Should Student Athletes Be Paid

Should Student Athletes
Be Paid
The Issue
 The topic of paying amateur athletes in collegiate
ranks is popular and a controversy topic.
 On one hand The NCAA is a multi-billion dollar
entity, the athletes are being undervalued for their
work they do
Clear Statement
 In my beliefs student athletes should not be paid.
Student Athletes Should Not Be Paid
 They’re living the dream to play at
If student athletes are making profits they
will lost the love for the game
Interviewing Ronny Vandyke he
mentioned they should not be paid
because they get their rent paid for, visit
nice hotels and also going to different
an collegiate level
 Typical college expenses paid for
through scholarships by their
 Agreement with the University on
Signing Day
“No one is making kids go to school to
make money for the colleges and
universities… It is an agreement that is
not set up to pay them in ways that is fair
in relation to the money the schools make
from their participation.”
 From interviewing and reading sources from
websites I agree that student athletes should not be
paid because they are on a full ride scholarship and is
a once in a lifetime opportunity to play at the
national stage. Also they agreed to play at their
university without having the option to be paid for
the services.
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