Jake Spillers Racing 2011 Sponsorship Proposal

2011 U.S. Legend Cars
Sponsorship Proposal
Table of Contents
Driver Biography
Team History
The Car
Benefits of Sponsorship
Television Exposure
Sponsorship Programs
Sponsorship Logo Placement
Sponsorship Car Design
Contact Information
Jake Spillers Biography
Driver No. : 46
Car: INEX Legend Car; 1937 Ford Sedan
Birthday: April 4, 1996
Born in: Naples, FL
Currently Living: Holly Springs, NC
Jake Spillers is known as a knowledgeable, friendly, hard working and
determined person. He is a focused leader and honors student at Holly
Springs High School where he enjoys math, science and sports including
biking, skiing, travel soccer, and cross country. Jake is one of the most
determined, fastest and upcoming drivers in motorsports you will ever
meet. And his goal is to be a future driver in the NASCAR Sprint Cup
Jake started his racing career at six years old, living in Ashburnham
Massachusetts, and ever since he’s been hooked. Starting in go-karts, he
won several races. In 2007, Jake then moved to minicup racing in the
Seekonk Youth Racing Association (SYRA) 600 division at Seekonk
Speedway. In his first year in minicups Jake did very well with one win and
a 2nd place finish at the prestigious DAV Memorial Fall Classic. By the
second year, at age 12, he blew the field away repeatedly scoring victories.
He won a feature at Seekonk, two at Hudson Speedway, and placed in the
top three every race with 15+ competitors. Furthermore, he proudly won
the 2008 championship in his second year of racing minicups setting the
record for the youngest to win the SYRA 600 Championship, at just 12
years old!
Jake Spillers Biography Cont.
Jake began his third year in Minicup racing for Mercure
Motorsports in the SYRA 750 division, against drivers up to 18 years old.
He had another outstanding year winning twice at Seekonk and adding two
victories at Hudson Speedway. Jake worked hard on his car, determined to
win every time. Through suffering a couple wrecks, Jake managed to keep
his car running with no “DNF”s throughout the 2009 SYRA 750 season,
resulting in winning the championship! It was his second year in a row as a
division champ, breaking more Seekonk Speedway records. Jake is not
only the youngest and first to win the 600 and 750 championships back to
back but also, the youngest to win the SYRA 750 championship.
In 2010, Jake had his eyes set on the Legends division. Starting
out he competed on both Wednesday and Saturday evenings at the
Waterford Speedbowl in Connecticut. After 12 races Jake was 6th in points
and currently was in position for rookie of the year. In August, Jake and his
family moved to the racing capitol of the country, North Carolina. Here,
Jake is racing up and down the east coast at several different tracks, but
mainly staying local in NC. Jake Spillers Racing currently has Kyle Beattie
Racing managing and setting up our cars. At each event Jake races in front
of hundreds to thousands of people, also having television appearances on
“SPEED Channel”. As a 14 year old driver, it is our hope that Jake will gain
the valuable experience he needs for us to continue to be successful and
grow our race team. And as we strive for these things, we need to partner
with other businesses to ensure that we have the best chance to win every
Info about Kyle Beattie Racing
Beattie Racing, Inc. is well known for its team spirit and
family atmosphere. If you ever need to find someone from
Beattie Racing, look for our shirts in the pits! Customers are
not just customers, but more like family to Kyle. He makes
his rounds, sometimes going to four different tracks in a
weekend, making sure the drivers are taken care of. KBR
has two traveling teams where Kyle or long time crew chief,
Neal Cantor, will always be present at the track. Both Kyle
and Neal have more than 10 years of race experience.
Kyle Beattie Racing
At Beattie Racing we are a full service
race shop and we are known for our set up
and maintenance business. We have a fully
stocked parts inventory and carry most
Legends parts to the track. We have a full
fabrication shop and can handle any of your
chassis repair needs, including clips. At
KBR we do all of our body work in house.
We have a state of the art paint booth and
sanding station, as well as years of paint
experience to handle all of your paint and
body needs. Through the years we have
added tire cutting, custom rear ends, front
clips, race car transportation and trackside
support. We have years of driving
experience and multiple championships
throughout our staff and we offer on and off
track driver training and coaching. We have
a touring Legends team and ASA Super Late
model team. We also offer complete
Summer Shootout programs for Legends.
So at KBR, we will better your racing
operation. From clips to tires to the
complete package...we have you covered.
for more info on Kyle
and KBR Services.
Legend Cars
Legends Cars have become one of
the fastest growing segments of
motorsports today. With drivers being
classified into four different divisions,
Legends Cars is THE racing
opportunity that is available to
anyone! The Pro Division is for the
experienced drivers. The Masters
Division features drivers 40 years
and older. The Semi-Pro Division is
the novice class, featuring the drivers
that are new to the sport or have
been inactive in other forms of racing
for a while. Then there is the Young
Lions Division which is designated
for the drivers between the ages of
12 and 16. Since the car stays the
same from division to division, it is
the driver that makes the difference!
Wheelbase: 73.00"
Overall Width : 60.00"
Overall Length: 10' 6"
Height: 46"
Engine: Yamaha 1250cc (sealed)
Horsepower: 122 HP
Weight: 1300 lbs. with driver
Tires: Federal SS595 INEX Edition
Wheels: Width:7" / Diameter: 13"
Suspension: Coil Over With Bilstein
Frame: Full Tubeframe With Integral
Harness: Five-Point
Visit www.uslegendcars.com for more info.
