be a certified MBE/WBE vendor. If a sole source vendor, attach an updated vendor letter.
Purchases in excess of $25,000 formal competitive bidding is required. Formal competitive bidding
requires that the initiating department prepare written specifications describing the required goods or
services. The specifications must be submitted via e-mail to the Department of Procurement Services
([email protected] ) and with copy to the College Executive Director of Business Operations
to ensure that the specifications are complete and in the proper form. Specifications shall be prepared as
objectively as possible, so that the advantage provided to any particular vendor is based on the
appropriateness of that vendor’s product.
The Procurement Policy remains consistent with Illinois
Public Community College Act.
Bid Recap Sheet
Recapitulation of Bids Received
$2,500 - $25,000
Requisition Number: _________________
Date: ______________________
Vendor Selected: __________________________
Bids were obtained in writing. The results were as follows:
1. ________________________________
2. ________________________________
3. ________________________________
If the selected bidder for the purchase is an MBE or WBE, circle the appropriate code:
American Indian
Purchases between $2,500 - $25,000 require three price quotations one quote should be from a
certified M/WBE. Quotes should be attached to this form.
For purchases of goods that available from a single source, a letter from the vendor justifying the
sole source conditions should be attached to this form.
Dept. Head
College Executive Director/ District
Office Business Manager
Office of Contract Compliance
MWBE Contract Compliance
Bid Recapitulation requirements:
1. One quote from a certified MBE or WBE firm;
2. “Certified” means the firm is certified by one of the
11 agencies recognized by City Colleges;
3. When requesting the quote, ask the firm to include
their certification letter;
4. If you do not have a quote from a MWBE, you must
request a wavier from the requirement including
justification and backup, e.g. Searched databases and
no MWBE firms were listed, item is a sole source.
M/WBE vendors can be found on the following websites:
City of Chicago’s website:
Central Management Service-State of Illinois (CMS)
• Select === Vendors Search
• Select === BEP Vendor Search
• Enter ==== The type of Good or Service you desire to purchase- i.e. printing note: under search criteria ensure all categories below are checked
• Press Search – Note: A new window will appear with the vendor(s) and
contact information.
Cook County
• Select Directory of Cook County Certified MBE/WBE Vendors
• Select Show Me to view a tutorial on usage of the site.
Requisition Signature Work Flow
District Office
Vice Chancellor
Note: All the signatures above are required regardless of dollar value
Requisition Signature Work Flow
Dean/ Dept.
Director of
or Associate
Note: All the signatures above are required regardless of dollar value
Purchase Order Process Overview
• College/department has a “need” for a good or service; College/department prepares a paper requisition form with
signature of Dean/Director or Department head signature;
• College/department verifies that the selected vendor is in the PEOPLESOFT system; if the vendor is not in the system, a
vendor application must be completed by the vendor and sent to the Department of Procurement Services for entry;
[Please allow a minimum of 10 business days for entry.]
• College business office/department checks the vendor budget in PEOPLESOFT under – Commitment Control- Budget
Details to validate that there is sufficient vendor budget for their purchase request;
• College business office/department creates (enters) the requisition in PeopleSoft. All supporting documentation must
be attached to the PeopleSoft system requisition. The PeopleSoft system requisition is printed and signed by the College
Executive Director/District Office Department Head;
• The printed PeopleSoft system requisition is routed for approval to the College President and Programmatic Vice
Chancellor via email. Each approval should be completed within 48 hours of receipt;
• The College Executive Director or Department of Procurement Services staff (if over $5,000) will create a purchase order
and print in PEOPLESOFT (the P.O.# assigned by PEOPLESOFT can be used to order the goods/services);
• The printed Purchase order is sent to the vendor by the College business office or the Department of Procurement
Vice Chancellor or Associate Vice
Chancellor Requisition Signature Matrix
Types of Purchase
Programmatic Vice Chancellor/ Associate Vice
Arshele Stevens
IT Hardware, Software and Services Purchases
Non-Instructional Office Supplies , Janitorial Supplies,
Facilities Supplies and Equipment, Furniture,
Construction and Renovation
Academic Books, Scientific Supplies, Nursing Supplies
and Equipment, Cosmetology Supplies and
Equipment, Instructional Supplies, Library Supplies
and Equipment
Student Related Purchases – Events and Travel,
Agency Purchases
Employee Travel/ Reimbursements
Advertising/Promotional/Outreach Items
Athletic Supplies and Equipment
Bookstore, Cafeteria and Vending Services Purchases
Diane Minor
Security Supplies and Equipment Purchases
Tom Wheeler
Carole Wood
Kojo Quartey or designee
Preston Harden
Melanie Shaker or JR Dempsey
Laurent Pernot
Cyril Nichols
Joyce Carson
All vendors are entered into the PeopleSoft database by Procurement Services. Please allow a
minimum of 10 business days for entry.
