Midwifery course - Bangor University


Midwifery course

 Lots of competition

 The number of applications we have received, for few vacancies, has been overwhelming

 The quality of the applications has been high

 Competition for each interview place.

 The following has been partly compiled from advice provided by UCAS


Criteria for shortlisting 2010:

 Education attainment

 UCAS Tariff may be increased for 2012

Appropriate “hands on” health care experience – paid or volunteer

 Did you give details of how long you did this for?

 Insight into midwifery profession

Applying for the course

 All applications via UCAS

 Do you meet the UCAS tariff?

 Did you check before completing the form

 Careful completion of form

 Make sure all necessary information included

 No spelling and grammatical errors

Previous education

 Did you fill in details of your schools or colleges?

 Did you list your qualifications, one by one?

 Did you include all schools, colleges and universities that you have attended since the age of 11, even if you withdrew from your course?

 If you did not have any qualifications from school, did you enter details of your schools?


 Did you tell us about your paid employment experience?

 Did you give brief details of up to five employers, including a description of your job, and start and finish dates?

 Did you say whether you worked full or parttime?

 Did you include weekend and holiday jobs. ?

 If your work experience was unpaid did you include this in your personal statement?

Personal statement:

this is crucial!

 The personal statement is your opportunity to tell us about your suitability for the midwifery profession and the course

 Did you demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment?

 Remember that the Admissions tutor who read your personal statement was a midwife and a lecturer

 They wanted to know the reasons why you wanted to enter the profession

Personal statement

Did you explain why you wanted to study for a midwifery qualification?

Did you show that you understood what is required to study the course?

If you mentioned your personal interests and hobbies did you link them to the skills and experience required for midwifery/the course?

Did you show how current or previous studies related midwifery?

Did you mention any activities that demonstrated your interest in midwifery?

Did you give details of relevant jobs, placements, work experience or voluntary work?

Personal statement

Did you give details of hobbies, interests and social activities that demonstrated your skills and abilities?

Did you give details of non-accredited skills and achievement which you gained through activities such as volunteering?

Did you expand upon your interests and experiences?

Did you expand on why an experience, activity or interest would make you a good candidate?

For example:

If you made a statement such as 'I enjoy tennis‘ did you provide context showing how it would help you on the course?

Personal statement

 Was your statement organised and literate?

 Was the grammar, spelling and punctuation right?

 Did you focus too much on one particular thing to the detriment of other relevant interests and skills?

 Did you apply for multiple curses?

 If you applied for different professions e.g. midwifery and nursing did you identify the common themes and skills relevant to your choices?

Personal statement

If you are not in full-time education did you give details of any relevant work experience, paid or unpaid, and information about your current or previous employment?

Did you mention:

Achievements that you are proud of?

Positions of responsibility that you hold/have held both in and out of school?

Attributes that make you interesting, special or unique?

If you have/had a position of authority or used your communication skills in any activity?

Tips for the future

Clearly written form

Need to say why you are applying for the course

Be clear on the role of the midwife

Employed healthcare experience

 identify relevance to midwifery if no maternity care how long for?

If no employed healthcare experience

 give details of healthcare placement during course, details of healthcare volunteering

Recommend an education referee

The personal statement could be used as the basis for further questions so be prepared to confirm claims made in the personal statement

For the future

 If you wish to reapply for the next intake, expected to be in September 2011

 I suggest you may wish to consider any relevant hands on care experience you may be able to obtain before reapplying

 Best to give details of what you are actually doing not what you have applied for

 Doing all this does not guarantee an invitation to the selection day ……

For the future:

Very best wishes and thank you for coming