Financial Savings - College of the Desert

Scott Cooper, College of the Desert
• Immediate tips to saving money and growing the money
you do have!
• Immediate steps to prepare you for real word financial
• Making you more attractive to money saving students like
Find a money Mentor
• Money management is a skill. Learn it form someone who
is rich. Don’t take poor people’s advice on how to manage
Mentor/ Teacher
My favorite: Dave Ramsey
Dump your Debt
• Nothing sinks you faster than debt!
• Interest on loans, credit card debt accrues faster than any
small savings you get on money that you are spending.
Build up an emergency fund first ($1,000) then take care
of debt like crazy!!!
• Develop a budget and stick to it. Many banks have free
apps for your phone or course.
• Check out Spring Boards free
courses on how to do this.
Credit Card Alert
• Only buy on your card if you have the cash to pay it off each month.
• Don’t open a card for the “points or mileage”. It is cheaper to save
10% of your income for tickets than pay their interest to get a
“free(not!)” trip.
• Top 10 Hidden Dangers of Credit Cards
Find the deals!!!
• Shop Facebook!
• Ebay ( Free to sell 5 items per month)
• Craigslist
• Garage sales
Dress For Less
• Clothing stores that have Student Discounts
• Ann Taylor: 20% off
• Ann Taylor LOFT: 15% off
• Banana Republic: 15% off
• Charlotte Russe: 10% off
• The Limited: 15% off
• 10% off (online only)
• Don’t be fooled by the line “ Would you like to open a
credit card today and save 10%?”. You end up paying
more than 10-28% in interest!!! This is not a deal. Walk
Cut your Phone costs!
• All major cell phone services have discounts
for students.
• What you need: a valid college email.
• T-Mobile 15%! That $15 on $100 bill!!!
• Verizon Wireless (AllTel) Employee Discount
• AT&T (Cingular) Corporate and Student
• T-Mobile Corporate Discount Program
• Sprint Nextel Employee Value Program
Wear glasses?
Save Tons on College Text Books
• Discovering Psychology, Hockenbury
• Rent if it is not your Major!!!
• Sell to other students ( avoid the bookstore)
Technology Savings
• A great website for free software
downloads etc… they have AutoCAD and others for free.
• Amazon: Students get six months of Amazon Prime for free,
which normally costs $70. This allows them to get free two-day
shipping for college students.
• Apple: There are plenty of student deals going on at Apple. For
starters, you’ll save up to $200 on your new Mac under the
education pricing. If you buy a new Mac, you’ll get an extra
$100 credit to spend on products from the Apple Store. This
$100 voucher deal will run up to September 20.
Tech Cont.
• Microsoft:
us/Deals/default.aspx#fbid=AXM71R2cf2y or you can order
from staples or online from another store. Student price: $99.99
Microsoft Office 2010. $149 regular price approx.
• Sony:
10151&langId=-1 Students can save up to 10 percent at the
Sony Education Store.
• Adobe: There are huge student discounts (up to 80 percent!)
on Adobe software. Check out their student page for more
details. Example: Adobe Photoshop Students pay only $79 for
Photoshop Lightroom 4 (regularly $149) and $249 for
Photoshop C56 Extended (regularly $699). You can buy the
student version at a Staples or other local store, but would
need to register as a student. My concern is that they usually
require the edu email.
Build your savings
• Consider an IDA account. The county matches your
money for education, buying a house or opening a
business. Every $1 is matched with $2. So, your deposit
of $1,000 +$2,000= $3,000. You need to attend financial
workshops and qualify.
Banking Account tips
• Have a checking account that is linked to an overdraft.
• Have a separate savings account not linked to your
checking so it cannot be “cleared out” in the event of theft
or over charges.
Final Tips
• If you need to get help from Financial Aid,
• go in the morning early! Smile. “You get more flies with
honey than vinegar”
• Always ask “ Can I get a student discount?” on
• If you rent a place, consider Renter’s insurance to protect
against theft and loss while in college.
• “A penny saved is a penny earned” Ben Franklin
• Apply to every scholarship you can. One scholarship can
be months of a minimum wage job.
Dating on a Budget
By Lupita Cabrera
Purpose of Dating
• To get to know someone
• To have fun and enjoy the
company of others
• To try something new
• To find love
• To get to know yourself
Not-on-a Budget Dates
• Cost too much money
• The focus is more on the
activity and money spent
rather than the enjoyment of
the company
• Not creative
On a Budget Dates
• Saves MONEY!
• Can be fun,
adventurous, and
• Explore each others
likes and dislikes
• More personal
Dating on a Budget Ideas
• Outdoors activities:
• Indoors activities:
• Picnics
• Home made dinner
• Hiking/Running
• Gym rock climbing
• Camping
• “Movie night-in”
• Roller skating
• Ice skating
• Street markets/fairs
• Visit museums
• Bike riding
• Volunteer together
• Visit to the Zoo
• Free live music
Lunch Date
• Most of them indoors
• Enjoy nature and each
• Not creative or with a
other’s company
• Grab your blanket and fill a
basket with your favorite
homemade foods
• (fruits, veggies, juice and
• Share stories, take a walk,
take pictures, and just
• Total Average cost: $20
personal touch
• Expensive lunch:
• Food: $20
• Drink: $7
• Appetizer: $8
• Dessert: $5
• Tip: $6
• Total Average Cost: $46
Adventurous Date
Ice Skating
Amusement parks and
• Have fun while trying
• Its fun but at a high cost
something new!
• Total Average Cost: ($8-$10
per person, $6-$8 for
General Admission & $2 for
skate rental)
• You have to travel a long
• Website for the Coachella Valley:
• Website for the San Bernardino
distance and wait in lines
for admission
• Total Average Cost: $50+
(not including food and
Dinner & a Movie
Fancy Restaurant & Movie
Homemade Dinner & Movie Rental
• Not creative or with a
• Fire up the skillet for a
personal touch
• Very expensive dinner:
• Food: $40
• Drink: $15
• Appetizer: $12
• Dessert: $10
• Tip: $15
• Movie Theater- 2 tickets,
1 popcorn, and 1 soda
night of cooking — for
both of you. Learn how to
cook each other's favorite
meal by cooking it
• Great way to learn more
about each other and the
dishes you both like
• Movie Rental and box of
popcorn: $7
• Total Average Cost: $42
• $28
Total Average Cost: $120
Hiking trails
• Spend the day hiking and taking
pictures together
• Explore your surroundings by going for
a hike to your local hiking areas
• Total Average Cost: Gas and water $5$10
• Don’t forget to pick your date a flower on
the way!
Re-visit Your Childhood
• Travel back in time and
• If you or your date still
live close to where you
grew up, give each
other a tour of your
• Cost: (gas money)
Volunteer Together
• Impress your date by
volunteering at a local shelter,
organization or volunteer
• Give back to your community
while getting to know your date
• Cost: Free + rewarding
• Dating is supposed to be a fun way to get to know
someone, if the person is out with you, they already
like you, just have fun and enjoy the company and
don’t worry about how much you need to spend.
• Be creative and adventurous!
• Grow your own flowers, make homemade presents!
• Always look for other options!
• Dating does not have to be expensive!
• It’s ok to go to a restaurant every once in a while, but
when you do look for the 2 for 1 specials!
• You can treat yourself and your date to a nice dinner,
concert or getaway trip for special occasions!