France`s Ultimate Monarch 21.2 pp

France’s Ultimate Monarch
1562 – 1598
Religious Wars Divide France
Henry IV Establishes the
Bourbon Dynasty
• 1589: Became king
• 1598: Edict of Nantes:
allowed Freedom of
–Ends wars between
Catholics & Huguenots
Cardinal Richelieu Increases the
Bourbon Monarchy
• Prime Minister to King
Louis XIII
• Weakened nobility to
strengthen Monarchy
• Involved France in Thirty
Years War = France gained
power + Hapsburg Austria
got weaker.
Writers Express Skepticism
• Religious Wars influenced
writers to question ideas
• Influenced the Age of
Enlightenment of 1700s
• Michel de Montaigne
developed the “Essay”
Louis XIV “The Sun King”
• 1638 – 1715
• Ruled with Absolute
• Weakened nobles +
Protestants, levied
crushing taxes,
increased bureaucracy
Louis XIV Builds the Palace of
Louis Patronized the Arts, But
Bankrupted his Nation
• Built largest military in Europe
• Hunger for territory led nations of
Europe to ally against France
• High taxes, military losses, food
shortages led France toward Revolution
War of Spanish Succession
1701 - 1713
• Bourbon Dynasty gained
Spanish throne.
• Britain & other nations
fought to keep both
monarchies separate
• Weakened France;
strengthened Britain