All new vendors who will provide goods and services must complete a vendor packet. Which
includes the following:
• Vendor’s List Application Form (2 pages)
• IRS W-9 Form
• Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (Conditions of Purchase)
• Independent Contractors must complete the Personal Service Contractor’s and
Contractor’s Key Personnel Data Form
• Acknowledgement of the District’s CCC Ethics Orientation for
• NIGP Commodity Codes Selection
To update existing vendors the Vendor Form must be completed and supporting
documentation must be attached i.e. Vendor address change notice, etc.
Hotels and Membership organizations are only required to submit the IRS W-9 Form and
Vendor Form (include telephone and fax numbers).
To verify if your vendor of choice is in PeopleSoft, check with your College Business Office or
District Office Business Managers who have vendor inquiry access.
The vendor forms are available from the internet via
District Wide Term Agreements
Colleges benefit from increased savings through combined purchasing volume
through the use of Board approved vendors, procurement consortiums, and
other sister agency contracts for District-wide purchases.
Examples of Board Approved Vendors:
• Building and Maintenance
• Scavenger Services
• Nursing Supplies
• Bus Transportation
• Uniforms
• Promotional Items
Text (“Educational”) Books
Trade Books
Cafeteria and Vending Services
Newspaper Advertising
Computers and Printers
Scientific Supplies
Consortium Vendors
The U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance
Illinois Community College System Procurement Consortium (“ICCSPC”)
Illinois Higher Public Education Cooperative (IPHEC) –
Educational and Institutional Cooperative Purchasing (E & I)
National IPA
Items available to purchase include:
– Maintenance /Janitorial Supplies
– Office Supplies
– Office Furniture
– Scientific Equipment
– Medical Supplies
A listing of District-wide general use Board Approved Vendors is posted on the CCC website
under District Office Procurement.
Formal Bid Procedures
• Requesting Departments must prepare a detailed description of the
goods or services to be procured.
• The detailed description should be sent to the District Director of
Procurement Services via [email protected] for review
and preparation.
• Once assigned to a Buyer, the requesting department is notified
and a draft document is forwarded for review and approval.
• Per State Law, formal bids are to be advertised for a minimum of 10
• Requesting Departments should PLAN in advance for formal bids.
Formal Bid Participants/Roles
• User Department – The User Department is responsible for the preparing an
accurate and complete scope of services for the solicitation, serving on the
Evaluation Committee, preparing the final recommendation for vendor selection,
and preparing the Board report for review and approval by the Board of Trustees.
• Procurement Services Buyer – Facilitates the bidding process. Prepares the
bid document from the scope provided by the user department.
• District Director of Procurement Services – Oversees the timely
completion of the process.
• Risk Management – Provides the appropriate insurance language for the bid
• M/WBE Compliance – Reviews the submitted proposals for a commitment to
adhere to our board approved compliance plan.
• Chief Procurement Officer – Approves the selection of the recommended
Formal Bid Timeline
Request for Proposal (“RFP”):
• At a minimum, one month to
draft and advertise RFP, and
complete the Pre-bid conference.
• Two weeks for proposal
evaluation process.
• Two weeks if oral presentations
are needed.
• Two months for Board Approval
• Total of two and half - three
months to plan and complete
request for services.
• An additional 21 days, at
minimum, for contract
preparation and execution after
board approval is obtained.
Sealed Bids (Goods only):
• At a minimum, one month to draft
and advertise Specifications.
• Two months for Board Approval
• Total of three months to plan
and complete requests for
goods, products, or equipment.
