The Famous English
and American Writers.
William Shakespeare
(1564 – 1616)
William Shakespeare is a famous
English writer.
• He was born on
the 23rd of April 1564.
• William lived in a
small English town
• When he was a child
he went to a grammar
• William Shakespeare
worked as an actor.
• He acted at the
London theatre called
“The Globe”.
• In 1594 William
Shakespeare wrote
his famous tragedy
“Romeo and Juliet”.
• He wrote in the
golden age of English
William Shakespeare wrote about
37 plays and many poems.
Mark Twain
(1835 – 1910)
• Mark Twain is a famous
American writer.
• He was born on the 30th of
November 1835.
• Mark Twain began to work at
the age of 12.
• In 1857 he became a sailor.
• Mark Twain became famous in
• He was a short story writer and
the greatest American
• Mark Twain was fond of
collecting things which nobody
Mark Twain was born in America
and lived in the state of Missouri on
the banks of the Mississippi.
Mark Twain wrote many interesting books.
His famous book is about Tom Sawyer.
Jack London
(1876 – 1916)
• Jack London is a famous
American writer.
• He was born on the 12th of
January 1876 in SanFrancisco.
• He was a son of a farmer.
• He had a lot of jobs.
• Jack London worked as a
newspaper seller, a sailor
and a factory worker.
• He dreamed of becoming
a pirate.
• Jack London wrote his first
book in 1898.
• Jack London lived in Alaska
for some years.
• He wrote 152 stories about
the North.
• Jack London wrote
many novels and
stories about animals.
Agatha Christie
(1890 – 1976)
• Agatha Christie is a
famous English writer.
• She was born on the 15th
of September 1890 in
• Agatha didn‫׳‬t go to
school and got her
education at home.
• In 1914 she got married.
• She took part in the First
World War. She was a
• Agatha Christie began to
write detective stories in
• Her first novel was “The
Mysterious Affair at Styles”
преступление в Стайлсе»).
• She became famous in
• Agatha Christie wrote 68
novels, 17 plays and more
than a hundred stories.
Agatha Christie – “Queen of Crime”
James Hadly Chase
(1906 – 1985)
• James Hadly Chase is
a famous English novelist.
• He was born on the 24th of
December 1906 in London.
• In 1939 James worked as a
• He began to write in 1939.
• James Hadly Chase became
famous in 1939.
• His first novel was “No Orchids
For Miss Blandish” («Никаких
орхидей для мисс Блендиш»).
James Hadly Chase wrote about
80 books.

The Famous English and American Writers. William Shakespeare