Mustang Minute
Wednesday October 15, 2014
Grab Items Needed:
Writing utensil
Week 9 MM
R&J Book (I’m doing a book
Act 4 Discussion Questions
*Back table – pink worksheet
Make sure
cleared off your desk.
Mustang Minute
 If you lived in a society where
you were completely and
totally dependent upon your
parents, as Juliet is, what
circumstances might cause
you to risk being thrown out of
the house and have society
scorn you as an ungrateful
Skills Focus: Dramatic Irony
Dramatic Irony:
When we, the
reader/audience, know
something the characters in
the story/play do not know.
Today’s Reading Roles:
Friar Lawrence
Lord Capulet
Lady Capulet
**REMEMBER: Readers earn
Professionalism Points (this is the
only way to make up points lost
from Late Work).
Open your Book to Act 4 scene 1
 The last scene of Act 3 occurred on Tuesday
morning. The day is still Tuesday when Scene 1 of
Act 4 begins.
 Paris asks Friar Laurence to perform his and Juliet’s
marriage ceremony. Juliet enters, and, for the first
time, the audience sees Paris and Juliet converse.
Paris waits for words of love from Juliet, but, using
ambiguous phrases, she is skillfully evasive in her
responses. Paris mistakes her forlorn appearance as
grief for Tybalt and leaves the cell, ignorant of her
love for, and marriage to, Romeo.
 Responding to Juliet’s desperation, Friar Laurence
concocts a plan that he believes will prevent the
marriage of Juliet and Paris and allow for the reunion
of Romeo and Juliet.
Open your Book to Act 4 scene 2
 We return to the Capulet house where
wedding preparations for Juliet and
Paris appear to be in full swing.
 Lying, Juliet tells her father that
“henceforward I am ever ruled by
you.” Her reply satisfies him.
 Full of joy, Lord Capulet moves the
wedding date forward to Wednesday
and goes off to consult with Paris.
Open your Book to Act 4 scene 3
Juliet retires to her chamber, and convinces her mother and
nurse to leave her alone.
Once she is by herself, she speaks in a soliloquy and
expresses her fears about the uncertain future. Seeing no
alternative to taking the potion, she overcomes her “hideous
fears” and drinks the entire vial.
Fall Break Homework:
1.Finish your Romeo & Juliet
2.Finish your Romeo & Juliet study
3.Finish your Facebook Profile for
Romeo OR Juliet.
4.Finish any and all LATE/REDO