Sole Source Purchases
• Definition - item(s) procurable only from a single/one
source (i.e., manufacturer, authorized dealer/distributor,
own patent or copyrights).
• All Sole Source purchase requests will be reviewed on a
case by case basis, that may include issuance of a formal
bid solicitation to verify there is no competition.
• User must provide justification and demonstrate due
diligence for Sole Source Request i.e., if the vendor owns
the copyright or patent, the supporting documentation
needs to be attached.
• All Sole Source purchases over $25,000 requires Board
Resources for Assistance
1. Local Campus Executive Director of Business Operations
2. District Office Department Business Manager/Designee
3. Procurement Services Staff
Check out Procurement Services department webpage for additional
resource information.
4. Accounts Payable Analyst
Check out Accounts Payable on the employee portal for additional
resource information.
5. General Counsel Office staff
Check out the General Counsel Office on the employee portal for
additional resource information.
• Presented by:
• Office of the General Counsel
• Relevant Board Meeting Agenda Items
• When Is It Necessary to Receive Board
• Drafting Board Reports and
Resolutions/Board Report Format
• Board Report Submission Deadlines
• Questions
Board Meeting
Preparation Process
– Board Meeting Preparation Process applies
to the entire District – Colleges and District
– District Personnel responsible for
submitting/drafting Board Items and
Executive Directors are key to ensuring the
board meeting preparation process is
Board Meeting Agenda Items
Resource Development
Monthly Summaries
When Is It Necessary To Receive
Board Approval?
– Intergovernmental Agreements
– Board, Academic and Student Policy
– New Curriculum/Programs Requiring ICCB
– New Initiatives (i.e. New Facility)
– Ceremonial Actions
When Is It Necessary To Receive
Board Approval?
– New Hires/Appointments
– Leaves of Absence
– Changes in Salary and Title
– Separations
– Special Assignments
– Amendments to Previously Submitted Personnel
When Is It Necessary To Receive
Board Approval?
– New Hires/Appointments
– Leaves of Absence
– Changes in Salary and Title
– Separations
– Special Assignments
– Amendments to Previously Submitted Personnel
When Is It Necessary To Receive
Board Approval?
– Grants
– Donations (Cash Value and In-Kind)
– Contract or Purchase Order over $25,000
– Contract or Purchase Order to Vendor who has
been paid over $25,000 in current fiscal year
When Is It Necessary To Receive
Board Approval?
– Informational Only - Approved and Placed on File
with Board
– Short Term Facility Use Agreements – Update
Payment Status Throughout the Month
– Training Agreements – Report to the Office of the
General Counsel Each Month
Drafting Resolutions
• Standardized Format
• “Whereas…” Statements
– Briefly identify issue
– Advise of timeliness or urgency of issue
– Explain effect of issue on City Colleges of Chicago
– Indicate if Action is contrary to or will revise policy
• Resolve Statements
– Board Action Statement
Drafting Board Reports
√ Recommendation section is first
√ Recommendation section summarizes Agreement,
Purchase, etc. and explains term and cost
√ Name and Address of Vendor/Contractor
√ Scope of Services/Deliverables
√ Benefit to City Colleges of Chicago
√ Competitive Bidding details
√ Selection Criteria
√ M/WBE compliance
MWBE Contract Compliance
Board Report documentation required:
• Completed Schedule A from the firm, and Schedule C for each
MBE and WBE subcontractor
• Copy of MWBE certification letter(s) from one of the 11
agencies recognized by City Colleges
• If the board report is a renewal, completed MWBE Payment
forms to verify MWBE compliance
• If there is no MWBE participation (Direct or Indirect), firm
must request a waiver in writing on their letterhead, with
justification of the waiver, e.g. searched MWBE databases and
no MWBE firms were listed; sole source; no subcontracting
Best Practices for Board Agenda Items
Keep in Mind Your Audience
Obtain Board Approval Early
Submit All Supporting Documentation with Board Report
Follow Format Standards
Use Visual Aids
Use Terms and Phrases Consistently
Verify All Financials
Proofread Your Document!
