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Where is this dynasty located?
It is located
In China near
King Wu was the first leader.
King Hul was a leader.
King Nan's was the last leader.
A dynasty is a sequence of powerful leaders, within the same
 The dynasty was known for using money instead of trade.
There accomplishments were Chinas longest-ruling dynasty.
The Zhou Dynasty includes two periods: Western Zhou (11th
century BC to 771 BC) and Eastern Zhou (770 BC to 221 BC).
It is divided because the Western Zhou Dynasty's capital
Haojing (in present Xian of Shaanxi Province) lies to the west
of the Eastern Zhou's capital Luoyi (present Luoyang in
Henan Province).
More accomplishments
 The period was a time of war but also of culture advances.
The Zhou wawang defeated the Shang dynasty and
established the Zhou dynasty. The Eastern Zhou Dynasty was
ruled by Emperor Ping (Zhou Pingwang). After the interior
war, it was divided into the Spring and Autumn Period
(770BC-476BC), and the Warring States Period (476BC221BC). Each of the periods were characterized by turbulent
wars and featured renowned strategists. When the dynasty
progressed into the Spring and Autumn Periods, slave society
came to an end and a totally new society feudal society was
gradually formed.
How it Ended
With the royal line broken, the power of the Zhou court
gradually diminished, and the fragmentation of the kingdom
accelerated. From Ping Wang onwards, the Zhou kings ruled
in name only, with true power lying in the hands of powerful
nobles. Towards the end of the Zhou Dynasty, the nobles did
not even bother to acknowledge the Ji family symbolically,
rebelled and declared themselves to be kings. The dynasty
was ended in 256 BC, before Qin Shi Huang's unification of
China in 221 BC, when the last king of Zhou died and his sons
did not proclaim the nominal titles of King of China. So it
ended cause there were no more members of the family line.
Another interesting fact
 The Zhou Dynasty would become the longest lasting dynasty
in Chinese history, lasting over 800 years. ... Fast Facts About
Where did get my information
 World book
 Angel learning system
 Zhou dynasty learning site
 Mrs. Heitz
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