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Complete College Wyoming
Jackie Freeze, Chair
Western Wyoming Community College
Patrice Noel, Vice Chair
University of Wyoming
The Issue:
• 18.2% of WY community college students complete an
associate’s degree in 2 years.
• 30.4% of WY community college students complete an
associate’s degree in 4 years.
• With these figures, collectively WY community colleges are
ranked 10th among the 50 states. (Chronicle of HE)
• UW has a 6 year graduation rate of 54%. Institutions of
similar type (4 year, admissions selectivity, public, doctoral
granting) have a graduation rate of 46.3-59.8%. (ACT, 2012)
By 2020, 65% of jobs in WY will require
some form of post-secondary credential.
Complete College Wyoming
• In Fall of 2012, Governor Mead committed WY to Complete
College America (CCA) effort and appointed a core team of 8
members, including representatives from WY CCs, UW,
Trustees, WCCC, Commission staff, Dept of Ed, and Govenor’s
• CCA is a national program with over 30 alliance of states
who have committed to the program. It is funded by the
Gates and Lumina Foundations.
• CCA is focused on helping institutions of higher education
help their students be successful and graduate.
Game Changing Strategies
WY Goals:
1) Increase graduation rates at WYCCs
and UW. WYCCs increase by 5%
annually and UW increase by 2%.
2) Ensure degree seeking students
completes gateway courses in English
and Math within first 30 credit hours.
Game Changing Strategies
3) Create Guided Pathways to Success,
including 2 year plans, 4 year plans and
2 plus 2 degree plans.
4) Identify progress and success metrics
that are important to WY.
5) Create statewide buy-in for achieving
completion goals.
Complete College Wyoming
• CCW Team has expanded 30 members, including
administrators and faculty from each college and
• CCW Team meets via conference call every other
week to work on strategies and in person 2x a
• As a result, relationships are strong and a spirit of
cooperation has developed. Governor is interested
in additional collaborations between secondary
and post secondary institutions.
Developmental Education Strategies
• Addressing issue of appropriate placement in
math and English (using COMPASS, ACT,
placement exams, HS GPA, and Math grades)
• Implementing co-requisite model in both math
and English.
• Offering accelerated and bridge programs.
• Providing augmented support systems for
students requiring remediation.
• Addressing non-cognitive issues, such as
motivation, confidence and responsibility.
Guided Pathways to Success (GPS)
• 2 Plus 2 Degree Plans for the 17 highest
enrollment programs between the 7 WY CCs
and UW will be completed by the end of this
spring (17 x 7 = 119).
• Four Year Degree Plans for all 90
undergraduate programs at UW by March 1,
• Planning an Advising Summit in April 2015.
Guided Pathways to Success
Program Articulation Plans (AKA 2 Plus 2 Plans)
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources:
• Animal & Veterinary Science
• Family and Consumer Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences:
• Biology
• Communication
• Criminal Justice
• English
• Political Science
• Psychology
• Wildlife & Fisheries Biology Management
• Zoology
College of Business:
• Accounting
• Business Administration
College of Education:
• Elementary Education
College of Engineering:
• Civil Engineering
• Petroleum Engineering
College of Health Sciences:
• Kinesiology and Health Promotion
• Nursing
WY Transfer Advance
For students earning an AA or AS at one of the WY CCs,
WY Transfer Advance is an exciting new program that
• Automatic Admission to UW
• Waiver of UW Application Fee
• Personalized and Ongoing Academic Advising
• Academic Transition Plans (2 plus 2 plans)
• Scholarship and Financial Aid Planning
• Extensive Transition Support
• Website: uwyo.edu/advance
WY Transfer Advance
Transfer Equivalency
Self-Service (Treq)
A software program that allows perspective
transfer students to:
• Conduct an unofficial transfer evaluation
• Conduct an unofficial degree evaluation
• Explore multiple degree programs
Thank you!
Patrice Noel
[email protected]
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