Pressrelease 2014-03-14 First machine order with 5 individual

Pressrelease 2014-03-14
First machine order with 5 individual cutting heads!
20 years ago, in 1994, Ölands Vattenskärning in Sweden invested in their first water jet cutting
system. Today they are one of the biggest water jet cutting specialists in Scandinavia, with four
machines all delivered by Water Jet Sweden. Now they make their biggest investment so far,
replacing the first water jet cutter with a larger and ultra-modern water jet cutting system.
This will be the first machine Water Jet Sweden deliver with five individual cutting heads.
Our system can manage up to 6 individual cutting heads, says Peter Rüden, Sales Manager of
Scandinavia at Water Jet Sweden, and so far we have many customers with 4 heads, but this
will be the first with 5 completely individual cutting heads. As far as we know, it will be the
first machine in the world with that setup.
It has been years of discussions and preparations before the final decision, and there has been
thorough calculation of capacity, performance and costs to find the best solution for the customer.
The focus has been on improving productivity, adds Peter. Each individual cutting head will
have a slightly smaller cutting area, since they are five, but with a larger cutting table and the
fact that five heads can cut more jobs simultaneously we get an improved machine efficiency
and productivity.
The new machine measures 4 x 6 meters and is equipped with all the latest technology for efficient
production. It will be run 24/7 and with several different jobs at the same time.
This is a long term initiative for increased productivity and more orders, says Hans Wreinert,
CEO at Ölands Vattenskärning AB. By being able to prepare a series of many different jobs at
the same time, we can have produce non-stop both daytime and nighttime for maximum use
of the machine.
The machine who will be replaced was delivered 20 years ago. It was machine #2 built by Water Jet
Sweden, but it still works hassle free and will be sold on the second hand market. It has been well
taken care of, by the same operator, since it was bought in 1994.
This year our employee Mats Johnsson has 20 year anniversary as machine operator, which is
unique for our trade. It feels good celebrate the anniversary by replacing his old machine,
with a new, world class machine, finishes Hans Wreiners.
For more information, please contact:
Peter Rüden
Sales Manager Scandinavia
Water Jet Sweden AB
+46 457 455 460
Hans Wreinert
Ölands Vattenskärning AB
+46 485 30544
Company Facts
Water Jet Sweden AB
Water Jet Sweden AB, med huvudkontor i Ronneby, Sverige, har mer än 30 års erfarenhet av
vattenskärning och 20 år som maskintillverkare. Företaget är idag en av världens ledande tillverkare
av vattenskärningsmaskiner. Företaget tillverkar kvalitetsmaskiner med högsta prestanda, från 2D
skärbord till 5-axlinga system för 3D bearbetning. Med återförsäljare i närmare 20 länder har Water
Jet Sweden levererat närmare 700 maskiner världen över sedan företaget startade 1993.
Ölands Vattenskärning
Ölands Vattenskärning AB business concept: ”We customize and develop production based on
market needs”. The company started water jet cutting in 1994. In 1998 the company was purchased
by Industriteknik Wreinert & Co AB and 2007 the two companies merged under the name Ölands
Vattenskärning AB. Today they are one of the leading water jet cutting specialists in Scandinavia,
with four water jet cutting machines and a total of 10 pure water jet beams and 5 abrasive nozzles.