Failure is when users do not feel they get what
they paid for.
Failure is when the overall organization fails to
adopt the solution.
Remove Information Technology teams from
the process.
Success of an ECM implementation is when the entire business can
manage their own content and information without having to rely
on IT to help.
Operations or global communications should
champion project with IT as support.
Focus on business needs not features.
Other ECM vendors have had 10 years to
deliver customer centric solutions and have
failed – Microsoft 2010 will dominate.
Usability is same as MS Office – Technology is
no longer focus.
Solving and streamlining business processes
becomes the focus.
Information Architecture is key –
Branding must be done professionally –
Usability Engineering is Important
Education – All departments must be educated as to what
Training – In person and online training must be delivered
existing features/content of intranet into a concise solution.
Simply putting logo on site and picking a theme is not
– Site must
deliver effective navigation so users can easily find what they
are looking for. Usability and IA work in harmony.
is possible and what the ECM can do to automate their
existing tasks
throughout the organization to reduce resistance to change
None of this is technology!
Document repository easily accessible from
anywhere online.
Documents have version control – Tracking of
changes – Good for audit
Documents are checked in and out to prevent
users from over writing another users work
Centralization of all documents resolves
latest version issues and makes backing up
documents easy.
All Departments benefit from this
News and Announcements –
These can easily be
managed with lists and displayed on the home page for the entire
organization to see.
– Corporate or departmental newsletters can
reach the entire organization online – Flip book delivery
Events – Calendaring upcoming events – Employee awareness
Surveys – Survey employees about topics to generate feedback
Polls – Quick Polls keep employees engaged
Blogs – Targeted blogs to promote employee involvement
Discussion Forums – To engage employees in productive
discussions to share ideas about a targeted subject
Employee Handbooks –
Handbooks are out of date as
soon as they are printed. Online they are always current and
versions can be tracked.
– policies online are a perfect solution as they can
always be updated with version tracking
Events – Calendaring upcoming events and open enrollments
Surveys – Survey employees about topics to generate feedback
Polls – Quick Polls keep employees engaged
Blogs – Targeted blogs to promote employee involvement
Discussion Forums – To engage employees in productive
discussions to share ideas about HR subjects
Collaboration– Collaboratively work with outside agencies and
Templates – Branded PowerPoint templates, Outlook signatures
remote teams to develop marketing and ad campaigns.
 Branding – Placing all branding materials online is perfect for
making sure the entire organization know the brand material.
 Logo – Putting logos online to deliver them to the organization.
and business cards can be placed online
 Photo Libraries – Photos Marketing would like other teams to
use in presentations can be organized online
 Style Guide – Marketing should develop a comprehensive online
style guide. This is important as the entire organization will be
developing their own online presence and having guidance is
 Blogs – Marketing can test campaigns internally first via Blog to
get initial feedback.
Project Management– Projects can be managed effectively
IT Forms– Forms should all be online to show the rest of the
with existing solutions. Team members get alerts about assignments
and the entire project can be tracked and reported on.
 Issue Tracking – Issues can be tracked and communicated to
the end users easily online.
 Dashboards – Dashboards can be easily developed to track
projects and to communicate to the organization their progress. Web
statistics and usage reports can also be published online.
 IT Policies – Policies specific to IT can be published online.
organization how all forms can be online. IT leads by example.
 Business Intelligence– The more IT can do to display
company critical information in a way to help the business the more
value IT has in the organization. IT has access to the information.
Business Intelligence
Sales teams can collaborate about potential
bids or clients online and share ideas.
– Critical sales information can be
delivered via a BI Dashboard. This critical information can deliver
invaluable real time results to sales teams that can completely
change their success.
Document Management –
Version Control
Legal – The federal government has approved some systems
Back to the basics, document
management is what ECM is all about this core functionality.
– Tracking versions of documents can be
critical in legal or audit situations. Many Legal and accounting
practices must have some ECM system in place for just this
reason alone.
such as Documentum as legal in court for maintaining the
integrity of documents. This will stand up in court.
Audit – Companies with well organized documents in an ECM
solution will do much better in an audit review.
The most important task of a successful ECM
implementation is education.
Knowledgeable leaders must work across the
organization to educate them about how they
can benefit from ECM
Hands on training is the best method of initial
training on new systems this allows two way
communication which can drastically reduce the
anxiety of the person being asked to change
Online training works effectively for global
organizations where hands on training is not a
viable option.
Online training supplements and reinforces
hands on training.
Many users publish content infrequently, online
resources make good refreshers.
Taking time to lean the various aspects of the
business reveals the real synergies that can
be achieved with an effective ECM solution.
IT deploys the ECM the rest of the
organization needs to embrace it.
A successful implementation of an ECM will
change the way the business functions.
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