here - Disability Rights UK

Disability Rights UK
London Apprenticeship
Helping young disabled adults pursue
their goals, ambitions and aspirations
for work
Making a Difference
• Securing a better future through
Education, Employment, Income, Health
& Wellbeing, Social Inclusion, Choice
and Control
• Strengthen the social foundations of
your company through inclusion &
• Employing disabled young adults is
easier than most companies perceive
with most cases requiring small
workplace adjustments
• An opportunity to provide young
disabled adults with freedom of choice
enabling greater control over their
career ambitions and life aspirations
A Case for Apprenticeships
• An opportunity to establish an
‘employer-led’ scheme to develop
talent based on organisational needs
• 80% of companies who invest in
apprenticeships have reported a
significant increase in employee
retention - NAS
• Government funding is now likely to
cover full training costs for disabled
young adults aged 16-24
• 83% of employers who employ
apprentices rely on their
apprenticeships programme to
provide skilled workers - NAS
How does it work?
Employer introduces
training provider
Employer with
existing scheme
Employer new
DRUK links
employer to
partner training
DRUK promotes
opportunity amongst
partner charities +
other key partners
are referred
DRUK identifies key
Support needs &
provides guidance on
reasonable adjustments
Training provider/college supports
Employer with funding & AGE grant
DRUK provides ad hoc in-work
support to employers drawing on
expertise of partner charities
where needed to support success
DRUK supports
apprentice & employer
with AtW application
Disabled apprentice
is recruited
DRUK introduces suitable
candidates to employers &
training providers along
with guidance
Changing Lives
• Apprenticeships offer a
significant pathway for disabled
people to achieve independence,
social inclusion and dignity
• The benefits of paid work far
outstretch beyond financial gain
– they can positively influence
employees and work cultures
• An opportunity to demonstrate
good practice through case
studies and leading by example
• Work is a key pillar of wellbeing
Support Our Initiative
• Informal pledge based on trust
• Commitment to setting up an
apprenticeship programme or grant
access to existing ones
• Explore the prospect of work placements,
internships and traineeships
• Duly consider applicants submitted by
the project allocating interview slots for
those who meet criterion
• Be willing to consider alternative means
for applicants to demonstrate ability and
skill-set within agreed frameworks
• Take part in (free) disability related
workshops aimed at developing staff’s
disability awareness to proactively
encourage social inclusion
Our Pledge to You
• First point of contact for applicants to
facilitate information advice & guidance
around reasonable adjustments and
individual support needs
• Provide a direct link to training
providers & charities for expertise and
support around disability
• Help manage the recruitment process
• Support Access to Work applications
• Provide Ad Hoc in-work support to
promote sustainability and success
• Increase disability awareness among
workforce through workshops & training
How can I get involved?
It’s easy!! Simply get in touch for
an initial discussion to ascertain
the organisational needs and
agree on a course of action that’ll
suit your business.
For a further discussion on how
we can work in partnership
contact project coordinator Danny
Estrada on
[email protected]
or call 020 7566 0118
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