Commissioning social work to deliver personalisation

Commissioning social work to
deliver personalisation
Community Social Work in
• Derbyshire’s objective is a safe,
sustainable system of personalised and
self-directed adult social care support respected and valued as a part of an
integrated system of care in, with and for
the community
How have we achieved this?
Recognition of the vital role of social
work as a profession
- Move away from process driven culture to
‘community capacity building’
- Work with individuals, families and
- Creating understanding and using
What do we need?
• Skilled, confident and respected Social Workers
• Prevention & early intervention
• Choice & control – identifying what is important
to and for people
• Seeing beyond the FACS eligibility assessment
and managing risk
• Person and family centred work, community
focused and fully cost conscious
Personalisation Programme in Derbyshire
continues to:
• consider how best to optimise the differing styles
of worker roles to be developed to support
assessment, agreement of outcomes
• balance between creating new employment
opportunities within local economies and
communities and maintaining stability
Better Care Fund
The Government’s spending review in 2013 announced a national
Better Care Fund that will be available to improve integrated support for
people with health and social care needs
Derbyshire Adult Care is in the process of producing a joint plan with
the local NHS for delivering better integrated services
4 key priorities:1) protecting social care services
2) developing 7 day services to support hospital discharge
3) Improving data sharing across health and social care
4) Enabling joint assessment and identifying a lead professional for
people at higher risk
Implications of the Care Bill:
• Improved communication, information and advice
• Same rights for carers of people with care and support
• Holistic assessment to determine eligibility
• Legal responsibility to provide each individual with a
support plan
• Clear approach to charging
• Clear framework for safeguarding vulnerable adults at
risk or abuse or neglect
Generic social work within
3 years on …
• Generic fieldwork teams
• Community Lives team
• Best Interest Assessment team
• Central AMHP’s team
• Brokerage team
Integrated Care in Derbyshire
As well as Intermediate Care Teams and Reablement Teams, Social
workers in Derbyshire are aligned with GP practices forming Virtual
Wards responsible for coordinating care for adults identified at high risk
of hospital admission or admission to a care home.
The role provides an opportunity to promote better understanding of
local systems and re-enforce the added value of preventative work and
risk stratification work.
Integrated care in Derbyshire represents collaborative working between
key stakeholders to deliver effective planned and unplanned care –
- in essence ‘delivering the team around the person’
The Social Worker role
• Developing (therapeutic) relationships relies on a
workforce who have the capacity, competency and
commitment to intervene
• Promoting choice and control – community social work
that encourages, enables and advocates
• Balance between care and control – active citizenship
and risk
The Business Case for Social Work with Adults
“ focus on promoting active and inclusive communities,
and empowering people to make their own decisions about
their care”
How do we achieve this?
What is modern social work?
What are the pressures on social work?
How do we cultivate social capital and build relationships?
How can we improve?
Case Studies
Work with local groups & communities to
identify ‘hard to reach’ individuals, ie
alcohol/drug dependent
Work ongoing with local Christian Centre and
church groups who have established cafés,
furniture stores, drop-in centres
Engagement with local police, ie people caught
stealing food and nappies. Developing a
supportive rather than a punitive role
Quality of Commissioning
• Derbyshire has aligned social workers to local residential and
nursing homes, as well as GP practices
• Creating a closer working relationship with residents and their
families, as well as home owners and staff
• When things go wrong – shared responsibility rather than blame
• Professionals (social care, health services, CQC, police) working
• Outcome – Excellent coordination of safe & well reviews Improved quality of care – relationship with self-funders
Transition from child to adult
• Abusive childhood and multiple foster placements
(breaking the cycle)
• Learning disability and attachment disorder
• Assessment, intervention and protection
• Empowerment
• “A home of my own, a life and a future”
What we are proud of
Generic working, sharing of skills and new challenges
Integration agenda – alignment with GP practices and care homes
Development of the Derbyshire Trusted Befriending Network and
establishment of the Derbyshire Discretionary Fund (local welfare provision)
Thresholds for safeguarding implemented and practice guidance launched
Brokerage knowledge of resources
Community Lives engagement programme
The commitment that social workers make to the team
Equity across service user groups
A dedicated team of Best Interest Assessors
Specialist dementia care projects designed to promote dignity
A Professional Development Team assessing and supporting the practice
education of students, NQSW’s and PQ social work (nominated for Social
Worker Team of the Year 2013) – the golden thread
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