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You’re in Demand Administrative Professionals

Making Waves — Creating Opportunities!

WBEA/CBEA 2012 Regional Conference Fairmont Hotel Newport Beach, CA Saturday, February 18, 2012

Donna Anderson, CAP-OM

Solano Community College Fairfield, California

Office Technology

   

Administrative Assistant Legal Specialist Medical Office Specialist Medical Transcription Specialist

   

Certificate of Achievement, 31.5—33 units Associate in Science Degree, 60 units Job-Direct Certificates, 9.5—14.5 units Medical Front Office Clerk, 34 units

pages 236-242

Medical Front Office Certificate Program

Medical Front Office Certificate Courses


Transition to college life

Small, structured groups

Fewer options

Clearer pathway

Learning community

Take several courses together

Include time management and study skills

Raising success rates

SCC Career Education Fair 65 Years of Building Careers Sunday, May 1 st , 10:00am-3:00pm 2 nd Annual Career Education Fair Sunday, May 6th, 10:00am-3:00pm

Career Fair Form

Theresa Savarese

San Diego City College San Diego, California

What Professionals Are Saying

  

Soft skills: employers make sure your personality “fits” the job description—how you handle people and situations

— SoftSkills Training (Jim Stedt)

Be “in sync” with the executive: know how they think and how to make them look good

— City Heights Assistant Director (Sylvia Smith)

Ability to use adapt

quickly current

technology and how to to changing circumstances

— College President Executive Assistant (Erin Flanagan)

Administrative Office Management Three-Year BESAC Mini-Grant Work

       

Administrative Office Professional Bilingual Office Professional Customer Service Skills and Ethics Legal Office Management Medical Records / Medical Management Records Information Management Speech Recognition Virtual Office Management

BESAC homepage —

A DMINISTRATIVE O FFICE M ANAGEMENT Administrative Office Professional

Professional Assistant

Bilingual Office Professional Customer Service Skills and Ethics Legal Office Management Medical Office Professional Records Information Management Professional

Medical Records Medical Management Electronic Records Records Information Management Professional

Speech Recognition Virtual Office Professional

Administrative Office Professional Accounting Professional Sales, etc.

Certificates of Performance

Certificates of Achievement and Associate in Science Degrees

What’s Next at San Diego City College

Virtual Assistant Program (both certificate and degree)

Take existing programs from across state and BESAC curriculum as models

Work with local VA professional(s) for industry input

Will be online within the year to open in a new building!

Peg Saragina

Santa Rosa Junior College Santa Rosa, California

An Integrated Approach to Training the 21


Century Workforce

Soft Skills Globalization Technology

Soft Skills

 

SCANS workplace know-how (pub. 1993)

    

Communication skills Teamwork Creativity/innovation Responsibility Problem solving Self-management

 

Integrity and work ethics Partnership for 21 skills (pub. 2009) st century

Soft Skills


Microsoft Office and standard software

Information literacy

Web 2.0 (cloud computing)

Social media — various online technology tools; communication via the internet to share info and resources

Digital devices



Inter-cultural communication

Cultural values and norms

Business culture and practices

Travel arrangements

Hosting international visitors

Geography, holidays, etc.


Core Courses

Offered Fall and Spring

Recommended 1 st Semester Courses

BOT 56A Workforce Issues for Office Professionals 3.0

BOT 56B Career Planning for Office Professionals 1.0

Fall Only Courses BOT 59.1

BOT 59.2

Applied Office Technology Skills 4.0

Business Records Skills 4.0

Spring Only Courses BOT 59.3

BOT 154 Marketing Your Skills (usually last semester) Office Procedures for the 21 st Century Fall, Spring, Summer Course BOT 99i Internship (last semester) 10 hrs/week Paid employment 2.0



Career Ladder

Use of Student Teams

       

Games, coaching, training Mini-lessons as needed, applicable to current issue Tuckman’s model of stages of team development (forming, storming, norming, performing) Communication textbook Team meetings with agendas and minutes/notes Roles: facilitator, recorder, and timekeeper Monthly evaluations of each team member Use technology (laptops, pulse pens, social media, etc.)

Assessing Progress

Use of Technology Within Course

Instructions: List the assignment at the top and check each technology used for that assignment.