Refer to Board Meeting Preparation Handbook
Board Report Submission Deadlines
• Drafts of all Resolutions and Board Reports for
Agreements and Purchases along with all
supporting documentation must be submitted
no later than 5:00 p.m. on the last day of the
month 2 months prior to the month of the
Board Meeting.
Board Report Submission Deadlines
• Final Personnel Reports, Resource
Development Reports, Committee
Reports/Minutes, Monthly Summaries and all
other agenda items must be submitted via
email no later than the 2nd Thursday of each
month by 5:00 p.m.
Late Submission of Agenda Items
• General Rule: No Late Submissions
of Agenda Items. Deadlines will be
strictly enforced.
Late Submission of Agenda Items
• An Exception may be granted under the following
– At least 3 days before the deadline, submit to
Chancellor, a request for late submission; and
– Explain reason for late submission; and
– Explain whether there will be significant
programmatic or business impact if the item is
not on the agenda.
– The Board Office and the OGC will not accept
late board reports without the approval of the
Meetings To Prepare For
Board Meeting
All District Vice Chancellors, Other District Administrators
At least 3 weeks before the Board Meeting
• At least 2 weeks before the Board Meeting
• At least 10 days before Board Meeting
After The Board Meeting
• Once a Resolution or Board Report is approved
by the Board and involves a contract, agreement
or purchase order:
– Submit all contract request forms to the Office of
General Counsel within 10 days of Board Approval.
– Submit all necessary information to the Office of
Administrative and Procurement Services to finalize
completion of any purchase order.
Requesting Contract Review
from the
Office of the General Counsel
Types of Agreements
• Professional Services Agreement
(when fee ≥ $1000)
• Training Agreement
• Subcontractor (Training) Agreement
• Software License
• Facilities Use Permit
• Internship Agreement/Clinical Agreement
• Memorandum of Understanding
Contract Request Process
Contract Request Form
Board Reports
Independent Contractors
Facilities Use Agreements
Contract Execution – Signature
Contract Request Process
Contract Request Form > Faculty & Staff > Employee Portal > General Counsel >
Contract Request Form_Independent Contractor Request
Combines 2 forms:
1. Request for Contract
2. Request for Work by Independent Contractor
Not to be used for facilities use permits.
Contract Request Form
• CCC Personnel requesting the contract
• Information re: Other Party
• Essential Terms of the Contract:
– Term
– Monetary Value
– Scope of services Should be as DETAILED as possible!
Board Report
Special Requirements if contracting with an individual
Funding Information
Minimum of 21 days for processing and legal review
Scope of Services
• Give me the boring details. How, what, when,
where, how much.
• What did you and the other party agree to
during negotiations?
• Examples (see handout)
Board Reports & the Contract Request
When do I need to have an approved
Board Report?
• Contracts with a value over $25,000
• Contracts with a vendor who will receive
over $25,000 in a fiscal year via multiple
• Intergovernmental agreements
• Grants
Board Reports & the Contract Request
When do I submit my Request for Contract?
• Board Report must be approved by the Board
prior to submission of Request for Contract.
• Request for Contract must be submitted
within 10 days of Board approval.
Independent Contractors
• IRS 20 Factors and 3 Categories of Control (to be
submitted to the OGC)
• Other Proof that individual is self-employed may
be required later for inspection (but do not
submit these to the OGC
• Vetting by Human Resources (IC section on form
is to be signed by Human Resources ONLY)
Contract Pre-approval
Signatures Required for Each Contract Request:
1. College President/District Office Department
2. Vice Chancellor
3. Executive Director of Business
4. If not already approved by the Board, request
must be approved by the Chancellor or
Chancellor’s designee (Laurent Pernot)
Facilities Use Agreements
• Separate Request Form
• Vice Chancellor of Administrative and
Procurement Services must approve every
request for the rental of CCC facilities.
Summary of Contract Request Steps
• Contract Request Form
– HR approval of Independent Contractor
– President/Dept. Head & VC & ED signatures
– Approval by Chancellor
• Submit Request Form, Approved Board
Report, Contract, Exhibits & Attachments to
• Review by attorney, approval by General
• Signatures (Execution)
Contract Signature Authority
College President
$5,001 - $25,000
> $25,000
Chairman of the Board
Signature Authority
• Remember to obtain the signature of the
other party on all 3 originals.
