E-marketplace presentation

& E-Marketplaces for Care
Miranda Huntley
Procurement Officer,
Strategic Commissioning &
Procurement Services
19 July 2012
Department of Health vision
• Secure the best outcomes
• People should hold the choice and control
about their care.
• Personal budgets and direct payments
• Care is a uniquely personal service.
• People’s dignity and freedom
• Quality of life is enhanced.
• DoH vision is to make sure everyone can get
the personalised support they deserve.
• People need information and advice.
• Lack of good, accessible information is a real
concern for people.
• Councils’ role is to ensure that everyone can
get the information and advice they need.
• People funding their own care need
information and guidance to help plan how their
care needs are met.
Draft Care & Support Bill
•We can expect 1.4m more people to need care
and support in the next 20 years
•Provide information & advice to help
people…what services are available locally, how
to access the services….
•Everyone should have a personal budget as part
of their care and support plan…made as a direct
•Promote the diversity and quality of local
What is an E-marketplace?
•A hosted or web-based application that
facilitates trade between various parties (ie
Council, end users & Providers)
•Shoppers (Service Users / Commissioners)
search for goods and services, may compare
with similar items, and may add to shopping
basket to facilitate payment
•Providers can use electronic catalogues to
display their goods & services
•Can be used as a communication channel
between providers, end users and the Council
The E-marketplace
May be a catalyst to change but isn’t
the change itself. In Harrow, the emarketplace has been used as a tool
to help deliver their overall
transformation project.
There are things we need
Other forms of support
And there are ways of choosing these
things …
A Solution
Trip Advisor/
Acute Trusts
Non Traditional Solutions
Centre Parcs/ Pubs
A Solution
• An e-marketplace that allows
individuals/brokers to interact with
the market and select the care they
want based on outcomes
• One place to go for information and
sourcing of care
• Allow multiple suppliers to offer a
bespoke care solution
• Somewhere to monitor a
personalised budget
A Solution
• A real time solution
• A solution that deals with care for children and
adults (and transitioning between the two)
• Easy to use for individuals/brokers and providers
• Support for those that need it
• Secure portal that individuals are comfortable with
• Available for self funders as well as those with a
personalised budget
• Access to free services, not just for buying
A Solution
•Choice, the kind of care we want and as
wide a choice as possible
•Simplicity/familiarity – we’re not IT experts
•Flexibility and accessibility
•Management information and reporting tools
Use of E-marketplaces
Several Councils are already using
them eg Birmingham, Stockport &
15 Councils in the Yorkshire & Humber
areas will implement over the next 15
mths – Doncaster has gone live.
In the pipeline….
Manchester City Council
Examples of E-marketplaces:
•Stockport Metropolitan
Borough Council (Quickheart)
•Harrow Council
Stockport Council
Information & advice
Harrow Council
Find local groups & activities
Search & shop
Benefits for providers
•Information on services you provide in a user
friendly format
•Your own on-line store
•Access to new markets eg self funders & personal
budget holders and other areas & regions.
•Easy communications & transactions with new &
existing customers
•Save money & time with automated invoicing
•On-going support & assistance
Engagement with providers
Would involve workshops on how to:
•Market yourselves
•Costings and what to charge
•What services to offer
Bristol’s plans
•Market research
•Learning from other Authorities
•Project planning to understand
resources / timescales involved.
Thank you.
Any questions?