Economic Factors

BU 111: Fall 2014
Course Introduction
Topics of Discussion – Week 1
• Introductions and Expectations
– Instructor
– Students
– Course
• Critical success factors
• Environmental Analysis Models
Course Introduction & Objectives
Introduce overview of external
business environment
Develop communication and
team work skills
Integrative model – theory and
Expand business vocabulary
Develop interpersonal and
management skills
Learn expectations of
professional environment
What do I need and where
do I get it?
Required materials (in bookstore):
• Business 111 Lab Manual, Twenty-ninth Edition:
Captus Press, 2014
• Introduction to Understanding and Assessing the
Business Environment (3rd custom edition):
Pearson Publishing, Toronto, 2014 (with access
Course Websites
- course instructions, slides, grades, assignment
guidelines, peer evaluations
- Pearson resources (need access code – cannot
register here until after you register for a lab)
What do I have to do?
• Labs – register; can’t miss more than two
– Participation – 10 marks +
• Assignments:
– Research Diagnostics – 4 marks
– Business Case – 15 marks (Sept. 20, Oct. 31, Nov. 1 dates)
– New Venture project1 (in groups) – 26 marks
• Exams: mid-term and final exams2 – 45 mark
1. Individual mark may be adjusted based on peer evaluations
2. Must pass at least one exam to pass course
Lab Registration Instructions
• on Tuesday, September 9th from 8:00 a.m.
• click the link that says “Click Here for Lab Registration” and follow
instructions carefully
• DO NOT LOGIN until you have registered an account first!
• select school, program and lecture section
• register in an appropriate lab
“D” lab – Double Degree BBA Laurier/UWaterloo Math or Computing
“B” lab – BBA single degree, DD BBA/Fin. Math or BBA/Laurier Computing
– Use your WLU Student Identification Number (UW number plus a “zero”)
There are prompts and reminders to assist you throughout the site. However, if you still have
questions, click the support link on the site.
How to register and access Pearson
Register for Pearson resources AFTER lab registration
– Note: Read instructions carefully to ensure browser
– Detailed instructions are posted
Pearson site contains:
-e-text (back-up for lecture content)
-Chapter quizzes – excellent exam review
-Extra practice questions for time value and investments
-Bonus mark modules and lab material
-Research Diagnostics assignment and Writing Tutor
How to do Research Diagnostics
1. Go to course website (,
click “Documents”, then “Assignments”
2. Follow instructions CAREFULLY to properly complete
required tasks
• potential 1.5 marks added to participation grade
(maximum 11/10)
• Complete Business Online Skills Workshops (on
Pearson site) - .25 bonus marks each
– Time Management (by noon Sept. 19th)
– Note Taking - (by noon Oct. 3rd)
• Attend 4 non-exam SI sessions - .25 marks each
Instructions posted on course website
Important public service
Learning Skills & SI support
• Each week your SI Learning Assistant will facilitate
learning groups that help you learn and and prepare for
tests. SI learning groups are free and voluntary. SI
doesn't replace lectures, labs, or tutorials.
Pearson online resources
• Use the multiple choice questions to review content and
other quizzes to review calculation-based problems
RBC Capital Markets
1st Year Stock Market Competition
Mandatory seminar:
Fri., Sept. 19, 2:30-3:50 in BA201
Top prizes = tour and network at RBC
headquarters + job interview
•Register Sept. 22 – 26
•Runs Sept. 29 – Dec. 1
•See course website for details
To do
1. Immediately put all due dates on your calendar.
2. Complete week 1 required tasks as per course outline:
– Register for a lab starting Tues. Sept. 9th at 8:00 a.m.
– Register for Pearson resources once you have a lab
– Begin Research Diagnostics Assignment
3. Complete all work assigned under “Lab #1” in course outline
before going to lab #1
– Use Joe’s Java preparation questions as analysis guide
– all materials are in the lab manual unless otherwise
indicated (questions above are on course website)
4. Complete Time Management bonus module
– It’s like spinach – not candy, but really good for you!
Welcome to Laurier and
Have an awesome