• Return a fully executed original to the Office
of the General Counsel.
Office of Finance
Accounts Payable Services
Accounts Payable Services
• Processes invoices and disburses all vendor payments
• Help ensure internal payment policy and external
regulations are being followed
• Final reviewer and Approver for all City Colleges payment
requests, including travel and reimbursement
• Processes stop payments, voids and reissue’s payments, as
• Provide A/P policy and procedure training
• IRS 1099 reporting
Campus/Department Goods and Service Invoices Payment Process Overview
• College/Department procuring good or service requires; A valid purchase order number dated prior to date the goods
are received or services rendered.
• College Dock/Department must verify that the goods purchased are examined, inspected (tagged when applicable) and
entered into the PS system within 24 hours of delivery. The packing slips or bill of lading that was delivered with the
tangible item should be attached electronically (PDF) to the receipt in the PS system.
• College/Department must perform the following for all invoices: review, cross-reference the invoice and verify that the
goods/services have been received, services rendered or vendor has met the contractual scope of service and pricing
before receiving in the PS system.
• The combined Professional Service/Independent Contractor Agreement Form must be submitted for services under
• The PS receipt must include an attached copy of a fully executed agreement for services greater than $1,000 and any
supporting documents that are required for payment such as packing slips, Bid/Cost Estimate form, printed School
Dudes Report, time-sheets, etc.
• Original invoice which includes vendor name, date of purchase, goods/services itemized with exact dollar amounts (e.g.
quantity price and extended price and total).
• Late invoice for Goods/Services requires a detail explanation signed by an immediate supervisor for all invoices that are
not submitted timely (30 days or less from the invoice date and/or date specified in their contract). For example:
• e.g. The invoice is dated 08/15/2012 payment terms net 60 due by 09/14/2012 and;
• the A/P department does not receive a request for payment until 10/12/2012. Please note the invoice is 21 days past
• Regardless of payment terms, invoices are to be submitted promptly (e.g. within a week of receipt) to insure prompt
payment. Any disputes should also be resolved immediately with vendor and any outstanding issues should be
reported to A/P on a weekly basis via an email.
• All invoices are to be routed to A/P for processing and attached to an A/P Mail log which has been reviewed, approved
and signed by the Executive Directors/DO Managers or designees authorizing the payment.
A/P Goods and Service Invoices Payment Process Overview
• The following process is followed for vendors that directly submit invoices to AP for processing: Note: A valid purchase order
number dated prior to date the goods are received or services rendered.
• Original invoice must include vendor name, date of purchase, goods/services itemized with exact dollar amounts (e.g.
quantity, price and extended price and total).
• Electronic—All invoices are reviewed and sorted by business units and placed in each respective A/P Account Analyst
departmental email in-box for further voucher processing.
• Mailed—All invoices are stamped upon receipt, scanned and placed in the respective Account Analyst departmental email inboxes for further voucher processing.
• A/P enters all itemized lines into the PS system which matches purchase order(s) and/or receiver(s), where applicable.
• All annual goods and service invoices are processed and placed on hold until an email authorization notification that includes
a PS receipt number is sent to the A/P Dept. email address [email protected] to release voucher for vendor
• The match and budget exception reports are generated weekly, on Friday’s, for all system related discrepancies/issues and
forwarded to each respective Business Office/Department to be resolved before the following Friday.
A/P Vendor Payment Check List
A/P check list provides guidance before submitting
your invoices, travel and reimbursement requests
to management or vendor payment.
– Please review the A/P Vendor Payment Check List
– This handout can be found on the employee portal.
Invoice Payment Timeline
Business Services Office/District Departments
Review and verify Vendor Invoices, Travel and Reimbursement Requests before processing or
submitting to A/P for payment processing:
― Verify timely submission of reimbursement request (within 15 day from purchase); only one
exception to the 15 day requirement will be allowed.
