Broome business development presentation

• Support new and emerging business start-ups by:
• Building strong business foundations, focusing advisory services
on business planning, financial management and business
• Build capacity in existing businesses by:
• Building strong business foundations, focusing business advisory
services on financial management and organisational governance;
• Improving business sustainability, focusing business advisory
services on profitability, competitiveness and productivity;
• Identifying and advising businesses with growth and employment
• Encouraging diversification of business activity
SBDC Stage 2 Commitments
SBDC Commitments
Under RBLI Stage 2, SBDC has committed to develop and implement a
small business capacity building program in regional WA. This program
builds on work initiated in Stage 1 and consists of three key elements:
•Business diagnostic tool
•Matched grant funding program
•Capacity building workshops
Diagnostic Tool
Assist small business owners identify areas of strength and
Will allow business owners to work through aspects including finance
and cash flow, business planning, marketing, premises, infrastructure
and human resources with a third party service provider to ascertain
areas for business improvement.
Provides business owners with a report outlining the outcomes of the
Matched grant funding
Linked to completion of diagnostic tool
Development of matched grant funding program to facilitate access
to business professionals for regional small businesses to address
areas for improvement.
Based on dollar for dollar matching principle up to the value of
$5,000 per applicant.
Development and implementation of capacity building workshops to
address regional specific needs. Workshop topics may include, but
are not limited to, the following areas:
Tendering, contracting and pre-qualification
Developing your online business
Using social media in your business
Customer service
Building better business management skills
Small Business
Development Corporation
13 12 49
Lotteries House Precinct (behind St John Ambulance Centre)
Phone: 9193 6622
Mobile: 0400 936 621
Email: [email protected]
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