Week 3

Character Strengths vs. Being Skills
Rate your success out of 100 for each goal.
• I put my shoes on.
• Went to the gym on
• I went to the gym but only
stayed for 5 minutes then
had to leave, something
came up.
• Kids had a school project
due the next day.
• Monday night is football and
nothing gets done.
• My kid got hurt at practice
and I had to pick him up.
Personal Rating: I was 90% successful because I got to the gym but
didn’t stay long enough to workout out.
Coach Rating: 100% because the goal was to get to the gym!
VIA Institute
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• Be aware of your thoughts
• Are they positive?
• Are they encouraging?
• Are they helpful?
• Are they optimistic?
• Are they productive?
• Are they energizing?
• Be mindful
Challenges and Obstacles for being happy
• Take your character strength and bring it to class next week.
• Highlight your top 3 “surprise” character strengths.
• Underline the 3 you agree with most.
• Choose one strength you would like to improve. Write a
S.M.A.R.T. goal for this behavior.
• If you can’t make it to class, email your results to Fit4Life to earn
your points 