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The Learning Center
Building Pathways to Student
Mission Statement and SLOs
The mission of The
Learning Center is to
develop student skills,
prepare students to be
independent learners,
create a community of
learning, and develop a
passion for teaching
among student tutors.
• Improved in individual
study skills and study
• Improved performance
in coursework
What is The Learning Center (TLC)
• Designated section numbers in accordance with Title V
• Clearly stated SLOs
• Students must enroll in section number to utilize
services; therefore, student ID is required.
• Generates FTEs for the District
• Has an instructor of record, meeting Title V minimum
• Follows Title V Regulations
• Serves all COC students and faculty
• CCC, VLC, and Online Locations
Who Are The Peer Tutors?
• Recommended by faculty under Title V
• Several hold Bachelor and Master Degrees
• Many are COC graduates or currently attending
• TLC Employs over 200 instructional and noninstructional workers
• Specialists in their content area
• Many have gone on to become educators,
including COC faculty
• Community and student volunteers
What Subjects Are Tutored?
During all hours of operation:
– Math
– English/Writing
– Computers/CIT
During limited hours (check our website):
– Chemistry
– Biology/Microbiology
– Accounting/Business Math
– Physics and Engineering
– German, French, Spanish and ASL
– Philosophy
– History
– Psychology
– Political Science
– Sociology
– Communications
For Students
For Faculty
Group Study Rooms
Guided Learning Activities
Study Jams
Textbook Access
Study Resources
Test Proctoring
Computer Use and Printing
ATM Machine
Online Tutoring
Attendance Reports
Testing Services
Online Tutoring
Custom Referrals
In-class tutorial assistance for
special projects
FLEX opportunities
Student Tours
Room Reservations
Lecture capture Room
Study Rooms with cameras
Testing in TLC
Dedicated space for paperbased and computer exams
In-room testing proctors to
maintain academic integrity
NetSupport to monitor
computer- based exams
Lockers for student belongings
Secure test storage and return
Computerized tracking system
Over 12k Exams last year
Examination Information
Forms available online
Dedicated testing staff email
Supervised by full time
classified staff
A Pathway to Student Success
• Analyses of every study conducted, show that students who participated
in tutoring outperformed students who did not, regardless of the amount
of tutoring received or the measure of success used (retention and
success rates).
• Students pursuing tutoring are more likely to succeed than other students,
negating any notion that students pursuing tutoring are less capable.
In the 2012/2013 academic year, TLC generated over $500k in FTEs.
• In the 2012/2013 academic year, TLC served over 10k students.
• In the 2012/2013 academic year, TLC administered over 12k exams.
Supplemental Learning
Supplemental Learning is a set of learning activities students can attend on their own to improve
the college experience. They can work on improving English or Math skills, or develop their
learning potential by attending Study Skills activities.
• Led by faculty
• Attendance Reports
• Required, recommended,
extra credit, or voluntary
• Scheduled at specific
• Individual and self-paced
• Computer tutorials students
complete which are
reviewed by tutors
• Attendance Reports
• First- come, first-served
during GLA operating hours
Incorporating SL Activities
• Allow for credit or extra
• Staggered due dates
• Topics in alignment with
• FYE Requirements
• Weekly attendance
Retention Rates
21% of students completing 5 or more activities had higher success rates in math
49% of students completing 5 or more activities had higher success rates in
10% of students completing 5 or more activities had higher success rates across
Custom Referrals
• Struggling Students
• Individualized
• Feedback for instructor
• Clear communication with
tutorial staff
• Support for classroom
• Layered form of education to
improve retention rates
Accelerated Learning
 The Learning Center provides tutoring and learning tools for
accelerated students to be successful and less stressed
 Accelerated Learning Students frequently experience additional
stress from the rapid pace of classes. To combat this challenge,
Accelerated Learning students should seek out the services
offered by The Learning Center as frequently as possible.
 Being well-prepared helps reduce stress
 Many Accelerated Learning students are successful working
adults, and upon returning to school ehy are suddenly dealing with
being in the unfamiliar role of the novice, causing even more
 TLC’s Test Anxiety Workshops are especially helpful to Accelerated
Learning students
 TLC is open Saturdays 9am-1pm
Math Computer Assisted Learning
 mCAL - Alternative to Traditional “lecture only” format of most math classes
 Computer tutorial software with examples & explanations that can be
accessed during class or anytime to help students better understand
 Each mCAL class has an in-class tutor to help students learn more effectively
 Pretests given to ensure test readiness
 Online Quizzes – multiple attempts – 80% required to pass
 Exams
 Students must have completed all required preliminary assignments
 Multiple attempts – 80% required to pass
 Final Exams
 Students must have completed all required preliminary assignments
 “C” “B” and “A” Level Finals
 Multiple attempts for each level – 80% required to pass
Computer Programs and Services
Computers for Student Use
Computer Tutoring
• Microsoft Office Professional
(Word, Excel, Access, and
• Adobe
• Photoshop
• AutoCAD
• Minitab
• Quickbooks Pro
• And more!
Blackboard Support
Students must purchase a refillable
print card – initial cost $1.00
6-in-1 memory card reader
Free Wi-Fi
Laptop charging stations
Study Rooms with computers and