Puente Project: - San Joaquin Delta College

Puente is a statewide program operating from the
University of California Office of the President (UCOP),
and established at high school and community colleges
across the state to provide support to underrepresented
students for transfer to institutions of higher education.
Recognized as a National Model for Student Success,
Puente is an academic support program that has been
highly successful in transferring underrepresented students
to 4-year colleges and universities.
Each Puente Program site operates under a MOU
between the community college and the UC Office of the
President (UCOP)
Writing Skill Development
emphasizing multicultural
literature and critical thinking
skills. College level writing skills
through English 79 & 1A prepare
students for transfer.
Personal Development
through individual counseling and
an exploration of self-awareness,
cultural identity, career and life
planning. College success skills
are also emphasized.
as an avenue to explore careers,
develop leadership skills, and gain
support for educational goals.
 The Puente Project at Delta College recruits a group of new
students into the program each Spring semester for the
upcoming academic year.
Orientations will begin in early April-May until the 35 new
openings are filled.
Incoming students should have (1) applied for admission to
Delta College (2) taken the assessment test and score level 2
in Reading & Composition and (3) attended an orientation
Students must have declared an educational goal for transfer
and willing to participate in program activities.
Puente is open to ALL interested and qualified students
Puente Learning Community Courses
English 79 – Preparatory English
Guidance 19 – Orientation to College & Planning
Individual Counseling
Mentoring Activities
Puente Motivational Conference
Puente Learning Community Courses
English 1A- Written Communication
Guidance 5-Enhancing Self-Esteem, Cultural Awareness
& College Success
Guidance 20-Transition to University Life
Campus Tours to 4-year Colleges & Universities
Counseling & Mentoring Activities
Students in Phase 3 are no
longer in the “learning
community” classes, but will
continue taking courses
towards transfer, meeting with
their Puente Counselor and
mentors, and engaging in
community service and
Puente Program Outcomes
Fall Semester
Puente Picture Day
Delta College Transfer Day
Noche de Familia Day Picnic
Mentoring Campaign
Spring Semester
University of the Pacific
San Jose State University
College Transfer Students
UC Davis Discover Day
Puente Northern Region Motivational
Conference Sonoma State
San Francisco State University
CSU – Sacramento/State Capitol Trip
Stanford University
Mentor Orientation & Dinner
UC Berkeley
CSU Monterey Bay & Aquarium
UC Santa Cruz
Puente Program Accomplishments
Obulio Villapando –
transferred to UCLA on full
scholarship in Fall 2012
Sergio Juarez – awarded
paid internship in Summer
2012 through MESA
Arianna Perez – student
speaker for SJDC
Commencement Ceremony,
May 2012
San Joaquin Delta College was
awarded “Program of Excellence”
in 2012 by the Puente UCOP
Thank you for supporting
For more information please contact:
Heather Robinson, Counselor/Professor
[email protected]
Martin Rojas, English Adjunct Professor
[email protected]