Diigo social bookmarking Doodle (appointments, polls) Dropbox (file management) Freeconference call Freescreensharing Google calendar Google docs Google groups iGoogle personalized page iPod Touch Jing (screen capture) Laptops LinkedIn

An Integrated Approach to Training the 21


Century Workforce

Soft Skills Globalization Technology

Nancy Noe

Linn-Benton Community College Albany, Oregon

Oregon’s Administrative Office Professional (AOP) Statewide Consortium

Why a State-Wide Program?

Industry needs

Industry driven content

Skilled labor market need

Diverse skills needed

Consistent quality

Why a State-Wide Program?

Student needs



High school through to university

Career pathways

Beginning Steps

Sponsoring college(s) contact state educational representative to determine required procedures

Identify participating colleges

Form consortium

Create Web site for consortium communication

Consortium Member Responsibilities

Identify sponsoring college(s)

Identify “Leads” for coordinating business

Create bylaws that govern consortium

Bylaws (template)

Members get approval to serve as official representative of each college; submit request to participate to consortium/state

Consortium Member Responsibilities

Identify standardized Skill Sets

Oregon Skill Sets

Align course content with Skill Sets (70%)

Generate list of core courses

Negotiate additional courses that may be substituted

Solicit industry input and approval through the formation of a state-wide advisory board

Finalize list of courses for state-wide degree

2011-2012 AOP Matrix

Administrative Office Professional Degree ( 10-11

Updates Shaded in Light Orange

) 2011-12 Updates shaded in Lt. Green

BAZ05.01/02 Introducti on to Bus i nes s BAZ08.01

Bus i nes s Law 3--4 cr.

BAZ02.01/02 Bus i nes s Communi cati ons 3--4 cr.

BAZ06.01--03 Human Res ources Mgmt 3--4 Credi ts Accepted BAZ02.05/06 Human Rel ati ons /Organi zati ons 3--4 cr BAZ03.01

Management Fundamental s (or) Offi ce Management 3--4 Credi ts Accepted BAZ09.03

Cooperati ve Work Experi ence Wi th Caps tone cours e=2-3 credi ts Wi thout Caps tone cours e=4-6 cr.

(mi ni mum hours : 120) BAZ09.02/03 Job Succes s Ski l l s , Pre-empl oyment Semi nar, Job Search BAZ04.01/02 Intro. Bus i nes s Computer Appl i cati ons


BA101 4 BA226 4 BA214 3 BA224 3 BA285 or BA277 3 BA206 4 BA280 3 BA284 1 BA131 4 4 4 3 3 BA 101 4 BA226 4 BA214 3 BA251 Embedded 4 4 3 3 4 Computer Li teracy 1--2 Credi ts Accepted Thi s category does not i ncl ude the s oftware appl i cati ons porti on.


10-Key Data Entry 1--2 Credi ts Accepted Thi s i s added to the cl us ter area to al i gn wi th cl us ter s ki l l (above). Advi s ory Board i ndi cates i t i s neces s ary s ki l l . Mus t have thi s s ki l l embedded or as s tand-al one cours e.


Pres entati on Software 1--2 Credi ts Acceptabl e Thi s i s added to cl us ter area to al i gn wi th cl us ter s ki l l (above)

Subtotals--Core Cluster

Embed (BA131) BT220 3 Embed (BA131)




BT130 3 BA251 3 3 1 BT280C 3 BT280C BA214 Embedded 3 4 CIS101 CA118A CA213 Embedded CIS101 CA118A 4 BT131 2 CA208 3


3 3 2 3

CL AC KA M AS CL AT SO P KL AM AT H Core Cluster (Mandatory)

BA101 4 BA226 4 BA205 4 BA224 4 4 4 4 4 BA101 4 BA226 4 BA214 3 BA224 3 4 4 3 3 BUS101 4 BUS226 3 BUS214 3 BUS224 3 4 3 3 3 BA285 4 BA285 3 3 BUS 285 3


BA101 4 BA226 4 BA214 4 BA224 3 4 4 4 3 3 BT112 Team Bl dg. Ski l l s 3 3 BA101 4 BA226 3 OA215 4 BA224 3 BA285 Embedded OA251 4 3 4 3 BA206 4 BA280 3 Embed (BA280) BA131 4 4 Computer Li teracy Exam PASS requi red BT121 1 Embed (BA131)