― Verify that all proper forms/documentation and reasons for purchase;
― Verify mathematical accuracy;
― Verify original receipts with proof of payment;
― Verify expense account(s) associated with all cash advances and determine if any funds should be
returned from the cash advance received;
― Verify if all expenditures (i.e., travel, agency purchases) that require pre-approval signatures have
been obtained;
― Verify that the Reimbursement Form has been properly signed by all parties;
― Verify proper allocation of expense according to budget procedures and to the proper budget
account string;
Please be advised it is the responsibility of the Supervisor or Manager (first-line Approver) to
ensure that an Employee's Expense Reimbursement Form and Vendor Invoice requests are
complete and that adequate documentation has been provided to substantiate the expense.
The Reimbursement Expense requests will be returned to the Supervisor or Manager (firstline Approver) if not complete, as noted in the policy.
Invoice Payment Timeline
Finance Accounts Payable Services
Invoices are processed for payment within five business days of receipt from Colleges and District
Office, however any missing documentation /support will impede this timeline.
Checks are issued weekly based on either vendor contract terms or CCC vendor payment terms, as
US Bank Payment Plus Virtual Card program –15 days or less
ACH (Automatic Clearing House) – net 45 days
Checks – 60 days
Reimbursements – Due now
Emergency payments are processed upon receipt of written approved request.
Immediate payment requests are processed within 24 hours if received by 11:30 a.m. each day.
• Please note there is a $50 charge for each off-cycle A/P Quick Check requests.
Invoice payment requests received after 3:00 p.m. are considered next business day requests.
A/P checks (vendor, agency and foundation) are processed and disbursed to vendors from Ohio by
JP Morgan Chase via the United States Postal Service.
The Travel Conference Leave Pre-Approval Process Part I
Complete part I of the Travel Conference leave form found on the employee portal at
( ) and have it properly approved for all travel expenses
including prepaid expenses which include registration fees, and airline/transportation costs.
Supporting documentation, such as quotes must be submitted with the form at least 30 days prior to
scheduled date of attendance or the early registration deadline.
Include an official announcement , agenda or invitation to the conference, seminar or training.
Registration Fees –CCC pays the early registration rate for any conference, seminar or training;
therefore early submission of the form and supporting documentation is necessary to avoid
missing the early registration cut off date.
Hotels – Are a reimbursable expense for employees. When making reservations, request
government rates and compare these rates to the conference rates prior to making hotel
reservations. Every effort should be made to obtain the lowest possible rate.
Car Rental - requires prior approval on the conference leave form and an explanation to
substantiate the expense.
Meal Allowance and Incidentals – Must be estimated using the US General Services
Administration website . These rates are based on
the destination city.
First and last day of travel is to be calculated at 75% of per diem rate
Per diem rates include incidentals (e.g., tips for meals and bellman)
Any meals provided as part of a conference should not be included as part of the
meal expense request; therefore the daily rate should be lowered to exclude these
meals since CCC would not be reimbursing the traveler. The GSA website, noted
above, breaks down the per diem and incidentals for each rate for your
Travel Conference Leave Reimbursements
Process Part II
Part II: Supporting documents that should be included are:
– Actual Travel Expense Form must include all original receipts pertaining to travel. President or
Vice Chancellor must re-Approve if the total dollars request is in excess of 10% or $100
whichever is less and/or when an expense was not included and approved with the original
estimated cost cited on Part I of Travel Conference Leave Form
– Chart Mileage using MAP Quest. A printed copy of all mileage is to accompany all submitted
documentation for reimbursement. (Current 2013 Mileage Rate: $0.565 per mile as of January
14, 2013)
– Conference, Seminar or Training itinerary or agenda is a requirement to support
reimbursement expense
– All original detailed itemized receipts, which include vendor name, date of purchase,
individual items, itemized with exact dollar amounts are required for reimbursement—no
copies (Please note meals within the 50-mile Chicago Metropolitan Area and/or one day
travel is unallowable expenditure)
Required Pre-Authorized Signatures for all Travel
& Reimbursement Expense Requests
Supervisor/Manager, Dean/Dept Head, Executive
Director/Business Manager, President and the respective
programmatic Vice Chancellor
Faculty and 1600
Supervisor and/or Dean, Executive Director/Business Manager,
President, the Chairperson of the College-Union Committee and
respective programmatic Vice Chancellor
Club President, Club Treasurer, Dean, Executive
Director/Business Manager, Associate Vice Chancellor of
Student Affairs
Vice President/Associate Vice Executive Director/Business Manager, President and/or
respective programmatic Vice Chancellor
Provost, Executive Director/Business Manager and Finance
Vice Chancellor
Chancellor/Designee, DO Business Manger, Finance CFO
Chairperson of the Board and/or Designee
Reimbursement Requests for Public Transportation and NonPurchase Order Related Expenditures
Meals for In-District Travel up to 50 miles and/or one day travel is an unallowable expenditure
All original receipts, which include vendor name, date of purchase, individual items, itemized with exact
dollar amounts are required for reimbursement — no copies
Submit the Employee or the Non-Employee Reimbursement Expense Form within 15 days of last date of
travel to your Home Business Service Office/Department.
