SSE Mentor Training
Ardent Management recognizes that new
employees face a period of transition into new
surroundings and work processes. It is during
this period that new employees are exposed to
the greatest risk of personal injury.
SSE Mentor Training
To help reduce the risk that new employees
face, Ardent has developed a Short Service
Employee (SSE) program. The program provides
safety training covering specific subjects within
the first 180 days of employment.
SSE Mentor Training
SSE Mentor Training
Employees new to Ardent and/or the
industry are referred to as Short
Service Employees. (SSE’s)
A Short Service Employee is defined as
any employee who has less than six
months of industry experience or is new to
SSE Mentor Training
Getting a new employee started off on the right
foot is very important. Statistics indicate that up to
60% of all job injuries occur to new employees
with less than six months experience on the job.
Repeated, friendly reminders of safety procedures
and work rules by a mentor can greatly reduce the
chance of an accident with the new employee.
SSE Mentor Training
A decal system has been developed to
identify the SSE’s, as well as designated
mentors. The yellow SSE decal identifies
an employee as an SSE, thereby
increasing the awareness of his/her coworkers that this individual may need
additional safety guidance
SSE Mentor Training
Additionally, designated mentors will be
required to wear the “I’m A Mentor” sticker
to easily identify those who have accepted
the roles and responsibilities of helping the
new employees.
SSE Mentor Training
A mentor is an individual with expertise
who can help develop the career of an
SSE. The mentor guides, trains, advises,
and promotes the career development of
the SSE.
SSE Mentor Training
It is essential for mentors to be able to
function as effective coaches and properly
express the safety attitude and safe work
practices required by Ardent.
SSE Mentor Training
Some key characteristics
of a mentor are:
Is Passionate about safety
Has good coaching and team-building qualities
Has good communication skills
Is willing to mentor new people
Has comprehension of hazard identification and mitigation
Has a full understanding of Ardent’s policies, procedures
and cultural beliefs regarding safety.
SSE Mentor Training
Talking with co-workers about
their safety is an important skill
all of us should work on.
Talking with them about their
own safety is the best way to
motivate them and increase
their safety awareness.
SSE Mentor Training
• Recognize
uncomfortable asking for help – break ice by
sharing some of your career experiences
• Stay in your zone of expertise/experience
• Advise, do not manage
• Extend the SSE’s developmental network:
suggest additional mentors to address
unique needs
SSE Mentor Training
•Introduce yourself to the SSE, explain your job, and offer
•Encourage the new employee to ask questions if he or
she is not quite sure. Remember how hard it was to admit
you didn't know everything when you started a new job?
•Remember that the new person may be highly skilled and
experienced in his or her trade, but not necessarily used to
our company's ways of doing things.
•Point out locations of first aid kits, fire extinguishers,
restrooms, & break areas.
SSE Mentor Training
SSE Mentor Training
SSE Mentor Training
Your goal is not to reprimand the individual but to stop the
unsafe action and promote a conversation that may help you
understand why they are working unsafely and how you can
help them change their behavior. Combining certain positive
comments with corrective feedback is the most effective way of
decreasing at-risk behaviors.
SSE Mentor Training
Remember, getting new people started on the right path can
help prevent an accident or injury to everyone on the crew.
Don't think that helping to develop a productive co-worker is a
burden. Think of it as an investment in the future of your work
group and your company, and most of all, an investment in
your safety. Besides, it's the way you'd like to be treated