4 BA206 3 3 OA280 3 4 OA281 1 CS131 2 CS131 2 1 OA131 1 3 BUS206 3 3 3 BUS280 2 2 1 TEX280 1 1 2 BUS 131 4 4 2 Embedded (BUS131) 1 OST 131 1 1 BT010 (embed, program prereq, s ee note bel ow) MIC207 2


2 Embedded (Bus 131/CAS 245)

27 Core Focus (Mandatory)

BA206 3 BA280 3 BA195 2 CS120 CS120 Embedded Gen Ed Req Embedded (CS120; BT228)


3 OA 251 3 3


BA101 4 BA226 4 BA205 4 BA224 3 BA285 3 BT 250 BA250 3 3 3 4 4 4 3


BA101 4 BA226 4 BA205 4 BA224 3 BA285 3 BA206 3


4 4 4 3 BA101 4 BA230 4 BA205 (under dev) 3 BA224 3 3 BA285 Gen Ed 3 3 BA206 3 3 OA280 4 4 WE280 3 2 OA109, 270 2 2 MO214 1 3 1 OS280F 4 Embedded (OS280 F/OS245) 4 BA280 4 BA284 (under dev) 1 OA120 3 Embedded OA120 (OA131O) Wi ndows & Comp Fundmtl s .

3 BA131 4 Embedded (BA131) 4 CAS 133 4 Embedded (CAS 133) 4 CS 120 4 Embedded (CS 120) Embedded OA125 Doc Proc & Form OA130/135 BT124 3 OA131P PowerPt Fund.



1 BT210ZPB 1


1 3 OS131 1 Embed (CAS133)


1 OA220 1 (Us e Fi el d Experi ence unti l caps tone i s devel oped)


Process of Approval

Submit labor market supply and demand worksheet (LMI worksheet form)

Sponsoring college submits notice of intent (form)

Sponsoring college submits application (form)

Dolores Blanton, CAP-OM

Chaffey College Rancho Cucamonga, California

You’re in Demand — Administrative Professionals How to Enhance Your Administrative Career Through Certification

Administrative Assistants Need To Commit to Skill Development

Essential to actively pursue continuing education opportunities


 

2012 Enhance written and verbal communication skills Keep technology skills up-to-date

International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) ®

Professional Certification

Why certify?

Increase your skills and knowledge

Job advancement

Earn a higher salary

Raise your professional self-esteem

Possible college credit

Professional Certification

 

Achieving certification through IAAP — internationally-recognized standard of excellence Certification Programs:

  

In 1951 — originally known as the Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) ® Certification In 2001 — added the Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) ® component In November 2011 — IAAP went from a two rating system to a one rating system, with areas of specialty

The base rating is the CAP

Two specialties:

 

Organizational Management (OM) Technology Application Specialty (TA)

Chaffey College

Testing site approved in 2008

Study review courses

College credit

Industry challenge

How Do I Certify?

You can checkout the IAAP website: or

Call 816.891.6600, ext. 2225, E-mail: [email protected]


Dolores Blanton, 909.652.7227 [email protected]

Sydney Alexander, CAP-OM

Executive Assistant Marsh Risk & Insurance Services Newport Beach, California

State of the Profession

 

Companies realize they must hire critical administrative personnel

   

Technology advancements will have the most significant impact on the way they do business Office support professionals play a pivotal role in helping business attract and retain clients Office support professionals play a pivotal role in helping companies control costs and reduce spending Administrative professionals are increasingly assuming responsibilities once reserved for managerial and professional staff Employers look for flexible, resourceful, and committed candidates who can adapt quickly to the corporate culture

Hiring Forecast

 

Administrative professional occupation ranks among those with largest number of job openings

65% of HR managers say it’s difficult to locate skilled administrative professionals

63% of HR managers are concerned about losing their best support personnel

Strong growth foreseen in the healthcare industry Opportunities are best for candidates with extensive technical skills

Hiring Forecast

Salaries trend upward

Average increase in U.S. expected to be 3.4%

In-demand positions may exceed average

Senior Executive Assistant +4.5% ($44,250—$60,000)

Executive Assistant +4.4% ($37,750—$50,750)

Senior Administrative Assistant +4.4% ($34,500—$43,000)

Administrative Assistant +4% ($27,750—$36,750)

Entry-level Administrative Assistant +4.2% ($24,750—$30,500)

