Presentation to New Faculty (August 2013)

Internal and External
Funding Opportunities Supporting
Research and Scholarly Activities
Internal opps: Sal Sanders
Associate Dean for Graduate Studies
External opps: Ed Orona
Director, Grants and Sponsored Programs
Coffelt Hall
August 15, 2013
YSU Internal Programs Supporting
Grant and Scholarly Development
Sal Sanders, PhD
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies
School of Graduate Studies and Research
Coffelt Hall, Top Floor
x3091, [email protected]
August 15, 2013
1. Resources that provide TIME for scholarship:
Dean’s Reassigned Time (Professional Development and
Scholarship of Teaching & Learning)
Research Professorship: 18 @ 9 hrs. Reassigned Time.
May be combined with Dean’s Reassigned Time.
May receive for 2 consecutive years and then must “stand
down” for 1 yr. 6 “reserved” for probationary tenure-track
FIL: Apply in 3rd yr to take in 4th. One Semester.
Sabbatical Leave: Apply 7th yr to take in 8th. Two Semesters.
2. Resources that provide FUNDS for scholarship:
University Research Council Grants (URC):
Initial $500 “discretionary” award available.
Regular competition in Spring Semester
Variable # of applications and awards based on available funds
Usual # between 25-35 apps and 16-20 awards.
Award range $1,000 - $5,000 (maximum).
Average ~$2,000 - $3,000
Used for: All expenses that will contribute to the research
development and generation of knowledge such as –
Student Help, Supplies, Travel (limited), Small Equipment, etc
3. Resources that provide STUDENT Assistance
Research Assistant (RA) Program:
Available for unsupported undergraduate and graduate
students during any semester
Used primarily for Graduate Assistants for summer
stipend support
Normally limited to 1 or 2 semesters of support
Maximum of $1800 per semester
August 15, 2013
The Grant Development Process:
External Funding Opportunities
Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs (OGSP)
Edward Orona, PhD, Director
Cheryl Coy, Secretary
( - phone x2377)
“Authorized Institutional Official”
Interim Associate Dean for Research
Scott Martin, PhD
OGSP – to help facilitate and coordinate the grant development and submission
process; finalize awards for grants and contracts:
> federal, state, local govts and agencies, industry
Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs (OGSP)
Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs (OGSP)
External Funding: Activity and Success
Significant growth since OGSP inception (1994-95)
FY09 – highest in YSU history (> $11.68 M)
FY11 – second highest in history (> $8.6M)
In past 5 years: averaged ~ $7.5 M per year in
awarded grants and contracts
In past 5 years: averaged ~ 126 submissions
requesting about $34.1 M annually
Grant Development and Submission at YSU
“Planning and Clearance”
Faculty are Principal Investigators (PIs) or Project Directors
Grant submission is a formal process: requires pre-approval
Grant awards are to the University, not to individuals
Red Guidebook: Policies and Procedures
“Authorization and Pre-Approval ”
Proposal Authorization and Pre-Approval Form:
“Blue Sheet”
Signatures required from PI, the Dept Chair, and
College Dean
Faculty Incentives: Why Participate?
Enhanced academic credentials – for promotion and tenure
Extra funds $ for creative scholarly activities and research
(external and internal grants)
Re-assigned time (“grant buy-out” from the Sponsor)
to engage in these activities
Independence from constraints of dept/Univ. budgets
The Planning Process: why it is important
Early engagement with OGSP and notice is critical
Internal grant review is a learning and communication process
Early planning and budget development improves project and proposal
submission !
OGSP Services (Pre-Award)
Project consultation: strategy and planning
Funding opps: program announcements and Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
Prospect identification (e-Grants Advisor, search engines)
* Budgets: specific $ object codes and narrative (justification)
* Proposal preparation and submission
* Grant Award Notice: “Acceptance” Contracts: “Sponsored Agreements”.
Liaison for sponsor contact: grant or contract - project performance issues
Compliance - serve on Research Committees : Human Subjects research
(IRB), Animal Subjects (IACUC) and other compliance concerns
NOTE: The IRB Committee must pre-approve all protocols involving human
subjects research. Training /certification requirement *
Grant Budgets: Hot Button issues
Cost-sharing $ ( or “matching”) – when required by Agency.
Requires pre-approval of identified College/Dept budget account
Applies to “in-kind” University contribution, if $ amounts indicated.
Re-assigned time (“release” from teaching)
Sponsor funds – used to cover re-assigned time during academic year
(involves faculty replacement, limited service)
Academic year: reassignment requires Dept. Chair and Dean pre-approval
OGSP Training and Website
External Funding Opportunities: use SEARCH Engines
“Profiling” is not always bad …
(develop individual profile; receive auto. emails based on interests)
1. “Grants Advisor Plus”:
2. InfoED site: “SPIN and GENIUS/SMARTS”
Fall 2013 Workshops: “Grants 101 and 102” and “Specialized” topics
Look for announcements.
Go to our OGSP website: BOOKMARK it !
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