Joint Services
Navigating the JST
and the ACE Military Guide
Joint Services Transcript
O US Army, Marines, Navy & Coast Guard
O Air Force has CCAF transcript
O JST is owned by the military services
O ACE cannot correct errors
Use in place of DD214 or DD295 for
military training information.
JST Official Information
O Seal unique to each branch of service
O Member’s rank (Corporal E-4) & status
(Active or Separated)
O Military Course Completions and credit
O Military Experience--Occupations
O Test Scores (CLEP, DSST, DLPT)
O Institution may still require official score report
O Other Learning Experiences
O No official ACE credit recommendations
O Summary
O Summary is NOT Official—no ACE Seal
O Advising tool
O Only includes courses with ACE credit
O Academic Institution Courses
O Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, NOT Army
O NOT Official –no ACE seal
O Courses completed with military tuition
assistance or member has submitted official
transcript for training record
O Advising Tool
O Remind students to send official transcripts
ACE Military Guide
O ACE reviews courses and recommends
O Guide gives more details than the JST
ACE Military Guide
Sample JST
To search for more info on a Military Course use the ACE Identifier.
Dates Taken will help identify the appropriate Version.
Search Courses
Enter number with dashes
Use dates to select appropriate version
Course Exhibit
Course Number: 500-75D30.
Location: Adjutant General School, Fort
Benjamin Harrison, IN.
Length: 8–9 weeks (310 hours).
Exhibit Dates: 10/91–9/95.
Course Exhibit
Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the course, the
student will be able to supervise and maintain personnel files
and correspondence; process orders; operate computer
equipment in order to edit, create directories, compose, and
format personnel correspondence; and evaluate personnel
reports (files) and make appropriate recommendations.
Instruction: Lectures and practical exercises cover
establishing and maintaining personnel procedures, including
record keeping, record security, information processing,
supervising, and setting priorities.
Credit Recommendation: In the upper-division baccalaureate
degree category, 3 semester hours in human resources
management (12/91)(12/91).
ACE Military Guide
Occupation Exhibit
Exhibit Dates: 6/98–Present.
Occupational Field: 11 Utilities.
Career Pattern
PVT: Private (E-1). PFC: Private First Class (E2). LCP: Lance Corporal (E-3). CPL: Corporal (E4). SGT: Sergeant (E-5). SSGT: Staff Sergeant
Occupation Exhibit
Installs, operates, and performs preventive maintenance on air
conditioner and refrigeration equipment electrical systems, including
replacement of mechanical and electrical components and air
circulating system; repairs air conditioner and refrigeration tubing;
supervises refrigeration and air conditioning equipment installation,
preventive and corrective maintenance, corrosion and deterioration
control, and hazardous waste control program.
SSGT: In the lower-division baccalaureate/associate degree category, 3
semester hours for field experience in management, 3 in A/C
refrigeration troubleshooting and repair, and 1 in leadership. In the
upper-division baccalaureate degree category, 2 semester hours in
management principles (6/06)(6/06).
UNL Credit
O Up to 4 hours for active duty military service
O May be used for a general education outcome
O Some colleges view it as PE credit
O Credit from JST or CCAF transcripts goes into a
“bucket” of credit
O Not counted for financial aid
O Military Credit To Be Reviewed
O MLCR 62 hours
UNL Credit
O Student’s college can pull from the bucket
O Must be reviewed/signed by department
O Working with UNL department reviewers
O Communication Studies (COMM)
O Agriculture Leadership
MCC Credit
O With any military transcript, students receive 3.5
quarter hours for PHED 1010 – Physical Education
O Credit from JST or CCAF transcripts will give ACE
recommendation credits.
O If ACE recommendation is exact and dean has
previously approved, credit is given for the exact
course if hours match up.
O Example: Applied Mathematics credit for MATH
1240- Applied Mathematics
O If ACE recommendation is unclear, dean of the
course will make the decision.
MCC Credit
O For students declaring a Business Management
Generalist major all ACE recommendations are
accepted without a dean’s approval.
O Direct transfer of courses in which an MCC
equivalent course (e.g., marketing)
O Transfer other courses up to 25 credits for
business electives
O Barbie Kantor
Records Coordinator
Metropolitan Community College
[email protected]
O JoAnn Moseman
Academic Transfer Coordinator
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
[email protected]
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