The Giver Vocabulary ch 6-11

The Giver Vocabulary ch. 6-10
Chapters 6-10
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Due Friday, 10/19
• 1.3 Standard
• Objective: Students will:
• Use word meanings within the
appropriate context and show
ability to verify those meanings by
definition, restatement, example,
comparison, or contrast.
to signify, to
note, to name
• I was the designated driver, so I didn’t
drink alcohol since I had been named as
the sober driver. (restatement)
What is wrong?
• The members of the audience stood up.
• The audience stood up.
Throng- crowd
• The throng crowded into the Staple
Center before the Laker game.
• What’s wrong with the following sentence?
• There was a throng of people at the U2
concert that rushed the stage, killing
seven people.
Reprieve- to delay; to delay
• He was given a reprieve, and his
punishment was delayed until Monday.
Exuberant- excited
antonym/opposite: bored
• The child felt exuberant when he saw the
bubbles, but when they popped, he grew
Cringed-to cower, shrink , bend
antonym: embraced
• I cringed when the disgusting guy asked
me to dance, but when Brad Pitt arrived, I
embraced him.
Transgressions- violation of the law
antonym: obeys
• Tiger Wood and Arnie’s transgressions
with other women ended their marriages.
Infringed- to trespass, to commit a
breach or infraction
• He infringed on my rights, so he went to
Acquisition- acquired
• The acquisition of NBC by Comcast made
the stock market rise.
• The acquisition of precise language occurs
at 3.
Serene- peaceful
antonym: turmoil
• I look forward to a serene, calm vacation
far away from the chaos of CCMS.
Dazed – confused, overwhelmed
• The drug left him dazed and out of control;
stay away from bath salts!
Crescendo- a gradual increase in
• . A steady increase in intensity or force:
"insisted [that] all paragraphs ... should be
structured as a crescendo rising to a
climactic last sentence" (Henry A.
• b. Usage Problem The climactic point or
moment after such a progression:
• "The attacks began in December and
reached a crescendo in January.
Benign-harmless, kind
• I was afraid the
mole was
cancerous and
deadly, but it
was benign.
• Mr. Wurzel is
benign, but Ms.
Verge is mean.
Anguish- agonizing physical and
mental pain
• The anguish suffered
after Hitler’s atrocity
left the refugees
unable to adjust to a
new life.
• I was in great anguish
after the bullet hit me
in the leg.
Unanimous- complete agreement
• The decision was unanimous; we all
agreed to go to Magic Mountain.
• to renounce or surrender (a possession,
right, etc.): to relinquish the throne.
• 2. to give up; put aside or desist from: to
relinquish a plan.
• 3. to let go; release: to relinquish one's
• The king relinquished the throne and
Spontaneously- unrehearsed
• In improv/ improvisational,
The comics spontaneously act
out random scenes.
Exempted- freed from obligation
• He was
exempted from
paying the
meter since he
had a handicap
sticker on his
Prohibited- forbidden
• Dogs and
smoking are
prohibited on
the beach.
Conspicuous- noticeable
•The bank robber
looked conspicuous
with the ski mask, so
the police arrested
Diminish- decrease
• The candy slowly diminished until there
was none left.
• My money diminished after I went on a
shopping spree.
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