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PASFAA Conference session; 10/14/2014
Ben Brudnock, EFS Market Relationship Manager for Western PA
Heather Vincent, EFS Market Relationship Manager for Central & Eastern PA
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What we’ll cover today
Always available at wellsfargo.com/student
Wells Fargo focus is on advice and guidance as the platform for
building relationships with our customers.
Wells Fargo provides first rate, free educational resources for
colleges, high schools, community based organizations (CBO) and our
customers. Our focus is on helping students and parents make
informed decisions about a college education.
Preparing for college
Paying for college
Money management
Major sponsorships and community investment
Preparing for college
CollegeSTEPS® program
Wells Fargo’s CollegeSTEPS® program provides college planning and money
management tips for high school and college students as well as their parents
and families.
Receive newsletters and emails
tailored to the student’s specific year
in school to help stay on track and
students will automatically be
entered in the sweepstakes.
Since 1998, Wells Fargo has
awarded more than $1
million to students through
its CollegeSTEPS
sweepstakes and will award
an additional 160 $1,000 cash
prizes during the 2014/2015
academic year.
CollegeSTEPS Program
Who can sign up?
 High school students
 Parents of high school students
 College students
 Parents of college students
 Guidance counselors
Sign up for
email with
emails covering
topics relevant to
students year in
Students are automatically entered into sweepstakes upon signing themselves
up for the program.
CollegeSTEPS Program
• We award a total of 160 - $1000 scholarships each year to those enrolled in
the CollegeSteps program– 80 to high school students and 80 to current
college students.
• We have a magazine and brochure that provide helpful information about the
program and details about the sweepstakes.
CollegeSTEPS magazine
Provides students and parents
with articles, tips, and
resources for college planning
and money management.
CollegeSTEPS flyer and brochure
Provides information about the CollegeSTEPS program and
informs students about the sweepstakes.
Sign up at wellsfargo.com/collegesteps
Sample emails with mobile
friendly designs
Get the information you’re looking for, on the go! With
our mobile friendly emails, you can access the
information you need when it’s convenient for you.
Planning for College Guide
• Walks students through the
college planning process and
provides a place where students
can keep track of important
• Provides information such as:
 Month-by-month college planning
 Choosing a College
 Applying for scholarships
 Completing the FAFSA
 Earning Money for College
Student LoanDown Blog
• A place for students and
families to check out
conversations focused on
the college experience.
• We cover a variety of
topics, from campus tours
and applying for college to
making the most of your
time at school – including
how to financing it.
• Our bloggers even share
some of their own college
planning experiences to
let you know what they’ve
learned along the way.
Wells Fargo Community
An open forum for students and families to have their college questions
answered, while providing helpful information to others. By asking questions,
sharing knowledge, and learning from the community – we’ll journey through
your education planning adventure together.
Paying for College
Tuition Funding Sources
• Free scholarship search
 Over 7 million scholarships
totaling more than $41B
 Local and national scholarship
 Scholarships matched to your
personal profile
• Financial aid information
• Student loan resources
• Career aptitude test
• Career planning information
Your Financial Aid Journey in Five Steps
• An easy-to-follow guide,
available in English and
Spanish, which navigates
parents and students
through the financial aid
process in five simple
steps — starting with
completing the Free
Application for Federal
Student Aid (FAFSA).
Your Financial Aid Journey in 5 steps
online videos
Wells Fargo has developed a fun, lively video series to help students
and families navigate through the financial aid process.
• Mr. Fellows, your wiser college
advisor, walks you through each
of the five steps
• Videos will help you be more
informed about the financial aid
• Allows you to go through the
videos at your own pace
Money management for
students and adults
Hands on Banking Program
 Free non-commercial
 Interactive financial videos
 Instructional guides for
 Presentations, handouts,
worksheets, quizzes
 Modules for kids, young
adults, military, seniors and
Managing Your Money
Hands on Banking
Managing Your Money
Smarter credit videos
 Understanding Credit
 The 4 C’s of credit
– www.wellsfargo.com/smarter_credit/videos
 Establishing Credit
 Protecting credit from identity theft
Financially Successful Students
Ideas for using our resources
 Admissions and prospective student events
 Orientations events
 High school outreach
 Financial aid nights
 Links on websites
 Scholarship webpage
 Career offices on campus
 Loop videos on monitors in Financial Aid area
Major sponsorships
and community
Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF)
 Since 2003, Wells Fargo has provided $13.2
million in support some of which has gone
directly to HSF scholarships supporting over
1,000 students.
First Generation Go College! Tour
Backstory: First Generation tells the story of four low-income students
who set out to break the cycle of poverty and bring hope to their families
and communities by pursuing a college education. Shot over the course of
three years, this award winning documentary explores the challenges
these families face and demonstrates how their success has major
implications for the future of our nation.
First Generation Go College! Tour
Go College! was created to help shrink the higher education gap amongst first generation
college-bound students, minorities and underserved youth through the inspirational stories
captured in First Generation. The screenings will also include a panel discussion with the
documentary film makers, education leaders, and college financial planning experts.
First Generation Go College! Tour
First Generation Go College! tour stops:
• Los Angeles
March 2014
• Las Vegas
April 2014
• Phoenix
April 2014
• Oakland
April 2014
• Washington, DC
May 2014
• Atlanta
September 2014
• Minneapolis
October 2014
• Dallas
October 2014
• Houston
November 2014
• Miami
December 2014
Join the conversation on social
media using #GoCollege and
Thank you for attending.
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