Transformational Leadership

Howard Schultz
Transformational Leadership at Work
by: Christopher Garcia
Idealized Influence
Howard Schultz makes others passionate
based on his actions.
- Donating $100,000 from profits annually
to low income areas in order to boost job
in those communities.
This creates commitment and
engagement to the vision of inspiring and
nurturing the human spirit – one person,
one cup and one neighborhood at a time.
Not only does Schultz talk the talk, he
walks the talk.
Inspirational Motivation
Starbucks is known for doing business with integrity, ethics and love.
As Howard recounted one of his visits to London, where he went into a
cheese shop. He saw the interior was poorly stocked, poorly lit, and
staffed by a old man. When Schultz asked how the man paid for rent,
the old man told him he own the building and that it had been in the
family for a really long time. He added that although he could make
more money selling the place, he would lose the ability to pass this
down to his son and discontinue the cheese tradition. It was this man’s
love for his product and his responsibility to pass this down which was
the inspiring part.
It is the fact that Howard Schultz learn something from this that
represents the inspirational motivation. The expectations to know the
coffee inside and out is there, however its the love for the product that
makes the company unique.
Intellectual Stimulation
According to an essay on Howard Schultz,
Intellectual stimulation comes from leaders who
solicit new and novel approaches for
performance to work.
Howard Schultz proavtively used the feedback
from the employees. In turn the employees felt
empowered and encouraged which led to he
“Frappuccino”, one of Starbucks most thriving
Leaders with a character lending itself to
intellectual stimulation stimulate and encourage
their followers to explore new ways of doing
things. (Mullins, 1996)
Individualized Consideration
Individualized consideration includes attaining unique and
particular needs of followers to make sure that they are
included in transformation processes of the organization.
People are treated personally and differently on the base of
their skill and knowledge. (Mullins, 1996)
According to my brother Tony who works at Starbucks, the
company created “Working Solution” to help them with their
personal needs by providing them assistance when required.
They also offer different training programs for all class of
employees according to their skill and knowledge.
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