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UQ Student and Administration Services
Division (SASD) information session
UQ College
Dale Williams, General Manager Education & Training, UQ College
UQ College?
• UQ considered :
– the National Agenda and what it could do to enhance
access and build pathways.
– Means to increase its program range at Ipswich
• UQ set up a Company known as UQ College Ltd :
– Company formed April 2010
– Commenced operations in August, 2010
– Commenced delivery of its first program in January,
Our Building
UQ College task?
• Deliver educational pathways for people/communities in
the Ipswich, West Morton and the Western Corridor
regions of South East Queensland
• Build academic capability and skills, confidence and
resilience and generate possibility through bridging
• Once established, expand the influence of the College
beyond its initial catchment
UQ College agenda?
• UQ College will be a dual sector institution able to meet
the needs of students seeking vocational outcomes as
well as those seeking pathways or direct entry into
• To offer:
– foundation, preparatory, language, literacy and
numeracy programs
– traditional high level VET programs,
– entry programs for degrees
– new diplomas and /or associate degrees
– Innovative learning and teaching in its program design
UQ College students?
UQ College students will be drawn from:
Those seeking to upgrade their qualifications and skills or increase their
School leavers
Other UQ College pathway programs
Those who wish to re-engage with the education process
Indigenous students and other Federal Government target groups and
International students
While there will be numbers of International students, the College will
balance the provision of places for domestic students at approx. 30% of total
This is unlike many other University owned Colleges in Australia which
predominantly produce International students for their parent University
Growth Forecasts: 2011-150 students, 2012- 300 students, escalation of
programs in 2013
Program Profile 2012:
Tertiary Preparation Program:
Students are UQ students and have access to UQ services and
Student profile? For example - mature age return to study, Senior
Sec School graduate who could have done better or stayed longer,
refugees, disadvantaged groups – those with disabilities, low SES ,
indigenous and other Federal Gov. target groups
Partnership with IES / program level - Y12
Intensive learning processes, small groups and supportive
Prepare graduates for entry into Assoc. Degree or UG Degree
Program Profile 2012:
Tertiary Preparation Program (continued):
Creates opportunity for a re-ranking for future QTAC applications.
NB – there are limitations on a re-rank with a maximum of 88
achievable on a GPA of 65+ and only on successful completion of
the TPP, this may impact successful applications into programs
where the rank is higher than the maximum available.
Duration 28 weeks (FT) in 2 x 14 week Trimesters. 25 hours
classroom tuition per week across 5 courses in total.
Intakes for 2012 – 30th January and 21st May 2012. Enrolment
target 2012 – 100 students
No tuition fees. Students to purchase text books and learning
Program Profile 2012:
Tertiary Preparation Program (continued):
Entry – to enrol in this program applicants must be 18 or have
completed Year 12
Application - direct application to UQ College and individual
Courses – Core courses English and Maths (A or B) plus 3 courses
selected from – Business Management, Accounting, Economics,
Behavioural Science, Biology or Chemistry.
Program Profile 2012:
Associate Degree in Business :
BEL Faculty program, UQ College delivers the program. Students are UQ
students and have access to UQ services and facilities.
Student profile? Some examples – mature age return to study, Y12
graduates with OP20/rank-61 and above, Tertiary Preparation Program
Graduates and Federal Gov. target groups. Completion of English or English
Communication required and Mathematics are recommended.
Intensive learning processes, problem/project based learning
methodology, supportive environment and small groups
UQC Associate Degree in Business graduates will be admitted into Bachelor
of Business Management if they achieve a GPA of 4 or more across all
courses excluding Maths for Business, Language for Business and
Introduction to Politics, Business and Society. They will be eligibility to
transfer 24 units of credit into the above BEL Faculty degree program.
Program Profile 2012:
Associate Degree in Business (continued) :
Duration 16 months (FT) in 4 x 14 week Trimesters. 16 hours
classroom hours of lecture/tuition per week
CSP funded. HECS available. Students to purchase text books and
learning resources
Intakes for 2012 – 30th January and 10th September 2012
Entry – see website http://www.uq.edu.au/study/program.html?acad_prog=1604
Applications - QTAC application, code no 752302
Enrolment target – 150 domestic students and 45 internationals
Program Profile 2012:
Associate Degree in Business (continued) :
Course areas – Accounting; Management; Law; Microeconomics;
Information Systems; Marketing
• Academic English; Maths for Business; Politics,
Business and Society
plus electives from
• Macro economics, Organisation
Behaviour; Economic Statistics and Business
Communication. 16 courses in total.
Program Profile 2012:
Community Education:
Programs include - Successful study skills; Communicating clearly;
Successful assignment writing; Basic computer skills; Maths bridging
courses and Language courses – Mandarin and French
Courses in planning for 2012:
Bridging courses:
UQ College will build a suite of bridging program in 2012 to enable
perspective UG degree students to complete prerequisite
requirements, eg – Maths, Literacy, Biology, Chemistry…..
Programs for 2013:
Associate Degrees
UQ College is working with stakeholders to develop Associate
Degree pathway programs in:
Health and Community Services
Arts and Social Sciences
Relationships developing with:
UQ Campus Staff
UQ Faculty and Other Staff
UQ Student Administration Staff
Ipswich Community Groups
Ipswich Schools
Ipswich Indigenous Consultants
• The College has had initial discussions with the School of
Human Movement Studies re opportunities in the region.
In process in 2011?
• UQ College applied for it’s registration as a Registered
Training Organisation (RTO) to provide VET qualifications,
the application has been successful and formal registration
is in process.
• UQ College is preparing its application for registration as a –
Non Self Accrediting, Higher Education provider enabling
the College to also deliver its own programs. Currently it is
delivering the Tertiary Preparation Program and the
Associate Degree in Business which are UQ programs with
UQ enrolled students.
The future is full of possibilities
Thank you
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