College in High School

College Credit Plus
Sharon Schroeder, Assistant Director
Metro Credit Education Outreach
• Morning Session
• YSU CC+ Team
• CC+ Overview
Student Eligibility
Course Placement
Application Process
• Break Out Session, Presidential Suite
• End of Day Session (1:30pm), Ohio Room
• Signal Vine
• Advising
Today’s Agenda
• YSU College Credit Plus = YSU College in High School
• Metro Credit Education Outreach
• Moving forward: one office; one point of contact
• [email protected]
• All resources available online at
• Coordinator & District –> Current Districts (left side)
Resources –> My Resources (right side)
YSU CC+ Team
• Today: Information to get started for 15-16
• CC+ Rules (draft) released on 12/1/14
• Public hearing scheduled for end of December
• Final copy out in February
• Reminder: Rules do NOT restate the law (HB 487)
• Save the date! Coordinator Meeting
• March 3, 2015, 9am – Noon, MCCTC
CC+ Overview
• Open to 7-12 graders
• Earn up to 30 credits per year (120 credits max)
• Carnegie Units & Course Limits
• # of HS courses x 3 – 30 = # credit hours per year
• Cost between $40 (floor) and $160 (ceiling) plus books
• Flat fee = no more calculating seat time
• Non-public schools apply to state for funding to cover cost
• School promotes 15/30 credit hour pathway
• YSU pathway flyer coming in January
CC+ Overview
• Two options:
• High school campus with HS instructor
• NEW INFO! Rules require college only course sections
• Do not have a HS campus model? Contact our office.
• YSU campus with YSU instructor
• Classes are taught either online or face-to-face
YSU College in High School
• Provide notice of program to students and parents by
March 1
• Host one information night for parents with all partnering
colleges within 30 miles
• Consider county collaboration within to host one large event
• Promote on website, in school course booklet
• Law prohibits setting higher admission requirements
• YSU admission criteria:
2.0 overall, un-weighted GPA
ACT composite score: 17
Passage of OGT’s/PARCC exams
Course placement requirements
Student Eligibility
• Courses count on both HS and YSU transcript
• One 3 s.h. college course = 1 HS unit
• Qualified students can take any course he/she is eligible for
• “Red Book” is no more
• Admission to CHS does not guarantee enrollment in every
college course
• Some courses have pre-requisites, including certain ACT/SAT or
placement exam scores
• Last ACT date for application – April 2015
• YSU residual scheduled in April
• Chart available in January
Course Placement
• Notification date: April 1(pending)
• Sign-up template (online in January
• High School Advisement
• Counselors reviews opportunity with students
• Educational Plan (form online in January) completed for
campus based students
• Consider district financial policy for students who fail or
withdraw late
• Online application (just one!) in April/May for fall and
• Previously completed one for CHS and one for SB140
• No application fee
Application Process
• Paperwork Submitted by May 15!
• Parental Consent/Financial Responsibility Form
• Transcripts
• Educational Plan for campus based students
Application Process
To review:
1. Information night by March 1
2. Students notify by April 1 (pending) that they want to
3. Counselors meet with students prior to application day
4. School schedules YSU Application day in April/May
5. School submits paperwork to YSU by May 15
Application Process
• YSU reviews student applications
• Notifies students to sign up for placement exams (if
needed) in June, July
• Spring only students encouraged to sign up for September
ACT (if needed) over summer
• Acceptance letter will include orientation and advisement
Application Process
• HS based courses: completed at time of application
• Campus based courses: students meet with YSU advisor
• Fall term: August
• Spring term: November
• YSU sends notification to student, parent, school, ODE
• Admission acceptance (including course eligibility) no later than
14 days prior to the start of YSU term
• “Confirmation of course enrollment notice” by the 21st day of the
YSU term
• PLUS student roster/courses by first day of term to school
• Current CHS schools = Pre-Invoice Statement
• Breakout Session III, Presidential Suite
• Orientation, Q&A
• Reminder Coordinator Meeting! March 3, 9am-Noon
• Today! 1:30pm Meeting, Ohio Room
• Signal Vine
• Advising
Breakout Session: CHS
• Campus
• January 27 – Spring 2015 pilot
• School sign up
• Webinar
• Potential for Fall 15
• On-Site
• Scheduling now!
Answers to questions from the main session will be posted
to the CHS website.
End of Day Session,
• Purpose
• Demo
• Spring Pilot
Signal Vine
• What do you review with the students?
• How can we use technology to assist?
• What seems to be the most difficult concept for students
to understand?
Advising Students