The 2020 Target Cross-linking Tool

The 2020 Target Cross-linking Tool
A development driven by the BISE – Clearing House
Mechanisms (CHMs) network Europe
TCT - The Target Cross- linking Tool
A solution for multiple target reporting
A stand alone application – free of charge- to be
completely “owned” by user countries
Languages : national and English
Ready with Aichi targets and EU targets already
integrated in English
Present functionalities
 Each of the objectives /
sub- objectives of the
National Biodiversity
Strategy can be mapped
with an Aichi Goal, the
most relevant Aichi
target and the relevant
EU target.
 Each of the Actions to
be implemented at the
national level can be
mapped in relation to an
objective / subobjectives of the
National Biodiversity
Future development requirements
 Prepare and test how to include a new level of
national indicators and allow cross linking them to
national targets
 Show and export per EU and Aichi target what was
mapped from national information
 Consider facilitation of reporting to CBD and other
Multinational Environmental Agreements
Substantial number of interested countries needed to
justify further investment.
 An EIONET- CHM network consultation to be organised
by EEA later in 2014.
TCT - The Target Cross- linking Tool
• Tested by 10 EU / 4 non-EU countries in
November 2013 during the BISE –Clearing House
Mechanisms (CHMs) network Europe
• The link to the demo is
• For further info contact EEA
(Rania.Spyropoulou (at)