Societal Marketing

Societal Marketing
Societal marketing is used by companies that
contribute to social well-being and the health of
their community. When it is used, an organization
builds their campaigns around the good that they
do for the world: environmental or humanitarian.
To make consumers feel better about buying your
To contribute to global well-being
Purpose Continued
To reduce your company's ecological footprint
and impact on global warming
To give back to the community
To give a clear direction to your marketing
Introduced in 1972 by
Philip Koetler
Countered the
consumerist mindset
of the time
Intended as a longterm solution not a
short-term one
Philip Koetler
Example: Dove
Dove has been an advocate for self esteem since it
started its Self Esteem Fund in 2006
They have created many campaigns and short films
around this cause
Dove is partnered with The National Eating Disorder
Information Centre, Because I Am A Girl, and Anorexia
and Bulimia Quebec
Their website holds a lot of self esteem resources and
Created by Dove
This video was produced by Dove as part of their self esteem campaign. It employs the societal marketing
concept by supporting the social cause of body image issues and eating disorders, primarily in young girls.
Example: The Body Shop
The Body Shop supports a large variety of causes,
as they say on their website: "Our values have
always been at the heart of our business. In fact,
they’re at the heart of everything we do."
The Body Shop Continued
Causes that The Body Shop supports:
Against Animal Testing (They support Cruelty Free
Community Fair Trade (Many of their ingredients are
supplied by artisans in developing nations)
Human Rights (They raise awareness about domestic
violence and support the victims of it, raise awareness
about HIV/AIDS, fund youth sexual health education
programs, and created the Stop The Trafficking of
Children and Young People campaign
The Body Shop Continued (2)
Self Esteem (They use positive images in their
marketing, have a program called LOVE:
Learning is of Value to Everyone which provide
education and workshops to their staff, and have
a global volunteering policy which gives their staff
a minimum of three paid days off to volunteer
each year)
Protect The Planet (The Body Shop is heavily
involved in various conservation efforts)
The Body Shop's Campaigns
They created a doll called Ruby, intended to celebrate
different-sized women and support positive body
This video shows one of their many community fair
trade initiatives