Day 5-1 - Leading Yourself

Be, Know, Do
• Be – who you are
• Know – understanding something
about yourself.
• Do – using personal strengths to
improve your ability to lead
Leading Yourself
• Before leading others, you need to lead
• Begin by asking three questions:
– Where am I now?
– Where do I want to be?
– How do I close the gap?
Leading Yourself
• I’m at the base of the
• I want to be at the
top of the mountain.
• To close the gap, I
need to organize my
group, plan the
itinerary, get
provisions ready,
load packs, etc.
Vision – Goals - Planning
• Vision is what success look like.
• Goals are the steps to fulfilling that
• Planning is the way to figure out how
to reach your goals.
The Vision Challenge
• Later in the course you will develop a
personal vision.
• Begin thinking now about:
– Where you are
– Where you want to be
Leading Yourself
You are:
• The person you lead most
• The person over who you have the
greatest influence
Leading Yourself
To lead yourself, you must ask:
• Where am I?
• Where do I want to be?
• How do I close the gap?
Goals and
Leading Yourself
• You need to be responsible to close the
• There are many people who can support
and help you.
Knowing Yourself
• Knowing yourself is not just:
– How tall you are
– The color of your eyes
– What kind of music you like
• Knowing yourself is also about:
– How you make decisions with other
– How you make decisions by yourself
The Self-Leadership Compass
• When moving toward a
goal or learning a skill,
we all go through
– Forming
– Storming
– Norming
– Performing
Leading Yourself
Part One
Paul has just started playing the saxophone in his
school band. It’s very hard learning all the things
he needs to know, but he’s very excited and
imagines becoming the best sax player in the
What stage is this?
Emilio has been working hard to get ready for a
big backpacking trip. He’s gone over his checklist
of supplies and packed his outdoor essentials in
his backpack. He’s checked with his team to make
sure the overnight camping gear is gathered and
packed for travel. He’s prepared for the
possibility of rain. He’s certain that the campout
will be great.
What stage is this?
Brandon has been studying to take the written
test to get his driver’s permit. Last week he
wasn’t sure he would ever pass the test, but now
he is remembering more of the rules and laws
every day.
What stage is this?
Zach is in the process of training for the annual
charity run scheduled for three months away. At
first, the training was hard, but he was so
excited that he kept going. But now he feels so
exhausted every day that he is wondering if it is
all really worth it.
What stage is this?
Leading Yourself
Part Two
Be, Know, Do of Leadership
– Be – Who you are and how you use your
– Know – Teaching and helping others reach
their goals
– Do – Communicating, solving problems, and
resolving conflicts
To lead yourself you must ask:
– Where am I?
– Where do I want to be? Vision
– How do I close the gap? Goals and
• The stages in working toward a goal or
learning a skill:
– Forming
– Storming
– Norming
– Performing