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Gauguin’s Tahitian Body
Written By Peter Brooks
Edited by: Dr. Kay Picart and Donna Gallagher
Based on a presentation by: Erika Vasquez
Key Concepts/Terms
 Gauguin’s “Tahitian Eve”:
 “Looking”:
 “Animal” Innocence/“Animality”:
How does Gauguin
feel about Tahiti
and the Tahitian
Discussion Question
What do we know about Victorian
views/attitudes towards sex and
sexual relationships?
Paul Gauguin
French post-impressionist painter
 Born June 7, 1848 in Paris
 Started painting as a
hobby in 1871 while
working as a stock broker
and married with five
 In 1883, separated from
his wife and children, and
devoted himself to painting
 1891 sailed for the South
Seas to escape European
Europe vs. Tahiti
Paul Gauguin
Duex femmes tahitiennes
Europe vs. Tahiti
How does Gauguin contrast Europe and Tahiti?
European Women vs. Tahitian
How does Gauguin contrast European and Tahitian Women?
European Women:
Tahitian Women:
Paul Gauguin’s Tahitian Body
Discuss Gauguin’s idea of the Tahitian
Discussion Question
What is the difference between seeing a
child naked and an adult? What feelings
do these sights provoke?
Gauguin’s Idea of “Looking”
What is Gauguin’s idea of looking?