Benefits of Sponsorship
Allow you to get in at the ground level with a talented young driver where you
will earn maximum exposure for your brand/company
Strong company presence
Sustain your business’ success and growth using one of the fastest growing
methods of advertising
Will allow you a one of a kind marketing program that will put you ahead of
your competition
Great starting position for a young or developing company who wish to get
their name out to the public fast and effective, using a New Product Campaign
Grants you a positive long lasting customer base using your unique
sponsorship opportunity
Race fans are more likely than any other sports fan to link with their drivers
sponsor and have a tendency to only purchase that companies products
Become part of our team, and racing family, as well as part of our unique
rolling billboard, that will give you, your clients, employees and fans a positive
and exciting impact in today’s hottest spectator sport
Car, driver, and team appearances'
National Television, Radio and print exposure
Customer and employee entertainment/incentive programs
Diversified marketing efforts in one of the most profitable markets
Brand awareness, sales promotions, and display advertising
Sponsorship becomes a long-term investment
Additional Benefits
Jake Spillers Racing has a proven track record of success.
Many public address announcements at the Speedway including victory lane
interviews and in-race reports on the team.
As Jake develops a fan base, this marketable young man will encourage fans
to buy from the brands that he proudly represents, generating a loyalty to
those companies that support him.
You will receive prominent decal placement on our race car, our website, and
our trailer, which travels throughout the southeast weekly, passing many other
vehicles on heavily traveled roads.
Become involved in the sport of auto racing, and gain access to our team’s
garage as well as to our pit stall at the Speedway.
Arrange for you and/or your employees to come down to the racetrack in
support of us as part of your sponsorship.
We are happy to make promotional appearances at your place of business so
people can see how you are not only active in the local community, but with a
young man who strives to be the best that he can on the race track, in the
classroom and in his home.
The number one reason for you to become involved with our team is because
it is inexpensive advertising.
Can assure that there is not another opportunity out there that would get you
as much exposure for as low a price.
Media Exposure
U.S. Legend Cars major events such as the “Legends Million” will be aired on
SPEED Channel.
2011 Broadcast Schedule TBA
SPEED Channel, the nation's fastest growing sports cable network, is the first and
only 24-hour cable network devoted exclusively to motor sports and the human
fascination for speed. Currently seen in more than 57.1 million U.S. homes and 4.5
million more in Canada, SPEED Channel was acquired by Fox Cable Networks
Group in July 2001.
Speed Channel also advertises multiple adds for “U.S. Legend Cars”.
On the Web
Popular racing site, www.legendsnation.com offers interviews, race summaries,
videos, and live race broadcasts for “U.S. Legend Cars” racing events.
Sponsors will also receive placement on our website,
Demographics for Auto Racing
Male-Female Ratio
62% Male
38% Female
Residence Status
76% Own Home
24% Rent
Marital Status
62% Married
23% Single
15% Divorced/Widowed
25% Professional
27% Technical
19% Skilled Trade
12% Un-Skilled Labor
6% Retired/Unemployed
16% Other
9% Some High School
91% High School Grad
40%College/College Grad
6% Under 18
6% 18-24
18% 25-34
33% 35-44
24% 45-54
13% Over 55
Fan Loyalty To Companies
A NASCAR racing marketing partnership has greater
potential to influence loyalty and brand among fans than any
Nearly $2 out of every $10 spent on marketing partnerships
in the United States is spent in NASCAR.
Strong mix of veterans and up-and-coming new talent.
NASCAR is #1 in sport fan brand loyalty .
NASCAR fans are 3 times as likely as non fans to try and
purchase sponsors’ products and services.
2011 Sponsorship Proposal
By becoming a Sponsor your company will immediately gain national,
regional, and local recognition, and the maximum amount of exposure. We have
custom tailored a sponsorship opportunity for you and your business.
Jake Spillers Racing has 60 races scheduled for the year of 2011.
Sponsorship Programs: Sponsorship of Jake Spillers Racing No. 46 driven by Jake
Full Year: Includes logo placement on Trunk and Hood.
- Investment: $13,500.00
Full Year: Includes logo placement on Side Panels/ Fenders. - Investment: $7,500.00
10 Races: Includes Associate Decal
- Investment: $750.00
Full Year: Includes Associate Decal
- Investment: $3,500.00
Single Race Weekend: Logo for All areas of Car.
- Investment: $500.00+
Other Sponsorship deals CAN be negotiated.
Sponsorship funding goes towards entry fees, travel, fuel, tires, engines, parts, marketing,
Sponsorship Logo Placement
The first and often most looked
at location for your companies
logo will appear on the hood.
Your logo may be located on
multiple side locations. In
front of the car number are associate
Another location for your company
logo is on the Rear of the car. This
is the largest position for your
company logo.
Driver’s firesuit and autograph cards
may also have you company logo.
Sponsorship Car Design
•This is a blank template for a legends car with almost exact measurements.
For the final design we would like your input in order to meet your
expectations and to allow maximum exposure for your company.
Contact Information
If you would like to discuss a more specific sponsorship opportunity or
to gain more information about our program, we welcome the opportunity to
meet with you. We also encourage you to visit our website at
Please feel free to contact Burt Spillers at 978-870-3136, or
[email protected] . We look forward to hearing from you, and
getting the chance to work with you in the future.
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