Miscellaneous expense’s will be reimbursed for items under $100 with an original receipt(s) and
requires only immediate Supervisor & Executive Director/Business Manager approval; over $100
requires additional signatures of the President and the programmatic Vice-Chancellor
Must provide a reason and purpose for the purchase
Please note: These expense’s require prior Approval by immediate Manager and/or Dean.
The Employee Reimbursement Expense Form must include all Appropriate signatures to be processed:
(see Approval matrix slide 7)
All Travel & Reimbursement Expenses
Canceled checks or Credit Card Statements
The front and back of the canceled check or credit card statement, together with a bill from a payee,
ordinarily establishes cost
• However, a canceled check or a credit card statement by itself does not prove a business
expense without other evidence to show that it was for a business purpose
Missing Receipts and supporting documentation
Affidavits must accompany a written explanation and signed by the employee stating the reason the
original is unavailable
There is a limit of 1 per fiscal year
Travel & Reimbursement Policy Agreement
Employee Reimbursement Acknowledgement Agreement must be completed on-line. The link is
located on the Districts HR website. Reimbursement Agreement is required only once until the
policy is changed. (Please note if this form is not completed your reimbursement request will be
Local Mileage Reimbursement Policy Overview
Key components of this policy include the following:
The preferred method of local travel for CCC employees should be public transportation; however, it is recognized that
there are times when this mode of transportation may not be feasible due to location, timing, equipment/materials,
and/or security reasons.
Timely completion of the monthly Local Mileage Reimbursement form; as well as supporting documentation is to be
submitted within 10 days of the last day of month end travel.
Annual acknowledgement form certifying the employee has read and understands the policy that must include
prior authorization by manager for the employee to use personal vehicle while performing district business.
Annual Certification of Driver’s License and Automobile Liability Coverage form.
Valid IL driver’s license, vehicle registration and current city sticker for FT employees.
Certification of the following:
– Seat belt used
– Cell phone usage is via “hands free” device
– No debt owed to the City of Chicago
– No more than 3 moving violations in the last 3 years or DUI’s in the last 5 years
– Attach MAP Quest/Google maps
– Unallowable mileage restrictions
» Less than 2 miles per segment
» No more than 50 miles per day or accumulative 1,000 per month
– Timely and accurate submission and approval requirements.
– Reimbursement of parking fees is limited to $25 for each segment of travel with a maximum of 2-two
segments per day.
A/P Travel Matrix
In District-up to 50
miles from home
Not allowed
Procedures to follow
Out-of-District- over 50 miles from
home campus
Procedures to follow
Reimbursement for single room
only (No room movies, mini bar,
From home campus to
location site.
Reimbursable at current
IRS rate: $0.565 per
mile is effective
January 14, 2013.
Chart Mileage using
Map Quest or other
similar internet sites.
Print a copy of mileage
calculation and include
with documentation
submitted to Business
Office for
From home campus to conference
site. Reimbursable at current IRS
rate: $0.565 per mile is effective
January 14, 2013.
New process City Colleges Employee is now
required & responsible to secure and pay for hotel
using the time line established for Pre-Authorized
Travel. Retain original itemized hotel receipt and
include Pre-Authorized Travel Request Form.
Reimbursement Request must be submitted within
15 days from the last day of travel.
Chart Mileage using Map Quest or other similar
internet sites. Print a copy of mileage calculation and
include with documentation submitted to Business
Office for Reimbursement. Include Travel and/or
Expense Report Form when required. (Please note
Allowed only to staff
that has authority to
approve an expense. If
allowable per the
Reimbursement Policy.