Office Clerk +3.2% ($21,000—$27,250)

Receptionist +3.5% ($21,750—$29,500)

Hiring Forecast

Employers pay higher wages for

Expert multilingual abilities

Up to 10%

Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) designation

Up to 6%

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification

 

Up to 8% C-level support

10% +

Employer Recruiting Checklist

Soft skills

 


Higher volume of projects

Learn / take on new responsibilities

Adapt quickly to changing demands Communication skills

Interface with a broad spectrum of stakeholders

 

Multi-generational Multi-cultural

Greater emphasis on writing abilities

Use of traditional and social media

Employer Recruiting Checklist

Technical expertise

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook


Database management

Access, FileMaker Pro

Raiser’s Edge (nonprofit management)

SAP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Social media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Employer Recruiting Checklist

Soft skills (continued)

 



Conservative style/color Can-do mindset

Anticipate needs

Maintain confidentiality

Take action

Exceed expectations

Under-promise, over-deliver

Administrative Professionals Organizations and Other Services Contact Information

 

IAAP® (International Association of Administrative Professionals®)

  

PO Box 20404 10502 NW Ambassador Drive Kansas City, MO 64195-0404 816.891.6600

Web address:

Sponsors the Certified Administrative Professional® (CAP®) and Certified Administrative Professional – Organizational Management® (CAP-OM®) certifications and testing. Recertification required every 5 years.


Magazine: 9 issues per year NALS, Inc. (NALS…the association for legal professionals©)

 

8159 East 41st Street Tulsa, OK 74145 918.582.5188

Web address:

Sponsors the Accredited Legal Secretary, Professional Legal Secretary, Professional Paralegal certifications and testing.

Administrative Professionals Organizations and Other Services Contact Information

 

Legal Secretaries International Inc.

 

2302 Fannin Street, Suite 500 Houston, TX 77002-9136 Web address:

Sponsors the Certified Legal Secretary Specialist (CL§), certifications and testing.

AEAP (The Association of Executive and Administrative Professionals)

900 South Washington Street, Suite G-13 Falls Church, VA 22046 Web address:

Administrative Professionals Organizations and Other Services Contact Information

 

IVAA (International Virtual Assistants Association)

2360 Corporate Circle, Suite 400 Henderson, NV 89074 877.440.2750

Web address:

AHDI (Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity, formerly American Association of Medical Transcription)

 

4230 Kiernan Avenue, Suite 130 Modesto, CA 95356 800.982.2182 (toll free); 209.527.9620

Web address:

Sponsors the Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT) and Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT) certifications and testing. Recredentialing required every 3 years.

Administrative Professionals Organizations and Other Services Contact Information

 

OfficeTeam (a division of Robert Half International)

 


Web address:

World’s leading staffing service specializing in the placement of highly skilled office and administrative support professionals.

Robert Half International

 

Web address:

World’s first and largest staffing firm with divisions specializing in the fields of: accounting and finance; administrative support; technology professionals; attorneys, paralegals, and legal support personnel; and creative, advertising, marketing, and web design professionals.

Administrative Professionals Organizations and Other Services Contact Information

 

Triad Consulting

 

PO Box 930 Traverse City, MI 49685 231.269.3613

Web address:

Microcomputer solutions provider with a special focus on education.

Google Education Website

 

A newly-improved website, which is a one-stop-shop for Google in Education: A booklet, "Google in Education: A New and Open World for Learning,” which describes how people are using Google’s education resources:

Are Administrative Assistants In Demand?


What you/we need to meet demands

Be trained well by having/using

 

Qualified instructors Available courses and programs

 

Up-to-date techniques and equipment Industry input

Thank You!



Presenter Information

  

Donna Anderson, CAP-OM

  

Solano Community College Fairfield, California [email protected]


Theresa Savarese San Diego City College San Diego, California [email protected]


Peg Saragina Santa Rosa Junior College Santa Rosa, California [email protected]


  

Nancy Noe

Linn-Benton Community College Albany, Oregon [email protected]


Dolores Blanton, CAP-OM

Chaffey College Rancho Cucamonga, California [email protected]


Sydney Alexander, CAP-OM

Marsh Risk & Insurance Services Newport Beach, California [email protected]


Special thanks to

Patricia Pugnier

, Instructional Assistant at San Diego City College, for designing this PowerPoint presentation.