Presenting your skills in a CV

What Skills Can History
Graduates Promote
to Employers?
Promoting History Graduates to Employers
By the end of this seminar you will:
• understand the skills which employers want graduates
to have
• identify the skills which you are developing through your
• identify additional skills and attributes developed
through other activities
• know how to create an effective CV which highlights
these skills
Skills employers want in graduates
Communication – written, verbal, graphic
Motivating others
Empathy for others
Personal effectiveness
Information gathering
Analytical thinking
Problem solving
Planning and implementing plans
Skills from your course
A graduate in History should be able to:
• appreciate the complexity and diversity of situations and events
• understand a range of viewpoints
• read and use texts and other source materials critically
• gather, sift, select, organise and synthesise large quantities of
• appreciate the problems involved in interpreting complex,
ambiguous, conflicting and often incomplete material
• recognise that statements are not all of equal validity and be able
to test them by critical evaluation
• formulate appropriate questions and provide answers using valid,
relevant evidence and argument
• write with structure, coherence, clarity and fluency
Other sources of skills development
What other roles do you have in life?
parent, family member, friend, carer
employee, supervisor, team leader, team
member, self-employed, volunteer, active in
family business
creative arts + crafts, individual and team
sports, musical + drama performance,
current affairs, community service, religion,
environment, travel
Additional skills developed outside
Through life experience you can gain skills in:
Practical problem solving
Organising other people
Dealing with people with different / conflicting views
Financial management
Using initiative
Options to enhance your profile
• GOALS / Summer Academy– linking students & pupils
• Museum/heritage volunteers – City Council, National
Trust for Scotland, Friends of Glasgow Cathedral
• Archives volunteers – Society of Archivists
• Information work – Glasgow City Council, Erskine
Hospital and
Options to enhance your profile
• CACTUS – Community Action at U. of Strathclyde
cactus @
• Nightline, Samaritans, Childline - counselling
• SACRO, Victim Support – links to legal + penal systems
Options to enhance your profile
• AIESEC and SIFE [Students in Free Enterprise]
- understanding business and entrepreneurship
• Strathclyde Telegraph, hospital radio, volunteer publicity
officer – media involvement
• Study or summer job abroad
Presenting your skills in a CV
Content of a good CV
Personal details – name + contact points
Personal statement/career goal [optional]
Education [reverse order]
Career history/work experience
Relevant skills/qualities
Positions of responsibility/achievements
Presenting your skills in a CV
Option 1: Degree related skills
• Research, written communication and IT skills, work in groups
Option 2: Degree related skills
• Excellent research skills, from initial design to final implementation
• Analysis of official statistics and reports
• In-depth qualitative interviewing
• Ability to summarise complex issues in concise language
• Competent user of SPSS, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Excel,
email and the Internet
• Individual and team projects demanded strong organisational,
planning and team skills alongside the capacity to manage several
tasks simultaneously
Presenting your skills in a CV
Option 1: Work related skills
Call centre agent
• Responding to calls about accounts – enquiries and complaints
Option 2: Work related skills
Call Centre Agent – Credit Management
• Take inbound calls from customers dealing mainly with enquiries
regarding pre-payment accounts.
• Listen to customer and identify the main cause of their complaint
before explaining the company position together with a proposed
method for resolving the issue.
• Work as part of a team that has to maintain a set call ratio together
with targets for calling customers back after more detailed
investigation of their issue.
Presenting your skills in a CV
Option 1: Leisure interests
• Current affairs, reading, writing, travel, music, sport, meeting
Option 2: Leisure interests
• I am very interested in societal and current affairs and I like to keep
up to date with these through various newspapers and magazines.
This interest also led to me writing many articles for the student
newspaper, Strathclyde Telegraph, which I enjoyed very much.
• I enjoy travelling and visiting new countries and I have spent
considerable time travelling through Spain and central Europe. I
found this challenging and character building.
• I enjoy going to the cinema regularly, listening to music and
reading. I also enjoy football, squash and socialising.
Help from the Careers Service
Careers guidance interview
- ring 548-4320
Helps to identify your skills and match
them to suitable careers.
Student Employment Service
- rooms L5.26 & 5.27
- vacancies on website
Opportunities for part-time, vacation
paid and unpaid work – UK, overseas
Resource centre – L5.01
Files, books on vacation and
voluntary work ; study abroad; CVs
CV advice
Drop in sessions
- Tues. 1-4 p.m.
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