Ideas In Action - Midwest User Group

Spring 2013
March 17-19
Business Process Track
10:45 – 11:45am
Greg Sevison
Greg has been directly involved with the development of ERP
systems since 1984. In 2003, he began working with
MFG/PRO, as an employee of Dura Automotive Systems.
He joined Amsafe in the spring of 2008, where he assumed
responsibility of the QAD systems, including Server/OS
Maintenance, Development/Maintenance of vanilla and
Custom QAD Programming, Selection/Maintenance of BoltOn Applications, and all DBA-related activities.
AmSafe Commercial Products
AmSafe Commercial Products is a manufacturer of restraint
systems, primarily in the specialty vehicle and child safety
AmSafe Commercial Products has manufacturing locations
in the United States, the United Kingdom, and China.
“This is my first MWUG. What can I expect to learn here?”
“We don’t have a complex QAD environment. What kinds of
things can I do to make our life better back home?”
“We don’t have a huge IT staff back at home. What kinds of
things can I take from here and do myself, or with the right kind
of help from people I meet here at MWUG?”
Session Agenda:
MFG/PRO Basics
DBA/Operating System Basics
QAD “Bolt-Ons”
MWUG Conference Resources
Come prepared to focus on a set of topics
Spend time reviewing the conference tracks.
Which sessions relate to your desired set of topics/goals
Identify & Explore the many resources at the conference
Network, network, network…
MFG/PRO Basics
Some “Basics” that I’ve learned…
• Custom Menus in Character Interface
• User Work Table (usrw_wkfl)
• Batch Processing
MFG/PRO Basics
Custom Menus:
MFG/PRO Basics
The User Work Table (usrw_wkfl)
Store Custom Data within the standard QAD Database Schema
•No Cost – Comes with Standard MFG/PRO
•No DB Schema Changes Required
•Provides Platform for Developing and Storing Custom Functions
•Field Names are generic, can be confusing for developers
•Because of Generic configuration, sometimes Indexing performance is limited
MFG/PRO Basics
Batch Processing
Basic O/S Level File Components
• UNIX/OS Background Scripts
• The Progress Program (.p)
• The CIM file
Basic MFG/PRO Setup
• 36.14 Batch Processing Menu
• Batch ID Maintenance
• Batch Request Processor
III. DBA/Operating System Basics
Some of the DBA/OS Basics I’ve learned are…
* Basic Database Monitoring
- proutil –C ‘DB Name’ tabanalys
- proutil -C ‘DB Name’ ixanalys
* Database Dump & Loads
- When to do them?
- How to do them?
IV. QAD “Bolt-Ons”
Report Writer – GUI Interface
Forms Management
Scanning – (New)
IV. QAD “Bolt-Ons”
Report Writer: (CyberQuery)
Met Mike Main, from CyberScience, during the time between
sessions at an MWUG conference. An informal discussion
became an onsite demonstration, which led to the
implementation of CyberQuery, at my former employer.
Now, we have reduced our license count within QAD because users simply wanting
report access to QAD data can utilize the wizard-driven interface with CyberQuery.
With a Windows-style interface and a variety of output capabilities, our CHUI based
users now have an effective and intuitive GUI reporting tool.
IV. QAD “Bolt-Ons”
Forms Management: (FormTrap)
Initially discussed Forms Management with Mr. Steve
Eisenberg, from PICS, during the evening reception.
I was able to find and attend a session that showcased what
their product (FormTrap) could do, and how it helped another
From This with vanilla QAD…
Seamless to the User utilizing the CHUI interface…
To This with FormTrap…
IV. QAD “Bolt-Ons”
Labeling: (Loftware)
Through networking with various attendees, the Loftware name
was discussed. After a number of attendees shared their
thoughts on how they used Loftware, and how easy and cost
effective it was to implement, we explored the possibility of
doing the same.
In creating our custom labeling module, we were able to benefit not only by using custom
menus, but also the User Work Table (usrw_wkfl).
In this example, the user only has to enter a Work Order ID and the custom code generates a
.PAS file that is then moved to a “Drop” folder where Loftware then picks up the file and
processes through the standard Loftware Print Server.
IV. QAD “Bolt-Ons”
Bar Code Scanning: (Radley)
I had visited with Radley for a number of years, mostly with regard to
their EDI product that was integrated with MFG/PRO. For a couple of
conferences, I attended sessions which allowed me to see the ease of
use and the seamless integration of their scanning product to
With the assistance of Radley’s on-site support, we were able to
implement Bar Code Scanning at our Elkhart, Indiana location. We will
begin implementing the same technology at our Kunshan, China
location next week.
MWUG Conference Resources
MWUG – Website & Leaders
Consulting Organizations
Literature – Books, Product Information, etc…
Other Attendees
VI. Summary
Regardless of your level of expertise with MFG/PRO, there is
vast knowledge available and in attendance here at the MWUG
The more you participate and network with the presenters, the
vendors, and each other, the more you will learn and walk away
with, to take back home to your employer.
VII. Q & A
Don’t be shy… There are NO stupid questions
(…Only stupid answers)
Tips for Other Attendees?
What have YOU Learned?
Have a Great MWUG Experience!!!
Thank you for your time…
My Contact Information:
Greg Sevison
AmSafe Commercial Products
Office: 574-970-2644