Not Allowed unless
included in conference
List names of
individuals and reason
for the meeting. Retain
all original itemized
Allowed only to staff who has
authority to approve an expense
List names of individuals and reason for the meeting.
Retain all original itemized receipts. Include Travel
and/or Expense Report Form when required.
Retain all original detailed itemized receipts for
reimbursement. Include Travel and/or Expense
Report Form when required. Please note for one
day travel meals are an unallowable expense.
Air Fare
Not Allowed
Car Rental
Generally Not Allowed
Retain all original
itemized receipts for
Meals per diem limits are meal
amounts vary from place to place
unless included in conference fee.
For the Meals Allowance go to
Lowest Rate (non-stop/economy
only). Rates other than economy
require Chancellor’s approval.
Related Meals
Meals Per
when traveling over 100 hundred miles cost
assessment is required to validate that the
chosen mode of transportation is the most cost
efficient than bus, train, or plane. (Must
provide proof))
Prior approval required
Submit conference packet to travel coordinator 20
days prior to travel date. Include Travel and/or
Expense Report Form when required.
Retain all original itemized receipts for
reimbursement. Include Travel and/or Expense
Report Form when required.
Retain all original itemized receipts for
reimbursement. Include Travel and/or Expense
Report Form when required.
Tips for Travel
Is the expense necessary and reasonable?
For every purchase determine if the purchase is necessary to your position and department. Is so, is the price
reasonable? Would you pay this price on your own for this purchase?
Reimbursable Expenses
Charges to/from the airport; meals in transit snacks and desserts (includes coffee/water) are part of the per
diem rate; car rental when applicable requires an additional pre-approved signature from the President/Vice
Chancellor Part I of the conference leave form.
Travel within One day
Polices for one day conferences differ considerably from longer trips. If traveling to meetings over 50 mile
radius the Travel Conference Leave form is required. If traveling less or within a 50 miles radius please use the
Local Mileage Travel Expense form to request reimbursement.
Receipts, receipts, receipts!
An original detailed itemized receipt is required for all reimbursements
Lost receipts: You are allowed only one (1) per fiscal year with an affidavit and copy of your credit statement to
provide proof of payment.
Group meal: Please obtain individual receipts for reimbursement. Tips paid in conjunction with meals are
included in the meal allowance and cannot be claimed separately.
Accounts Payable Services Personnel
Cherrise Harper
A/P Manager
(312) 553-2818
China Bouldin
Associate Director of
Business Services
(312) 553-2819
Marilyn Sullivan
A/P Coordinator
(312) 553-2821
Dawn Cunningham
Account Analyst
(312) 553-2535
Nate Imoniruwe
A/P Travel Coordinator
(312) 553-2942
Yolanda Canales
Account Analyst
(312) 553-3425
Velina Walker
(312) 553-3318
Sandra Moses
Account Analyst II
(312) 553-2814
Procurement Services Key Personnel
Diane Minor
Vice Chancellor , Administrative and Procurement Services
(312) 553-2636
Sheila R. Johnson
District Director of Procurement Services
(312) 553-3336
Sherri Hutcherson
Senior Buyer II
(312) 553-2509
Stephanie Lewis
Senior Buyer
(312) 553-2591
Marietta Williams
Senior Buyer I
(312) 553-3331
Keisha Patterson
Staff Assistant
(312) 553-3355
Kimberly Sangster
Chief Procurement Officer
(312) 553-3294
Debra King
Procurement Support Staff
(312) 553-2621
John Mc Garry
Senior Buyer
(312) 553-3466
Marcus Roebuck
Contract Compliance Officer I
(312) 553-3366
Ralph Passarelli
Director of Risk Management
(312) 553-3276
Procurement Services E-mail
[email protected]
Resources for Assistance
1. Local Campus Executive Director of Business Operations
2. District Office Department Business Manager/Designee
3. Procurement Services Staff
Check out Procurement Services department webpage for additional
resource information.
4. Accounts Payable Analyst
Check out Accounts Payable on the employee portal for additional
resource information.
5. General Counsel Office staff
Check out the General Counsel Office on the employee portal for
additional resource information.
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