A simple guide to SharePoint
General information about the project for briefing
Introduction to the project
Information Services is project-managing the University of Brighton’s move to
SharePoint. The team is already in discussion with a number of departments about
what SharePoint could do for them.
These slides contain useful background information about the project. Perhaps your
school or department:
Is already working with Information Services, but would appreciate some
supporting information
Has been asked to get involved in some way (and want to read about the project
before you make enquiries)
Doesn’t need to work on it but still wants to understand what SharePoint ‘is’ and
‘is not’.
Whatever stage your school or department is at, the key aim of this
presentation is to ensure that your staff have a clear understanding about the
SharePoint project and their role in it.
This slide deck
Has two main sections:
General information about the Sharepoint project for
guiding your school/department through what is
‘Getting started’ guide with detailed information
about each of the Sharepoint project phases.
Sharepoint in a nutshell
About the project
Our shared vision for the Sharepoint project
SharePoint is playing a key role in supporting the university’s aim to
transform our use of digital technologies, within the Strategic Plan.
“The university will develop its IT
infrastructure… with an aspiration to
become a sector leader in the use of
mobile technologies to support
research and learning by 2020.”
“… establish renewed internal
communications systems that work
for everybody.”
“Students and staff can expect to have
high quality digital infrastructure that
optimises the use of developing
mobile technologies and allows better
communication and access to
How Sharepoint is structured
The project has three parts:
My site
(Contact information, file and storage space)
My department
(Information for your school/department)
(Information for all staff)
Only you can access
information stored here
Teams in the department can access
information stored here for sharing
within and outside the department
Intranet for all university staff. This is
also your ‘shop window’ to communicate
about your department/school
Guiding principles
Sharepoint is a key information tool for the
university to enhance knowledge and engagement of
staff by:
Providing clear, consistent, accessible and timely
information to help staff to work efficiently and
Facilitating discussion and debate
Sharepoint will evolve in collaboration with staff.
Supporting our work
Working together
on projects, across
the university
Accessing services
(e.g. HR, Estates,
The SharePoint project
is about putting in
place a digital onestop-shop for staff to
access information and
services to help them
with working life at the
Sharing and storing
information online
News, events and
projects at the
The Benefits
Easy access – remote and mobile access to the
system, working anywhere on campus or from home
Tools for improved communication – within teams,
departments/schools and across the university
More storage space for files and documents
Flexibility to manage information within your team –
choosing who can access which information, where
Project management tools to support your work
Security – safe space to work in and from
Shared working – across departments/schools and
with external partners
Reducing duplication – with version control and linking
to documents, rather than sending attachments.
Your SharePoint support team
Project leads: Information Services
Stan Stanier
Anna Jones
Asst. Director of Information
Services: Customer Services
Lucy Pearson
Portal and Mobile
Technologies Manager
Brian Mccarthy
Portal Technologies
Advisor (Integration)
Adrian Chorlton
Portal Technologies
Advisor (Documents)
New Internal Communications team
Robert Schifreen
SharePoint Administrator
Internal Communications
Chris Temple
Internal Communications
Steven Clarke
Student Engagement
Officer: Student Central
SharePoint support team – Services for
Information Services (IS)
Internal Communications
Supporting your move to
• Your My site
• My department sites
• staffcentral
Support with planning and
structuring information for your
Developing and testing
SharePoint features and
Training, technical support and
Managing security and access
to the SharePoint network
Main focus on staffcentral
Advice and support with
staffcentral communications
(news, events, etc.)
Guidance on how to
communicate using the intranet
Copywriting support and
guidance for department/school
areas on staffcentral
Support/advice for key internal
communications campaigns for
staff and students
Project phases and timescales
My site (Phase 1 from Sept. 2012 onwards)
Personal information
My profile – Area with your
contact information and a
place to provide more
information about you (e.g.
experience, skills, projects
you work on)
My files – Personal file
storage space (for you only)
My department (Phase 2 from Feb 2013 onwards)
Department information
- Online document storage for
your department or school
- Communication tools – for
sharing team news and enabling
- Project management features
for managing tasks and sharing
work with our university
staffcentral (Phase 3
from Sept. 2013)
Our intranet
- News and information about
developments across the
- Information about and access to
services for staff
- Key information about the
university (e.g. policies,
department info., etc.).
Our progress to date
Ready and available
My site (Phase 1)
• 1300+ staff using My Files (on
their My Site) for personal file
• 580GB of data stored on My
Files (personal document
storage) .
• Mobile app launched for
accessing files from iPhone,
iPad and Android.
• 19000 visits to My Site every
My department (Phase 2)
In progress
My Department sites in place
for file management and
information sharing:
staffcentral (Phase 3)
In progress
Human Resources
Strategic Planning Office
Faculty of Arts
Information Services
Marketing &
IS working with
departments/schools to
move to SharePoint.
Developing a new homepage
for staffcentral
Testing SharePoint functions
for news, events, search and
structuring content.
Working with key services to
move content to SharePoint
for the staffcentral launch.
User testing of staffcentral
features with colleagues.
SharePoint is evolving. We are learning together and
this presents challenges with:
New technology – this is a new system for the
university, so we will all learn from the project.
Meeting specific needs with the technology - our
team is small and we are working hard to test and
improve the system to adapt it to meet your needs
Training and development – There is much to learn
and we are working to put consistent support in place
for departments and schools moving to SharePoint
Wide range of technology – desktop, laptop, MAC
and mobile applications all need to be able to access
this system.
Myth-busting (Have a question? Email: [email protected])
I’ve heard a lot about
SharePoint, but
haven’t seen much.
SharePoint only
works on Internet
Explorer (IE).
We are working to a structured
programme prioritising key services, to
put SharePoint in place. This is
supported by a small team, working
hard to ensure your needs are met by
the system.
I can only access
SharePoint at work.
No. You can access it at
home with your internet
connection. You need
your username and
password to log on to it.
Can I access
SharePoint from my
tablet or Smart phone?
No. You can use any
web browser. But IE
and Firefox work best.
SharePoint does
not work on a MAC.
Yes you can, using the web or
with the Staffcentral app for
mobiles and tablets.
I’m concerned about
security on the web. Is
SharePoint secure?
Yes it does. Moving documents
from your machine to SharePoint
works in a different way. But you
can access information and share
files and updates using the
Shareplus (Staffcentral) app for
your MAC.
Yes it is. Access to SharePoint is set
up so that staff can access the
system securely when they are in or
out of the office. If you use a mobile/
smartphone or tablet device, please
ensure that you have a security pin
code for it, in case of loss or theft.
For more information
Detailed information on each of the project phases is
available in:
The “Getting started with SharePoint” slide deck in
Powerpoint or Adobe PDF formats
You can also visit the SharePoint project site
For help and support with SharePoint please contact
the project team at: [email protected]

Sharepoint in a nutshell guide